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Racism is there such a thing …. ?   [Copy link] 中文

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tracyliu1987108 Post time: 2012-11-21 09:17

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This opinion was provided by Sindy, of a website that I found most interesting. In regards to the

origination of the word "RACISM"

Race is only valid as a social concept. In other words, we can divide ourselves according to culture,

nationality, etc... and group these differences together according to "race". This is a logical concept.

I.e., it's within the nature of logic to refer to different cultures, nationalities, etc... as different races.

But, as a scientific classification, it only applies to other species. To suggest otherwise is to be of the

opinion that the Homo Sapien species can be divided into sub-species, which it cannot.

There aren't enough biological differences between the so-called races to consider them separate

and readily distinguishable races. (NOTICE that I said, "...aren't ENOUGH differences." Only an idiot

would claim that there aren't ANY differences between people. However, as I said, there aren't

ENOUGH differences to determine that there are sub-species of humans. There are genetic

differences between Calico and Tabby cats, for example; but that doesn't change the fact that

Calicoes and Tabbies are NOT sub-species of the Felis-catus. Understand my point?)

The idea of biological race (what modern science has now shown as being genetic phenotypes

caused by human migration) is ridiculous and was introduced by the master class for the purpose of

division- to cause the rest of us to buy into the fallacy of "racial" superiority and inferiority. This led to

"racial" hatred.

Race based prejudice (i.e. racism), as we know it here in the United States, began during slavery.

When Africans arrived as slaves, they entered into a society in which it wasn't uncommon for masters

to beat their "white" slaves to death. Owning "white" slaves was prevalent. Likewise, there weren't

only "white" slave owners but "Indian" slave owners as well- and, later, "black" slave owners. (Yes,

since slavery wasn't initially a race based institution, "blacks" and "Indians" who assimilated into

"civilized" society could own slaves.) Were they equal in number? No, but they did exist. Inequality

flourished, but it wasn't due to a racial divide or a racial superiority complex. In fact, it was more

common to push "white" slaves past the point of human endurance, because "white" slaves were

cheap and thought to be of lesser quality than "blacks". The "black" slaves were more expensive,

and, being from Africa, they were thought to have more strength and stamina. Therefore, to lose a

"black" slave was to lose a tidy investment.

It wasn't until after slavery began to shift to an order of racial inequality that "white privilege" and

contempt for "blacks" had fully developed. "White privilege" as we know it and contempt for "blacks"

were unforeseen results of a divide and conquer method implemented by the slave masters. Up until

this point, "whites" and "blacks" shared common problems. Both were oppressed and abused in ways

that we can only imagine. Whites and blacks worked side by side. They socialized with one another.

And, eventually, they revolted together.

The master class started to fear that, together, slaves would become capable of overcoming their

masters. And, thus, racism was born by planting seeds of fictional "black inferiority". "Blacks" were

chosen as the inferior race for two reasons: 1) With Africans being lesser in number, it was

anticipated that they could be easily controlled and forced to remain in slavery, which was the most

desired outcome since 2) they were more valued as slaves.

The above shift occurred at different times in different colonies and regions due to various factors.

The master class polluted the land with lies of "white superiority" and began offering benefits to the

socially inferior "whites". Laws were enacted which forbid relations between "whites" and "blacks",

which required that "white" servants whose indentures were complete be given food and land (The

same didn't apply to "black" servants when their indentures were up.), and which imposed strict

restrictions on "black" servants and slaves. Some masters freed their "white" slaves or permitted them

to purchase their freedom. This created a loss of labour which was a problem addressed by extending

the indentures of "black" servants indefinitely- leading to the end of servitude and the dawn of a

society completely reliant upon "black" slavery, a society that also systematically destroyed American

Indian life, and a society that embraced "white privilege".

The master class didn't anticipate that their successful divide and conquer method would later also

succeed in destroying their slave system. Convincing "white" people of their "superiority" led to

hatred of "non-whites". There were some "whites" who opposed slavery for moral reasons, but many

opposed slavery because their hatred for "non-whites" was so intense that they wanted them out of

the picture (hence the KKK, Jim Crow, etc...).

Understandably, many "blacks" grew to resent "whites". But the master class used this to their

advantage. And, thus, racism has infected both "whites" and "blacks". Likewise, as this nation

became more and more of a melting pot, what began among "whites" and "blacks" spread to all

other groups of people- which was/is encouraged by the master class.

Racism was, and still is, a ploy to support the rich and powerful- to guarantee that they remain

wealthy and in control (while the rest of us suffer from poverty and injustice, buy into the lies that

only one "side" is suffering, and then blame the other "side" for that very suffering- suffering that

was caused, and is perpetuated, by the master class). Racism isn't going anywhere unless people

remove their blinders and realize what the master class has done.

The powers that be have always regarded us as inferior- all of us who are "low rank", "uncivilized",

"unworthy", etc... Nothing will ever change if we continue to swallow the lies, play the blame game,

and fight amongst each other. They want to keep us right where we are in order to ensure that we

remain oblivious to the fact that they've never really been motivated by so-called "race". We're all

being manipulated, just as we've always been.

The master class still lives. And yes, they primarily consist of those labelled as white people. But white

isn't why they continue to rule. They continue to rule because they've managed to keep most of us

ignorant, which is precisely why history isn't taught and reported accurately. Awareness of "white

slavery" would fly in the face of "white superiority" and threaten to destroy the master class.

Anyone care to comment.

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honkam Post time: 2012-11-22 03:07
This opinion was provided by Sindy, of a website that I found most interesting. In regards to the


Oh dear  ......    !

I have just discovered this very interesting reply .........

Thank you honkam it must have been when the notification went 'tits-up' ...........     

What a great article that discusses perceptions from the past and today and it was many years before I knew that under Cromwell many Irish were shipped off to plantations in the tropics as slaves  ........

In fact I was absolutely and totally shocked as I never would have dreamed that 'whites' would be subject to this kind of slavery by 'whites' and it shows this very well in your article .........

As I discussed in the OP, humans have perceptions about those around them and the staus of the same irrespective of colour or race ........

However, race does add to some people's negative perceptions because of the extra differences  ........

And as your article puts it a white slave had more contempt than a black slave and maybe that was again showing their status was lower than the lowest, because obviously this is not about colour but it could however be ethnicity   .......   

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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expatter Post time: 2012-12-5 20:46
Oh dear  ......    !

I knew that you would find this article interesting, the reason that you didn't know about it here till

today was because, I did not post it as a reply to anyone, I just wanted the people who is really

interested in the topic to find it.

The most important thing about this article is that , it was the masters at the time that introduced the

concept "RACISM", so after forty odd years, I can see a glimmer of light at the end of that long tunnel.

So as you have stated in the OP, the word racism was just manufactured by the masters,

to divide the society as a whole, so that they remain at the top of the feeding chain.

I knew that you'll get round to this one day,hahahaha  

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honkam Post time: 2012-12-6 03:17
I knew that you would find this article interesting, the reason that you didn't know about it here ...

It is a very good article and I will see if I can get some more time in to this later  .........   

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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