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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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China and Russia Must Not Give In To Terrorists
- end of free credit

"Russia-led Eurasian Union notches up major success in dumping dollar in favor of national currencies"

"These Countries Are Quickly And Quietly Dumping The Dollar"

Similarly, the swiss national bank has dumped Facebook and Apple shares and buttcoins are also being dumped.

Great Satan debt was $20.245trn at the end of fiscal year 2016/17.

In fiscal year 2017/18, the Great Satan paid 523bn in interest. So the Great Satan is paying a rate of about 2.58%.

3 month Great Satan bonds last week were at 2.3% and 2 year Great Satan bonds at 2.79%.

In other words, the Great Satan can only afford to borrow at the short end of the yield-curve.

This is why the yield curve is almost inverted as the Great Satan floods the market with short term Great Satan bonds, pushing up yields at the short end. It's also why the propaganda rags claim an inverted yield-curve predicts a recession. It's when the goons & thugs can no longer support the credit-expansion with Keynesian deficit squandering.

Because the petrodollar is already finished and a move to a classic gold standard is now well under way, the money-changers are throwing a tantrum, attacking Russia and China with a tsunami wave of BS propaganda. The money-changers have installed war criminal, The Donald, as POTUS and who is described as a "f**king moron" by war criminal, Rex Tillerson, and as the "first jewish POTUS" by In other words, the "amerikan first" policy, is really an "Illegitimate State of New Izrael first" policy. War criminal, The Donald, is just a "useful idiot", except there are no uses for him at all.

The JCPOA has been abrogated. The Great Satan has violated WTO rules to attack China and is threatening to abrogate the INF Treaty to attack Russia. ZTE and now Huawei are being attacked. Rabid thug, Mike Pence, who offloaded his family firm's clean-up costs onto the amerikan taxsucker, has berated China to become a "normal" country.

China has, without fuss, blocked imports of soybeans, LNG and crude oil from the land that the Anglo thieved off the native Americans. Now war criminal, The Donald, has claimed that China has given in to demands and will "immediately" start importing again. But his own minions have contradicted him. In other words, they are afraid of offending China because China never gives in to terrorism.

Nations are repatriating their gold en masse and that's because they need physical gold to back their currencies with.
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Gold (and silver) are clearly being heavily managed. The fixed exchange rate regime is already in place. The eurozone is one big fixed exchange rate zone, which is why some believe a one-currency World is being planned.

Gold was as high as £996 this week but that was too close for comfort to four digits.

Yet, Reuters reports that China may start settling petroyuan contracts in yuan (rather than "worthless paper" USD) as soon as this year for her own 8.5mbpd of crude oil imports. Just 0.95mbpd will deplete China's entire gold mining production of  450 tons at today's oil and gold prices. Total oil consumption of 94mbpd settled in yuan and used to purchase gold would result in demand of 44,000 tons or 11 times global supply, including recycled scrap gold.

Neither can energy prices fall much, if at all. The Great Satan is producing shale oil and gas at a loss. Funded by junk bonds, these were sold to the amerikan "muppets" and now amerikan saboteur, Bobby Dudley, has purchased them on behalf of BP shareholders.

So, the petroyuan cannot exist with fixed gold prices at today's prices.
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This post was edited by gork at 2018-12-19 17:16

Higher Gold Price Guarantees Redux- which bit of bleedin' obvious don't the sheeple understand?

The Great Satan continues to default on gold; 600 tons owed to China. It's mini-me poodle has just defaulted on 14 tons owed to Venezuela.

1) inflation,
2) Basel III,
3) petroyuan, and
4) peak gold.

1) Inflation

As I posted above, Hugo Salinas Price bought a gold coin 46 years ago and has achieved over 8.5% in return. But including the big one-off devaluation of the peso when zeros were knocked off, over 23% and that's compounded over the 46 years too. I've also achieved over 8% over the last 15 years. Any close inspection of inflation shows that gold is merely keeping pace. They claim inflation is about 2%, when it's closer to 10%.

Given that quackonomist, Steve Keen, is now calling for a debt jubilee and Gary North points out that these HUGE and unpayable debts "statistically guarantees" debasement of the paper funny money, you'd have to have complete s**t4brainz not to be protecting yourself from inflation.

2) Basel III kicks in next month, when "systemically important financial institutions" must have 9.5% (as I understand it) in capital to back their balance sheets. With gold re-classified as Tier 1 in conjunction with the guaranteed debasement of paper funny money and bonds, there will inevitably be a huge demand for gold. Poodleville's banks have £2.9trn just in overseas liabilities. Overall, the poodle state has $7.5trn in overseas liabilities and £11trn in pensions obligations but only 310.3 tons of gold reserves which it is jealously guarding despite a HUGE doggie death-spiral firesale of corporate assets.

