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Is anti-foreigner sentiment trending in China?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2013-3-25 20:42
My woman definitely is NOT "hard up" with me ...

Go try your luck with the Kowloon red-light girl ...

it there where u go??
HAHAHAH....thanks for letting us all know...but we pretty much can guess it....u often visit prostitutes~

we all know u get pros in in HK~
u got H.I.V.~ go away~ shooo~

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Metallica said it best "SAD BUT TRUE"

one of the most complex, deranged fact of humans is that people tend to be prejudice or racist.
why? who cares?

the bottom line is that this will never end and people always point the finger and say "that's the bad guy", but when do they stop to say to themselves "did i do anything different to make the problem any worse?"

when do people as a whole, a species, the human race, refrain from the most idiotic, mundane, mind numbingly fruitless effort to judge someone based on their skin color, nationality or gender etc etc. .... blah puke.

for example: lets see fact

white: the color of china daily's background color
tannish/pink: the color of the people of my ethnic background (white people, honkeys, crackers)

black: the color a the night sky
brown/tan:  michael jordan, kobe, james etc....

duhh people.

no wonder why its all wrong.

people wake up and smell the jiaozi.  anyone whom judges someone on his/her color or nationality is about as intelligent as a snail in my garden.

shameful acts people display.

the word "Foreigner" itself is in fact a word which promotes negative feelings and ideas.

hey you, foreigner. sounds nice right?

enough said

time for the human race to have one of the following:

1. war
2. a large slap in the "wake the phuck up" face

by the way, i am not racist. i hate everyone equally

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I love all women equally......with a slight edge to Chinese women...
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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lil.azngurl Post time: 2013-3-23 00:53
but all the chinese woman want foriegn husband and do not want chinese husband

how is this true?

good one

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I think rude people are rude people no matter where they are from, It is easy to be nice..

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lil.azngurl Post time: 2013-3-23 00:53
but all the chinese woman want foriegn husband and do not want chinese husband

how is this true?

You are slightly wrong;
Some of Chinese women want Caucasian husband [not open to all foreigners].

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