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Second Korean war is coming ahead?   [Copy link] 中文

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drdrake007 Post time: 2013-5-22 02:55
I think the possibility is greater that you never existed. Just some well orchestrated effort to m ...

its all done with smoke and mirrors - same way the USA fakes its space program to keep the sheeple unaware of the way it is used to vacuum the money from their pockets .........
You might genuinely be not aware of how the system works and if so them I hope I can open a door for you to proceed with a bit more indepth research.
"Looking over the past 48 years of Mars exploration, it makes for sad reading. A failed mission here, a “lost” mission there, with some unknowns thrown in for good measure. It would seem that mankind’s efforts to send robots to Mars have been thwarted by bad luck and strange mysteries. Is there some kind of Red Planet Triangle (much like the Bermuda Triangle), perhaps with its corners pointing to Mars, Phobos and Deimos? Is the Galactic Ghoul really out there devouring billions of dollars-worth of hardware?"
end quote.

Read more: ... iled/#ixzz2UC7qZgBM

As I said it costs little relatively speaking to launch a "dummy" mission - a few low cost bits of electronics and some batteries - but of course the invioces show hundreds of millions more $$$$ spent than have really - the unused funds slipped quietly into what ever slush fund is running at the time - a lot goes into CIA black ops and of course brown bags to various nasty little puppet leaders in countries where the US wants to have its finger in the pie.

Sending "men to the moon" is easily done using transponders linked to satellites in the right orientation in orbit - the actual mission never even going outside the VA belts. It takes carefull planning to keep the signals etc. appearing real but it is easy enough when you have the gear to do it. The astronots of course won't give the game away because they have become national heroes and get nice big fat paycheques so long as they keep their mouths shut. ...... the so called manned moon landings were fake and the WTC/911 event was an inside job and the amerikan people have been taken for a ride they will never ever want to admit to because it would show them up to be the worlds biggest suckers and fools in the extreme. ....

Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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drdrake007 Post time: 2013-5-22 02:48
I have seen the conspiracy and it smells of the same rubbish as the 911 and Sandy Hook conspiracy  ...

ROFLMAO! You have to be kidding me right?

The Russians cancelled their space program after that realised it was impossible for humans to exist in outer space. They were miles ahead of the USA when they actually pulled the pin.
The USA was in a dire state at the time - the Korean War had been a catastrophy beyond comprehension, considering the way the "allies" rolled up WWII - the USA thought the Korean War would be a cake walk - but they were slapped down like a bitch even with the combined strength of the UN as it stood in those days. Kennedy had his hands full with the problems in Indo China - South Africa had fallen into left leaning hands - India was looking at providing warm water ports for Soviet warships (which would have given the USA serious problems with ME oil from the Persian Gulf) - "communism" was spreading like wildfire into South America and in particular the loss of the Argentine as well as South Africa posed massive problems with only the fragile Suez and Panama being left for transit between oceans east and west. Kennedy was meeting in secret with Lord Loius Mountbatten to organise a military coup to oust the Nehru Gov. then in 1963 at the same time Kennedy was killed the coup in India was crushed - the shot that killed Kennedy killed many others around the world. America NEEDED SOMETHING to lift its spirits to bolster morale and the Moon was the perfect diversion - it was there in the sky for all to see and it inspired dreams.
You see "drdrake" I lived through these events and saw what happened - the events have not reached some glossy folklore for me. The events of yesterday reveal much about the situation of today - the biggest problem is that the old people die and the young people never learn the truth.  
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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766. China is a member of fraud gang (4/6/2013)

In this soap opera, N. Korea and US are the main actors playing war game show to the world audience. Another important actor is China. China is the major supporter of North Korea, without its aid, N. Korea couldn’t survive. So when China approved the resolution of U.N. to sanction on N. Korea, it causes big surprise. China used to veto any resolution in U.N. if it is anti the “friendship of China and N. Korea”.

   China voted for new North Korea sanctions. Will it enforce them?

By Peter Ford, Staff Writer / March 8, 2013

Beijing-When the UN Security Council imposed new and harsher sanctions on North Korea yesterday to punish it for its most recent nuclear test, one big part of the story was the fact that China had gone along with the resolution. ... -enforce-them-video  

Don’t be blinded by this action of China. It’s only a stage performance – a gimmick to lure Iran to the hook. To show that N. Korea is really helpless. Even its long time ally has abandoned him. So North Korea is eagerly to sell his treasure – the atomic bomb, at a bargain price.

One purpose of sanction is to inspect the cargo shipment by force. If Iran falls into the trap, it will be easy for US to intercept the “evidence”. The inspector could be China if necessary. He joins U.N. sanction. Bush’s “WMD” lie scandal won’t repeat in Obama's regime.

China is a secret collaborator of US. The regime is famous for its corruption. It will do anything – if the bribe is big enough. The Feds is to create big events to distract a framed case. One big event is “terrorist nuke attack”, you have seen my revelation. The other one is a “natural disaster” – a pandemic of bird flu.

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slimpanda Post time: 2013-5-30 02:16
what an i.diot...u go study what is nuclear~
nuclear is different from atom bomb that U.S. dropped ...

You are about as dense as they come. I wasn't talking about atom bombs. I'm talking about nuclear missiles. Your English comprehension is obviously lacking.  So go back and brush up on those English skills before coming here and making yourself look even more silly.  

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By now, it should be obvious to all of you that there will be no second Korean war. China is very cleverly calming things down and now the ROK is recognizing the value of good relations with China. In a few years, US forces will be happy to leave ROK, because their relations with China are improving too. All this is to the credit of the new leadership of the CCP. We live in historic times!
What's on your mind...

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drdrake007 Post time: 2013-6-2 16:47
You are about as dense as they come. I wasn't talking about atom bombs. I'm talking about nuclear  ...

nothing to comment...just comment on people's language...what a loser~
this is what the Whites got...this is all u got? on language?

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