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Mystical Amulets and Talismans [Copy link] 中文

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Hsuan Tien Shang Ti

Hsuan Tien Shang Ti or First Lord of Heaven, also known as The Spirit of the North or Pei Ti, is an extremely popular in Hong Kong and SE Asia countires.

There are many series of legends of Him, such as the Jade Emperor appointed Pei Ti as commander-in-Chief of the twelve generals of the heavenly legions to intervene Mo Wang, the Demon King, who conjured out the gigantic serpent and tortoise as his allies to created havoc in earth. He managed to subdue and rout of his enemies. In every statue of Him, you will see the snake and tortise under His feet.

Some mentioned he is an orphan and brought up by an aunt. One day he suddenly to demand a bath, and she hastily heat up the water, and let him wash himself. What was left is the colour of the greyish water and told his guardian not to throw away the dirty water. Being proud housewife, she thrown the water outside her house. Next morning, she heard commotion outside and saw all her neighbours were scrambling for gold, and she managed to pick a few pieces.

Hsuan Tien Shang Ti can be found many Chinese Temples in SE Asia, where the Chinese immigrants seeking fortune outside China, and brought along with them, their culture, tradition and divinity.

In Foshan, Guangdong, an Ancestors Temple is specially dedicated Pei Ti. The whole structure is built entirely of interlocking wooden beams, without using any nails. Commercialisation have taken a fast pace, an entrance fee must be paid to see a few centuries old temple that had converted into a museum.

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Nowadays, peoples are very busy and don't have much time to remember all the important events of their religious belief, so faithfull devotees and temple committee makes small replica of their favourite divinity, consecration them and distributed to all the devotees.

Each and every temples, producing and making of their amulets in many styles and shapes, but the most favourite one are temple that are the most efficacious dieties enshrined in their temple. Most had their questions and wishes fullfilled, and can be seem by the number of devotees in the temple, at anytime of the day.

Below are some amulet or medallion, made and sponser by a succesful rich businessman, the consecration cremonies were held in three countries, China, Myanmar and Thailand.

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Pei Ti or Hsuan Tien Shang Ti are very popular amongst the Chinese immigrants and also known to bring luck and wealth. Can be found in most Taoist Temples, most popular in the Southern China than Northern China, and in all SE Asia.

Talisman can be issued in any Taoist Temples, but amulets are rare, and without sponsership there won't be any amulets for devotees. Amulets must be properly carried out Buddhist consecration and incantation, otherwise won't be efficacious to the wearers.

Some amulets of Pei Ti from various temples.

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Amulets and Taismans are very lucrativeness businesses in Thailand, SE Asia, Hong Kong, taiwan and mainland China. Those dealing in trading and selling Amulets are selling anythings as long as making money is the first thing in their mind.

Amulets made and released by Temples, required approval from Buddhist Council, whereas those pump from factories the only capital cost is dirt and soil from country side, and no permit required.

For every 1000 Amulets released from temples, they will another few thousands released from private factories. As long as they are demand the suppliers will keeping to work non-stop, to meet those greedy peoples. Even eggs can be made fake to be sold at market.

Amulets markets and dealers can be found in most cities in Thailand, SE Asia, East Asia and now even in Guangdong. Nothing wrong to introduce Amulets to wearers for safety and peace of Mind, BUT at least those Amulets fully carried out proper Buddhist consecration and incantation. Wearing those replicas, copies and imitations Amulets are just like wearing a piece of clay from Thailand, without any spiritual protection at all.

Those replicas or fake Amulets can be found in many cities, selling at the road sides and night shift stalls at every countires, so long there are flea markets, but the most biggest Amulets markets can be found in Bangkok. They are not shy to displayed at road sides, and some shops or dealers even stock them at their shops.

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Unblessed and replicas amulets are being circulating around outside Thailand and are praying at an  unsuspected customers, mostly out of curiosity and sweet talk, whether in shops, fake monks donned in safforn robe or women in white robe.

Very low cost price for such replica Amulets and profit margins at least 1000 folds, all depending the popularity and which temples it is released.

Comparison of genuineness of Amulets can be quite difficult for novice and beginner without any knowledges of origin, and even some dealers also don't possess much information of the Amulets they are selling.

Fake Nuns selling their Amulets.
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To spot between a real and fake amulet must required some experience and knowledge of that particular amulet. To an untrained and inexperience person, the appearance of the amulet may look the same, but actually the materials and some markings of the wording may be tell tale signs to look for.

Just some of the Amulets for comparison.

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Phra Kring

Phra Kring also known as Medicine Buddha, is the best amulet for health. That doesn't mean all the illnesses or diseases will  disappear after weariing one. With Faith and doing good deeds, your health may improve significantly.

Phra Kring also can turn your misfortune or bad luck cycle around for those who encountered a bout of unlucky events.

Most temples make Phra Kring amulets, and some with a tiny ball inside the Phra Kring, when shaking it will hear the "kring" sound, and not all Phra Kring will make the same noise.

Below is the Phra Kring made joinly between Thailand and China Buddhist Associations.

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