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What do Chinese girls look for in foreign guy?   [Copy link] 中文

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That was an easy question

1.- Money
2.- Better life abroad
3.- Better status (so everybody will admire her)

but not all women, almost all

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Personally, it is my belief that the Chinese, in general, have always been a race and culture which is predisposed to marriages of convenience, wealth, and alliance, before personal feelings of love. Indeed, many, if not most cultures in the world have are either still in this phase, or have gone through it, and for the most part, left it behind.

Many ladies I have spoken with, during my almost 12 years in China, have expressed their concern about the marriage of convenience, lacking in love, and the Chinese male culture of "Money equals power and authority + Great Face"; therefore, the trappings of FACE must be had, and they include the home the wife, the child, the car, the mobile phone, the iPad, and the xiaosan or xiaomi (mistress). In point of fact, I have personal acquaintance with Chinese men of business who have several mistresses in different districts of the same city; as well as mistresses in other cities, where they do business.

However, this isn't to say that Chinese ladies are averse to wealth and face, as is self-evident in daily life in China.

I feel that I can understand, as opposed to condone, Chinese male culture's proclivity for a ménage, or bevy of ladies, based upon one's financial ability. It can be understood within the context of sexual maturity. For example, it's rather a given fact that those of us from a western culture, probably, started having sexual relationships early in life. I certainly did. Within this context, one tends to become somewhat blasé about sex, or even somewhat jaded with time.

On the other hand, most Chinese men and women, of a certain age probably never had sex until they were married. Once married, and the fruit tasted, more is wanted. That's what humans do. We seek pleasure and sensation; whether it be in our beds, our fashion sense, our mobile phone preference, or what we eat and drink. Therefore, being as it is that males have a genetic urge to spread seed, and when found in a financially viable position, in a male-driven face culture, it is an inevitability they will philander.

But that doesn't answer the question of "What do Chinese girls look for in foreign guy?", does it.

What is romance?

Romance is life with a difference. With a measurable, observable difference to the life of others around oneself. It gives us a buzz to know we're different, no matter how small those differences are. It brings us a sense of individuality.

DIFFERENCE, or VARIETY is claimed to be the spice of life.

We all like exotic, different, and variegated things in our lives. Things which bring our lives romance and a sense of individuality. A sense of contrast.

We all struggle to define ourselves by our differences; whether they be racial, regional, national, political, educational, cultural, historical, musical, fashion, or romance and love.

So, what are we looking for in love?

Something that fits our image of what to us is exotic, interesting, arousing, and stimulating.

Chinese women look for the same things in a foreign man, as a foreign man looks for in a Chinese woman; or that a British woman looks for in a German man; or an American woman with a British man.

It's all the same, but different.

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Ghosty Post time: 2013-1-11 15:54
That was an easy question

1.- Money

Mine must be the exception. She has no particular desire to live in my country (perhaps some curiosity) but we are happy living in China in an average Chinese community.

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Laowai2? Post time: 2013-1-12 18:18
Mine must be the exception. She has no particular desire to live in my country (perhaps some curio ...

Good my friend

what i said it wasn´t a generalization but a big number

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if the westerner is a jerk then the chinese women who are looking for them will never get married.They will always be  the victims Some of them deserve that fate though .
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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xilaren Post time: 2013-1-13 03:22
if the westerner is a jerk then the chinese women who are looking for them will never get married.Th ...

Fresh meat for the grinder
And the humans replied "Let the wolfs take care of the strays "

           Mia clementia denor esto

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