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Chinese women and money   [Copy link] 中文

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idorun Post time: 2013-5-1 11:59
it is to bad we live in a world were everything is tied to the dollar

Are you in the wrong thread?

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HailChina! Post time: 2013-5-1 14:51
Not many women like the Teuton women. Is the noble savage the only type of woman capable of love? Or ...

Magic mushrooms?

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In China ,you can hardly get married,if you don't have a house.

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GuDu_Yi Post time: 2013-5-1 21:28
In China ,you can hardly get married,if you don't have a house.

"house"? a 288 sqm apartment perfectly built isn´t enough?
some day Jiangsu will rule China

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I don't think the original poster is right. Or, if he is, he's looking at the wrong women.

When I registered here after getting a Chinese girlfriend, I read this and was worried. I looked for signs of her being overly interested in money, for being a passport hunter, etc. We got to know each other better. She is much more financially secure than I am. She has her own career, (better than mine) raised her son to age 9 alone, owns two condos of her own, has a bunch of money in the bank. Me? Now that I'm divorced, I own no property, owe money on my car, and will earn only a bit more than is needed to get by. (after child support, daycare, etc.) Financially speaking, I'm a bad bet!

She is not the least bit worried about financial security from my end. As long as we can live together happily as a family, have enough money to retire comfortably and take a vacation once in a while, this is what is important to her. (me too!)

I think the women who are looking hard at their mate's money situation are women who have no career aspirations of their own, so they are checking "specifications" of the man, to make sure she will be comfortable while relying on him. These are the traditional women.

As someone pointed out, these women should not expect to be liberated. They should also expect to do the cooking, housekeeping, and child-rearing, and wait on the husband like it was the year 1600. Then, he works and earns the money. She works just as hard, or harder, for no money, but feels secure that the family has enough.

I think a lot of western women LOOK at a man's financial situation and consider that, but will never admit it. There are women like that all over the world.

Us foreign guys will often leave the "traditional" women for the Chinese men, because to us, they are gold-diggers. I guess some of us will accept that traditional type of woman, as long as everybody understands each other, I guess there's no harm in it!

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