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What's your secret to good health?   [Copy link] 中文

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It has perennially been said that “health is wealth”. Do you know why it is so? Because with good health, you can enjoy and savor life. In other words, you can enjoy a good quality of life and living becomes worthwhile.

So what's your secret to good health?

Being healthy is actually more than the state of your physical health.

What do you do to stay healthy in terms of“mind, body and spirit wellness”?

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On the happy mean--Confucius's wisdom. not too much not too little Judge things from more than one view point. We're living in a universe for a short period. Don't be narrow minded.

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On the happy mean--Confucius's wisdom. not too much not too little
Judge things from more than one view point. We're living in a universe for a short period. Don't be narrow minded.
A system that cannot nip greed in the bud, this system becomes the breeding ground of crime.

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- reduce the intake of red meat such as beef or pork -consume more white meat (poultry)
- eat fish and other 'sea fruits' whenever possible.
- avoid too much rice, potatoes, noodles and bread when eating meat. The combination of both meat and carbonhydrates is a guarantee for weight increases
- practice sport (any kind of sport) regularly, i.e. every day or
- walk longer distances if times permit it (min. 10 km/day)
- do not smoke and keep alcohol at arm's length (1 glass of wine per day max). Do not consume hard liqueurs
- Reduce sugar and salt to an absolutely necessary minimum and
- eat fruits (any fruits) on a daily basis.

This is all easy to do and hopefully does help to stay healthy.

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Reduce oil in your food.

Sport which help you to sweat or simply walk 5km  5 days a week.

Red meat must be avoided.More poultry and fish without fat.Some fish fat are harmful for those who have artery blockage.

Green your life with vegetable.More salad but not rich additives like French salad.

Cut sugar may help you to reduce hypertension. Same with sodium or salty snacks.

Some beer and red wine are good but no liquor at all.

Green tea and black coffee are good as well black chocholate without cream contained.

Avoid any colored soft drink.Plain water is life.

Smocking push you to suffer at late 50 with many kind of diseases.

Overall punctual in eating,sleeping is another goodmate to your health.

Ohoooo,avoid take any tin packed meat,fish,fruite.All fresh.

Less carbohydrate and more protein must be added in your food.

Stay well and be busy with your work.

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1.0 Stay happy, get rid of all the stress in your life.
2.0 Exercise regularly, but don't overdue it.
3.0 Eat well. Get off the bad fats and sugars. High fiber diet works well with lean meats, and lots of veggies.   
4.0 supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin.

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I read a book recently called "Eat Right for your Type" in which the doctor who wrote it explains why the same diet is not good for all people. He believes (and makes a compelling case) that our blood type determines what our diet should be.

Why, because original man was Type O. Those people ate hunter/gatherer diets. Red meat, berries, and some vegetables, but no sweets or grains. As we over-hunted the big game in Africa (where we originated) we migrated north to Europe, and Type A blood evolved. We became more adjusted to living in more populous areas and adapted to a diet where we could handle grains and more vegetables.

Next, some people migrated east, across the Himalayas and Type B blood evolved. The book says that most Chinese are Type B, and can eat a different diet.

Type AB bloods are the most recent; very young compared to others.

I don't remember the specifics of what each blood type, only Type O, since that is my blood type. There are also certain types of exercise that benefit each blood type. We Type Os can eat lots of red meat and oils, but we also must have lots of heavy exercise.

Other types can do with more mild exercise.

I don't know if this all is true, but I have lost 20 lbs. since I started leaning more toward this diet and exercising more.

I agree with satsu_jin here though: no matter what type of blood one has, walking is good exercise. It's part of why Americans are generally so fat; we don't walk much.

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Mine is type O too.

It is true that the diet in Africa might not work here in India.Like I am habitat with fish,vegetable.But when I went to China I found fishes are freezing for long time and smell out from the cooked stuff.Later part we found live fish and more vegetable coming from south make our life easy.Now a days you can get everything in the cities of sea belt.We cannot adjust food with west India as we have worlds most varieties vegetable in Bangladesh.This how a British take different type of food.The Italian prefer butter and bread in the morning and potato is their favorite.

Now ones have to choose his diet as per availability in the local and trends too.

Old people in Kashmir,Iran,Peru take fruit and fresh lamb milk.They got the highest live upto 130 years !!

But I am talking about hilly area where their childhood start with hard work and walking in the mountain.

There are so many type of trends in food that cant be explained in a single post.

But one thing we agreed there are no alternative of walking for a sound health.

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