3) The Great Satan forces oil exporters to accept "worthless paper" USD and then forces them to "recycle" the funny-money into Great Satan bonds, providing low interest rates for the Great Satan and an inability to dump "worthless paper" by the oil exporters, which is why any oil exporters that refuse to accept "worthless paper" USD finds themselves under attack if not illegally invaded. The petroyuan, once it is settled in yuan and not dollars, any day now, will cause huge demand for physical gold on the SGE. Just 1mbpd of oil converted into gold is about 500 tons or one sixth of mining supply.

4) Peak Gold

As Goldcore noted, the supply of gold from existing mines has peaked, probably in 2016. The peak discovery of new deposits was in 2009 and was less than a year's mining supply. Goldcore claims it would take over a decade to bring a mine to production, so even if there's a HUGE discovery tomorrow, there will still be a bottle-neck so a higher gold price is guaranteed.
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Now You See Me . . .

That's the title of a Hollywood movie about stage magicians (the four horsemen) who use their magic tricks to fight criminals.

The precious metals "markets" in the World's two crime capitals are employing similar dirty tricks.

In both cases, the new auctions, which the LBMA were quick to maintain control over, were trumpeted by the bullion bank controlled LBMA as ushering in an era of improved transparency in gold and silver price discovery within the London Gold and Silver Markets, a marketplace which dominates in setting the international gold and silver prices.
. . .
Currently, the prices calculated in the daily LBMA gold and silver auctions are available to the public shortly after the auctions finish, specifically 30 minutes after the gold auctions finish and 15 minutes after the silver auction completes. What this means is that anyone around the world can see the latest gold and silver auction prices in nearly ‘real time’.

It was therefore surprising that last week on 1 March, ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA), the administrators of the LBMA Gold Price and LBMA Silver Price auctions, issued a ‘Notification’ announcing that from 1 April 2018:

“the LBMA Gold and Silver Prices will not be available on the LBMA website until midnight London time on the date that the prices are set.“

- LBMA Alchemy and the London Gold and Silver Markets: 2 Steps Back

According to the CFTC's website "December 22, 2018: During the shutdown of the federal government, the Commitments of Traders report will not be published. When the federal government operations return to normal, CFTC will resume publication of the Commitments of Traders report."
- A Quiet Day in the Precious Metals
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Never Knowingly Telling The Truth
- stupid Flanders!

After taking account of differences in average qualifications and job types, the analysis by the Resolution Foundation found the gap rose to as much as 17%, or £3.90 an hour, for black male graduates’ pay.
- UK black and ethnic minorities lose £3.2bn a year in pay gap, jewish-controlled, state-run BBC.

And if you believe that, you'll believe anything. Personal experience from BAME workers tell a starkly worse differential. I've been in a department where I was the most highly qualified, most experienced, most senior and one of the Anglos themselves complained on my behalf that I did all the work. Yet I was paid less than half that of a dumbf**k half my age, with no qualifications and who used to throw paper balls at me to stop me doing so much work but who they were grooming to be my supervisor. That was never going to work, so they grudgingly started inviting me to meetings. This was in the bankstering sector, where attitudes were still in the 17th century, similar to the Duke brothers in the movie, Trading Places, or the former Yob Gear moron who would end sentences with "man", whenever talking to blacks or Asians. Of course, I never considered the job to be anything more than a stepping stone so couldn't give a damn.

The jewish-controlled state-run BBC was exposed paying Craig Charles less than HALF the salary it was paying his co-star Chris Barrie on Red Dwarf.

More realistically, even the rabidly pro-Great Satan Boom Bust propaganda programme admits that income disparity is a whopping 70% in Warshington, though they claim that's the worst region in the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-state of Amerika.

With the rampant, unrestrained corruption in all gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states, Stephanie Flanders, formerly with the jewish-controlled state-run BBC but now with the JP Morgan banksters asks how the poodle state can improve productivity: "$130,000 Prize Offered to Economist Who Solves Weak U.K. Growth"

Not only is it a pathetic act of desperation, but the answer is do-do-diddley obvious. Stupid Flanders! Even the sheeple complain that Poodleville's corporations are "run by accountants", i.e. spivs. The sleazy Money Week publication even reports that the new CEO at Rolls-Royce has embarked on a programme of "cost-cutting and streamlining" and uses this as the basis to recommend the shares, even as it admits the price has fallen 4%. Similar spiv activity at Gangster Motors and Ford has seen huge layoffs and the end of manufacturing of saloon krudmobiles.

