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Mystical Amulets and Talismans [Copy link] 中文

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Already posted some rare and unusual amulets made by Phor Than Klai. Now will be posted some posthumous golden amulets made from his temple.

Golden medallion and mini cast statue of Phor Tahn Klai.

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Will be posting some unusual  amulets of Phor Tahn Klai, not much in circulation and maybe with some luck can be found on some dealers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Nang Kwak is a Goddess of Wealth of Thailand origins, usually depicting either the left hand or right hand or both hands raising at shoulder level with fingers pointing forwards to attract wealth.

Showing a beautiful Kwan Inn and Nang Kwak.

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Posting some votive amulets (Phra Yod Khun Phon) made from scrub vegetation, made at least seven or eight decades ago. Such amulets are very rare but only recently made famous by one of his disciple of almost similar designed.

Slightly larger than an average size and can be placed on the alter to venerate for peace of mind, safety, etc.

Made from wahn (vegetation) and the white Phra is made in BE 2468,  BE is referring Buddhist Era, this year is BE 2557. The  Phra Khun Phon were taken out from the Pagoda to raise funds for the temple activities


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Praying posture amulets are rare and even rare are amulets made from wahn and scrub vegetation, but most important is his chewed areca nut and betal leaves. Why? Everything came out from his mouth is sacred and prophesied. that's why he is called "Golden Mouth".

Showing some amulets of his praying posture amulets, very rare and hard to find.

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Another very famous amulets are well known around the world and almost can be found in every temple of Thai origin. Practically can be found in many temples in Asia and the most popular is the Erawan shrine Thao Maha Phrom statue in Bangkok.

The most famous Phra Phrom amulets makers were Luang Phor Kant, Luang Phor See, Luang Phor Doo all in Ayutthaya Province. The Phra Phrom souvenir can also be found in every tourist department stores and even at Airport terminals, but just a memento for your visit to Thailand and not carried out any consecration at all.

Some of the rare Phra Phrom of at least 40 year old.

DSC00244 - Copy - Copy.JPG

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Just posted some above mentioned amulets blessed by Luang Phor See and many famous Monks also involved in the consecration. Most of the Monks were also involved in the Thao Maha Phrom at Erawan shrine, which is very popular among the tourists from East and SE Asia, especially at the most auspicious hour from 7 pm.

The Erawan shrine and the famous Luang Phor Doo made Phra Phrom and himself medallion which was given to me personally while I visited him in 1985.

Bewared!!! A lot of imitation, copied and replica of Lunag Phor Doo's  Phra Phrom, costing only a fraction of the market rate.

Phra Phrom.jpg



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The following amulets, Phra Phrom were obtained from Wat Sakae and made by disciple of Luang Phor Doo. Four types of materials and three shapes, and every pieces got written yants (magical inscription) at the back. Sure everyone would like to prefer the shapes of their choices.

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