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Dubai [Copy link] 中文

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How is Dubai?

It's a great, and rapidly developing city and the capital of Emirate.
It's a "promissed land" for many, build on the work of milions immigrants. And still building...
It's a place when You may see a modern Islam.
It's a place as similar to China as possible.

There are culture and law with strong roots.
There are wealth and poverty.
There are social care and expensive services.
There are modern buildings and crowded, almost ruined ones where some immigrants lives.
There are most expensive cars in the World, and a seas of white pick-ups.


I spent one month of my business trip to Emirates, living in International City, where lives all immigrants You can imagine - from Arabian countries, India, Pakistan, Africa, Europe, and of course from China.

What I've seen? take a look :)

ferry waiting for a passangers - that ship offers "recreational cruizes"

You are NOT allowed to take photos of the people, because of strict Islamic law
- myth. You just have to feel the moment when They allow You.
Police in Dubai may be sometimes strict, but they are also people, for example feeding homeless cats on this picture (this officer few minutes before bought some meat in the same shop I was buying some refreshment drink).

In the district where a lot of Indian people lives.
bike rides still secured with the foil and bubble bags, sometimes for a months.
This is to avoid wearing-out.

"Tailors street" just a hundred meters away from "Suuk Street" where most of the tourist makes shopping.
Here at the price of ready-made clotches You can order tailored ones.

Man taking rest about noon,
in the background - mosq's wall

Indian traditional clotches, and Hindu religion "accessories"
just beside mosq. No problem at all.


Ships waiting to be loaded on the Deira's bank of Creek.
I couldn't believe my eyes - all ships there was made of wood, even 50-meter ones.


Many ships are really old, and I admire brave captains...

Between ships being loaded, and waiting to be - there are some "tourist boats", working as a taxi, governed by RTA (transportation office of Dubai)

and again - colors and shapes at the bank


Emirates Flag, and the mosque at the background - typical view

men resting on the cold stones

looking inside "driver's seat" of the tourist boat

ship moving from the port entry to the cargo bay

work and building is all over, but at noon - everybody rests

old buildings in the "India section" of the city

restored, and more correctly - made from scratch.
this is how Dubai looked like about 50 years ago

a lot of mosqs of course, so every Muslim can find one

Suuk Street, exactly Old Souk


view from Old Souk creek bank, toward Deira

...and the other way round

small cargo ship rebuilt as a tourist boat

...and modern water buss

at the left - water taxi, at the right - water bus

bus stops are modern, and well designed
also air-conditioned

Burj Al Arab - probably most famous, 7-star hotel
proud for the Emirates... and biggest Christian cross on the shore, if You look from the see
(there was a time when Sheiks was about to decide to deconstruct it...)

two of few symbols of Arabian countries - Camel and Horse
those was just a sculptures, taken at early evening

some subway stations shows a history of the Arabs

afternoon view on the centre of Dubai, taken in Festival City

Burj Al Kalifa dominates the horizon...

some wealthy foreigners lives in villas (like nationals), some in buildings like that

and some - in the castles like that :)



Dubai Mall - biggest in the World, with the range from non-expensive brands to top-brands.
a lot of Chinese people around LV...

modern buildings in the Dubai downtown,

and a look along the metro rails

THIS is what is Dubai for me - a lot of sun, city founded on Islam, and still building

sunset shot of tourist boats preparing to sleep

and loading last cargo on ships


Dibai Creek - tourist boats and mosques

...and another impression about bus stop

here You can see the size of the ship - all made of wood.
for me - very unusual, because in Europe this size ships are usually made of steel

tourist boats beside the small cargo ship

streets in Emirates are crowded with cars, but a bicycles are often seen

this picture is made near Nasq Square, in small street
why? because of shapes and colors :)

the same here - impression on the City (Deira)

afternoon break...



and empty Gym in International City (China)

in Dubai You can find western food, or a traditional - all at reasonable prices... or VERY unreasonable if You decide to choose some famous restaurant

some signs may be a bit unusual...


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Loads of pictures, {:soso_e100:}

Is it a safe place for women, how about the cost of living there compared to China?

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linlinlinlin Post time: 2013-3-18 15:18
Loads of pictures,

Is it a safe place for women, how about the cost of living there c ...

cost of living is about double comparing to China, however salaries are about double too

some immigrants from China came here to work and earn a money to go back home after some time.
if They live "as a monks" - They can save half (sometimes more) of the salary.

I lived at the same standard as in China, cooking by myself, but sometimes also eating in small  restaurants, walking a lot, using public transport (metro, buses, water-buses) but few times taking a taxi too. Buying some necessary items for a daily live, but also at the end - a lot of spices, coffe, and some gifts.

for all above needs I spent about 2000 AED in a month (not including accommodation costs!)

if I was saving - I would spend maybe half of it.

prices are like:

1 kg of reasonable quality rice in China = 10-15 RMB
1 kg similar rice in Dubai = 8-15 AED

mineral water 0,5l - 1-2 AED
fruit juice 1l - 5-10 AED (depends on quality)
taxi ride - 50 AED for about 30 minutes ride (about half of the city off the peak hours)
bus ride - 4-18 AED (depends on a distance - You check-in and check-out with IC card like in metro, usually at the same city - no more then 8AED)
lunch (half of the small chicken grilled, vegetables, pickles, dips, Arabian bread) in a restaurant at mall - 40-50 AED (and more)
the same lunch in small restaurant in the city - 15-20 AED (and more off course... depends what restaurant You choose)

- few samples :)

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Nice photos. It would be great if each of photos is attached with caption.

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You have a lot of comments and thoughts to everywhere you have been. That is great. But I have comments on Europe, but I don't know how to write and express. haha.

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UAE ( Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain ) is house to over 200 Nationalities from all over the world.
Most of the pictures are from Bur Dubai ( Abra )/ Souk Naif ( Naif Market ) and "Jumairah" Area.
Did you visit Northern Emirates ? ( Fujairah )?

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dostoevskydr Post time: 2013-3-18 17:15
UAE ( Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain ) is house to over  ...

I visited all the way from AbuDhabi to Ajman, and then AlAin, but the pictures I made only in spare time. During business visits it was hard to find "a mood" if You know what I mean :)

A lot of pictures are made along "Dubai Creek", both on Deira, and Dubai sides - because it was my favorite walking areas. I'll try to add captions to the pictures tomorrow.

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