Sick of being played for a fool, I retired DECADES AGO and decades before time. Because I've exploited anglo/zionist corruption and become a gold-bug, I'm now financially secure for the rest of my life even if gold doesn't rise another penny (not even including the krappy state-pension which is peanuts). But given the rate of inflation, I will have enough to last me another CENTURY and even that's assuming I don't become stinking rich. The anglo/zionist propaganda rags suggest BAME workers can become rich anyway. But I never started out wanting to become rich. I've been forced to become a spiv, generating zero wealth because of the anglo/zionist corruption. So these freakin' morons instead employ legions of slug-brained Anglos with degrees to cause havoc in their own industries. I've seen a totally clueless Anglo been promoted to management (with no qualifications) who has then collapsed a small company within months! LOL!
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Illegal State Aid
- if they have to cheat, they've already lost

Poodleville's National Harm Service pays TEN TIMES market rates for office equipment. So whereas you or I may purchase a laptop for, say £300, the very same laptop, bought in bulk by the NHS, will cost the taxsucker £3,000. That's illegal state aid.

Several years ago, my nephew also told me his public skool had been encouraging the kids to gamble on shares. Obviously, the goons & thugs wanted all the kiddies to run home and tell their equally clueless fathers that they'd made lots of money on shares and ask if they could try it for real. In Poodleville, the public skool teechers are paid the same state pensions as the state-sector teechers. No doubt, like the armed forces, if you displease the goons & thugs, you lose your pension.

Similarly, the "one eyed scottish git" over-paid pension tax rebates just prior to the dotcom crash. Then after the crash demanded the overpayment back. So if you had £1,000 and were paid a rebate of £200, when you should have only been paid £100 and the market halved your pension pot, you'd be left with £600 rather than £550. Except that the fraudster would then demand the £100 back leaving you with only £500 and £50 worse off. He did the same with welfare claimants where one woman even complained that she'd been overpaid but was told to spend the money.

Here's the slum-lord Shyster of Omaha doing similar to support the amerikan shares market:The position makes up 25.7% of Berkshire's total portfolio and is by far Buffett's largest holding.
- Apple's plunge has cost Warren Buffett nearly $4 billion today

One analyst said that this was “Apple’s darkest day in the iPhone era” and he expressed his opinion that “the magnitude of the miss with China demand …was jaw-dropping.”
- The "Stock Market Crash Of 2018" Is Rapidly Transforming Into "The Financial Crisis Of 2019"

That said, Buffett may be enjoying the drop: the billionaire first announced Berkshire was buying Apple in February 2017 despite his usual aversion to tech stocks and following his disastrous foray into tech investing with IBM.
- Berkshire Shares Suffer Second Biggest Plunge In 7 Years

As well as IBM, the Shyster of Omaha has previously bet on jewish-owned, Tesco in Poodleville. Yet, even I knew they were struggling when they tried to rip me off at the checkout by defaulting on all the coupons I'd submitted. I returned and demanded my money back, having already eaten one of the apples I'd bought, so these crooks lost money on that transaction too. Obviously, they were hoping their victims wouldn't bother. I avoid Tesco these days because the kwality (or lack thereof) is the worst of all the supermarkets.

As well as publicly eating MuckDonalds krapburgers and drinking teeth-rot Coca-Cola, the Shyster of Omaha has claimed Apple's krappy and ridiculously over-priced iPhone is underpriced. $1,000 for a computer with very limited capabilities, especially with its user-interface is absurd.

The Slumlord of Omaha has also claimed no one saw the Great Satan Financial Crisis coming despite websites which existed years earlier, such as He's also claimed the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika was built on the rule of law despite it clearly being a cesspit of total lawlessness where a black JY maid can be raped and not even get a criminal trial or where Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon can raid client accounts at MF Global (as well as PFG Best) but have the wrong charges deliberately brought against them so that they too avoid jail. Yet, Abacus bank does everything right but has to spend $10m in legal fees defending itself when a known crook, Cyrus Vance is a JY D.A.

Gold has MASSIVELY outperformed the Shyster of Omaha. What a surprise! At the time of writing, gold is $1284.96 5Jan19 and was $35 on 15Aug71, the day of the biggest default in all of history. That's an average annual return of 7.90%. AND that includes the last five years of the gold price being held in place.

The Shyster of Omaha and Charlie Munger are not long for this World. Isn't it about time these two infantile old-farts grew up?

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In May of last year, Bloomberg reported that the U.S.’s “sanction power” was reaching its limits. It appears that countries susceptible to U.S. sanctions are dropping the dollar like hotcakes and working around them making the issuing of sanctions powerless.

Six years ago, in the course of investigating London-based bank Standard Chartered Plc over suspicions it had flouted U.S. sanctions against Iran, the New York State Department of Financial Services published an email from a senior executive to one of his counterparts in New York. “You f***ing Americans,” the message read. “Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?” –Bloomberg

- Sanctions Lose Power: Russia’s Economy Continues To Expand, Sanctions Irrelevant
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