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Why are Chinese cruel to animals?   [Copy link] 中文

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slimpanda Post time: 2013-3-12 04:53
don blame me for it~
its just like how u react to seneca n his bunnies happily and likely to abuse ...

No, its not the same.

I never say anything I don't believe in.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

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snappysammy Post time: 2013-3-10 22:36
Horse is OK...Donkey is better....neither one tastes like chicken....
they have a Donkey Restaurant in Shanghai

1 in Fu Zhou too.
Don't argue with idiots! They will always win. First they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience!
When the power of love, overtakes the love of power,  the world will have peace.

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expatter Post time: 2013-3-12 00:51
Oooops .........  !!

It does not imply all.

That is your inference. And yours only.

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longzhou Post time: 2013-3-12 00:53
You need someone to explain to you what does that title imply becuase you clearly don't understand ...

See above post to expatter. It does NOT imply all.

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slimpanda Post time: 2013-3-12 02:34
try these;
All done by barbarian Whites and his dog Japs~

Slimpanda, here we are on CHINA daily forum, we are talking about China, not about anglo or zionist, no?, so why everytime we talk about a subject not very glorious for China, then the only reply from idiots like you is "look at the anglos", they do the same!" and  that's ok??? not, sorry that's not ok, sick anglos exist as sick chinese, there are different forum for that.

If anything is ok in China because anglo can do it to, then, listen to this: anglo eat sht, so do it too!

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when i see people cruel to animals, something inside me snaps and i start to shake uncontrollably.
the last time this happened was in a park here in Beijing. some guy was abusing his dog and next thing I knew was the guy was lying on the ground crying like a little girl to me .

according to what my friend's told me was that I had asked him to beat me instead and if he continued to hurt a little defenseless dog that I would make sure he wouldn't be able to use his hands ever again.

before that it was in the states where a guy pulled his dog up by the neck and hurt it.

all i recall was that 6 of my male friends had to pull me off of him.

a word to those who hurt animals.

you pray i dont see you.

i dont care what the police do to me because it is those who hurt animals who need to be put out of their misery. and someone MUST stand up for animals.

they are supposed to be our friends and family members but people hurt them.

scum bag, if you think youre so cool and when you hit some dog or cat with your hands and feet, next time you better be ready for a world of torrential rage coming down on your head by me.

no threats, just a promise...

- the animal lover

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