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The decade: Not others but ours   [Copy link] 中文

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2002--2012, the past decade brought us blessing and curse. Now we reminisce over those big events which once happened to ourselves, the SARS, Wenchuan Earthquake, Olympics, and Expo. 【Source:】

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In 2003, the epidemic SARS hit China and hundreds of people died. A young couple tidied up their masks before going to supermarket.


A supergirl fan sit quietly in Changsha, Hunan province in 2006. The year, the "Supergirl Voice" prevailed youngsters' hearts across the China.


"Tiger Zhou", a paid preserve keeper showed his "work" , a photo of south-China tiger which he claimed he took in the wilderness in 2007. The photo was finally proved to be a painting and the related official and Zhou were punished for fraud.


The blizzard disaster in 2008, a fainted girl were transfered on top of passengers who were strayed in the railway station of Guangzhou.


69197, May 12, 2008. Chinese won't forget the time and the character. The earthquake happened in Sichuan this year cost thousands of lives and people shouted "Come on Sichuan" in Tian'anmen Square from the deep of heart.

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Olympic dream came true


Liu Xiang, the super sports star left astonishing and disappointed viewers behind after he quitted the one-hundred hurdle final in Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, the same episode staged on again in the 2012.


Chinese spacemen stepped out their space walk in 2008 and that indicated that China joined in the " space club" of space research.


Melamine, a rare-known chemical became well-known in China in 2008. The harmful additive resulted in thousands of sick infants and collapse of Chinese dairy industry.  

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Ushers of Chinese national congress meeting posed for a photo in 2009. Cameras need to focus on something interesting if they can't find something meaningful.


The 60th anniversary of PRC, 2009.


"Jia Junpeng, your mom asked you to go home for dinner" , a web slogan got popular online and then offline in 2009.


A victim of "trap-for-bail" case told his suffering to the press in Shanghai in 2009.


In order to get justice, a peasant had to moved to a hospital in the capital cause he got no just diagnosis  in the local hospital.

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Folk performance in Shanxi, 2010.


Zhao Zuohai, a landmark figure, smoked in his home after 11 year in prison for murder and he was released after his victim came back alive and Zhao got national compension for his past 11 years without freedom, 2010.


2010, A migrant worker stood on top of their "villa" in Fuzhou, the apartments and mansions behind him cost too much for them.


January, 10, 2009,  passengers in Wuxi, had to climbed into their carriage during the "Chunyun" or "Spring migration" which billions of population would moved back and forth within 2 weeks.


"Sharp Brother or Xilige" a web hit beggar, which got popular online for his cool outfits and looks.

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Too long to stand, graduates feel asleep during their graduation ceremony due to the long time of the meeting in Wuhan, 2010. China has seen millions of high school graduates and the pressure for a job became heavier.


"Ant group", a group of  low-income citizens who live in small and crowded places in the big cities and struggle for a better life.


Guo Taiming, a entrepreneur from Taiwan, dried his face with a towel during a press conference in Shenzhen, 2010. His export-led factories became a topic after a series of suicide accidents happened among his workers across China.


"Justice", football fans in Nanchang held that billboard to make an appeal for getting rid of corruption in the field. A anti-corruption campaign swept across this sports and left top officials, coachers, refrees and players in jail.


"Waiting in line", the keynote of the Shanghai Expo in May, 2010. Viewers would have to wait for hours before they could finall come into a venue.

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Interesting stuff!! {:soso_e179:}

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