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so desperate to find someone to love   [Copy link] 中文

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When you find your man make sure he's for real . In his face will be the mirror of your dreams . Remember you are the hunter not the hunted
And the humans replied "Let the wolfs take care of the strays "

           Mia clementia denor esto

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straydog_grrrrr Post time: 2013-1-14 11:53
When you find your man make sure he's for real . In his face will be the mirror of your dreams . Rem ...

thanks, i'll remember that

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anotherblue Post time: 2013-1-14 09:13
Actually i'm not ugly at all. And another tihing i'm very sure is that your thought is extreme ugl ...


now my serious answer

1.- you should have something ugly or
2.- you don´t have luck in love


first, what did you see in guy 1 and 2 to be their gf?

I have read here many girls like you talking about their bad luck or trowing complaints about the men they met
no one who posted talked about themselves, nobody tell their mistakes, many of you just complaint and just looking for answers when YOU should knwo the right answer.

it´s a ugly situation now

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I'm in love with a chinese guy and we were lovers, but i don't know why suddenly  i am very  curious about him, then i  recently saw in his phone the sms of another lady saying i love you.. it is so..... I'm still hoping that we can be together...

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find some one you think you could love... then ask his girlfriend how long they have been dating .. then walk up and slap him very hard. a few days later he might be willing to go out with you, especially if you threaten to ruin his next relationship also. or my favourite get your self a chihuahua , the smaller the better... one that is not leash trained. take some day glow tape and tongue depressors and tie the mutt's leg up like he got a broken paw.    the heavier leashes work best because what ever you can do to make the little rat look more PATHETIC is to your advantage... and then go to your local star bucks or coffee house or bar and tie  it up out front in the bike rack, and by the time you get out side if you played it right there is a circle of bleeding hearts willing to take him AND YOU home.  and if this system don't work for getting phone # 'S then you can all ways try cold stalking. basicly you pick a guy out of the phone book . this is a good way because you have the option to pick any one  you want but you need a partner of the opposite sex .then on some pretext you get one of their cell numbers. after that it turns in to a con or stays slightly legal deppending on how that info is used. with a good partner you can make a call and have either a male or female voice claim to be a friend of either , handy for setting trysts.
every body writes on walls but me

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This post was edited by oncle hugo at 2013-1-15 16:20

There is a plenty of fish in the sea,you'd better be double cautious in finding your Mr. Right!
"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible."

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Ratfink Post time: 2013-1-12 18:55
What you describe happens to people. There are so many reasons for it happening ranging from simply  ...

My Chinese lady was killed also, whilst we were in China. I recently met another very nice lady but it won't go anywhere.
Hell, I'm mid 40's and never married, probably never will. We can't ALL be happy!

For the OP; give it time. These things will happen if and when they're meant to.

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