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No-hassle recipe wanted     [Copy link] 中文

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After a whole day's work, do you bother to spend hours to prepare dinner?
Is it 6 o'clock and you haven't even started thinking about dinner yet?

Don't worry, a delicious, home-cooked meal is not always a big hassle.
There must be no-hassle recipes that won't take you much time.

If you have a quick and delicious recipe, do share it here to other members, so that they can cancel their dinner reservations and cook up something comforting at home.

The "April's Best No-hassle Recipe" will go to the one that wins the most "supports".

Welcome to share your favorite no-hassle recipes and show your support to other participants.

1 The whole process of cooking must be less than 20 minutes;
2 All ingredients must be available in supermarket;
3 The detailed cooking process(Pictures are prefered) is a must.

Note: If you like someone's recipe, remember to click "support";
Share your recipe before April 30.

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Put chicken into pot, add water, salt to taste, add Dong Guai.........walla it is ready

2013-4-17 14:57:21

Dough drop with assorted vegetable soup

2013-4-9 12:46:32

I think I have just the thing, done in 15 minutes and is delicious and nutritious.

2013-4-9 08:09:07

Shanghainese Blanched To fu and Cantonese stir fried mixed vegetable

2013-4-8 23:28:45

cooking without Bear? ;)

2013-4-8 19:35:48

Popcorn Shrimps à swedish chef

2013-4-8 19:13:58

i want to join in

2013-4-8 17:37:21

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instant noodle soup
some day Jiangsu will rule China

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Steamed fish with sour vegetable

1. buy some fish and sour vegetable
2. cut them into pieces
3. put them in a plate, and add oil, salt, soy sauce, ginger etc.
4. when you cook rice, just put the plate on the food steamer. the rice and fish will be ok together

I always buy fish when  I buy vegetables in the afternoon. especially when the time is over 6 o'clock in the afternoon because I 'm afraid that meat is not so fresh. but  we can see fish is live.

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Glod Medal August's Best Writer 2012

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Banana fried cakes.

1. banana
2. egg
3. self-rising flour
4. sugar
5. a pinch of salt
6. oil for frying

A) mix egg with banana, sugar and salt
B) add enough flour to make thick mass (like half-melted icecream)
C) fry small portions (5-10 cm diameter) on flat pan with some oil

preparation - 5 minutes (or even much less)
frying time for 1 person (one banana and one egg) - 3-5 minutes / pan (on average pan can be 3-4 cakes, so it will be no more then 2 pans from that quantity)


You may change banana to any other "soft" fruit, or just "soften" other fruits (like apple) by grating it (or chopping for small pieces)
If You don't want it in sweet version - there is no must of use sugar, or even fruits. Pumpkin works well ;)

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fried rice with eggs, carrot dice and sausage slices.
1. prepare one egg, one carrot and a piece of sausage,some shallot, garlic,cooked rice.
2. cut the carrot into dices, and the sausage into slices, break the egg and stir well it in the bowl,cut the shallot and garlic into small pieces.
3.put some oil in the pan, and fry the egg first and smash it in the span, then put the shallot and garlic into the oil for a while, then put the carrot dices, sausage slices into the pan, stir them until they are 90% ready , at last put the rice into the pan and stir all the materials in the pan until they are ready.( don't forget to put salt)

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Popcorn Shrimps

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Also try the subtitles.
您买象牙 - 您杀了大象! - “用现代文明标准比划中国人,是严重的种族歧视行为。”
„Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will, hast du mich verstanden. Auch du könntest ficken, aber du kannst es ja gar nicht, deine deutsche Genauigkeit... verbietet es dir“. Jean-Claude Juncker

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Blogger of 2013

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(A) SHANGHAINESE BLANCHED (pour hot boiling water over) OR POACHED (meaning let it sit in hot boiling water for 3 minutes) TO FU < coarse or super smooth To Fu> :

(1) BLANCHED or POACHED TO FU. Cut To fu into cube section on a plate drained of water;

(2) sauté chopped onion and garlic (quantity you like or available) in two table spoon of oil until smell of oil in garlic and onion smell good <but not burned...about 5 minutes max);

(3) pour the mix of step two on top of the sections To Fu ( Step 1)...add soya sauce or Oyster sauce and garnished with chopped scallion and/or coriander leaves. Pour about 2 table spoon of sesame oil before serving.

Eat with steam rice or bread....excellent with Jasmine tea


(1) STEEP <meaning soak in water to remove soil and chemical> YOUR FAVORITE GREEN VEGETABLE chopped to 3 inch or AS YOU LIKE <Kailan Tips, baby bak choy, Yu choy> and Drained of water;

(2) sauté  chopped garlic <no onions needed here> as in Step 2 above;

(3) stir fried the steeped & drained vegetable and add half teaspoon of salt. Drop the bigger vegetable like Kailan first, then Bak Choy as they cook longer and then Yu Choy and stir for 5 minutes;

(4) serve on a plate and pour oyster sauce on top < you may sprinkle raw onion as an option>

(to make it a Mediterranean fusion salad, add Tzatsiki sauce <meaning Youghurt, cucumber, lemon, salt and pepper available in supermarket> and feta (goat cheese) cheese )

No rice or bread needed...Vegetable has enough carbohydrates so that you feel satiated but not bloated so you can sleep well at night....Try with light Korean Tea ( roasted barley) to avoid caffeine

EACH DISH IS AT MOST 20 MINUTES INCLUDING PREP AND COOKING TIME..but lean back and relax and enjoy NO rush after coming home for dinner.

Bon Appetite

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