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Mystical Amulets and Talismans [Copy link] 中文

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Medallion (rian) of Luang Phor Khron aka Tok Raja, the star (shape of star) first medallion, BE 2500 (1957) and the second medallion made in BE 2502. Very rare and very expensive nowadays.

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I will be posting one of my favourite monk of the past era, the most popular and most talked about in more than 50 years in Southern Thailand. Thailand is divided into three regions, the Northern, Central and Southern Thailand.  The popularity in each region is different, for example, the well known monks in the Southern may not necessary be famous in Northern Thailand, due to not much coverage through social media. Nowadays, any monks committed any vile offences, will immediately exposed in any medias  and disrobe

The monk I am talking is none other Luang Phor Klai Wachasit or Phorthan Klai, the golden mouth of Wat Suan Khan and Wat Phra That Noi in Nakhron Si Thammarat Province. Entered Nirvana in 1970, and the body still kept in glass coffin for devotees to venerate, seeking for an answer or  requesting for favours. I used to travel to his temple and paid a yearly visit for  the past two decades while I'm still in my bachelorhood.

Some of an early made medallions, very popular with every collectors, becoming expensive nowadays, only ruined by replica (copied).

Showing the first batch rian of Phor Than Klai.


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More than two hundreds types and designed of Luang Phor Klai Amulets and Talisman that were made and blessed by him more than half a century ago. Some are so rare and fall in the hand of private collectors and can never be found circulating in the dealers. To post all here will take hundreds of posting, but I will only post that are more relevant and more popular to the current circumstances.

The next medallion is made for Wat Suthat in Bangkok, by Luang Phor Klai. Made in BE 2500 (1957), a set of medallions is getting rare now.

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Another most popular medallion shape is shield shape. Shield is used to protect and intercept blows, missiles or arrows in combat, thus the shape psychologically provided some peace of mind when those high ranking monks are invited to carry out the consecration and incantation of Buddhist mantras.

The following medallion is made by Luang Phor Klai in BE 2500 (1957)

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Will be posting some very rare  sacred powder amulets of Phor Tahn Klai while he was a chief monk at Wat Suan Khan before he was invited to take up as chief monk at Wat Phra That Noi as well in BE 2500 (1957).

His reputation at Wat Suan Khan is well known, even threatened by the leader of a gangster holding an axe  in front of his disciples and devotees in his temple made of wooden structure. The gang leader excused him of given out lottery number that came in first prize and he was losing a lot of moneys. He refutably denied given out the number and even predicted that he will be killed by his own axe. True enough he was killed by his own axe a week later.

Some very very rare pieces of his early made amulets, made in BE 2468 (1925), ten Phra Pidta (covered Eyes amulet) and a weekly Buddhas, all in one amulet. Happy viewing.

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Wahn or herbal made  amulets are rare. Herbal and scrub vegetation, some of them got medicine value are dried and grind or pounded, and mixed with adhesive oil to make amulets. Medicine herbal made amulets can be used to cure certain illnesses and inserts bites.

As many as 108 types of vegetation are used, and to gather all the types of plants and twigs, are time consuming and thus not much amulets are made from wahn. Even  all the necessary materials are found, the amount may not be able to make amulets of mass quantity.

Very rare wahn or herbal made amulets of Phor Tahn Klai. Happy viewing.

Phra Somdej and Phra Nang Phaya

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Amulets can be made of all sort of materials even animals' bones, hide, etc, but must be died of natural causes, otherwise the restlessness spirit will never be pleased. Nowadays trading in animals parts is strictly prohibited.

The following amulets is made of tree bark and hardly can be found nowadays.



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