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Legalized Pot....what is the big deal?   [Copy link] 中文

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Two States in America legalized pot this past election.

The federal government still views it as a "Schedule I" controlled substance (the same as opium,cocaine).
People die from alcohol.....
People die from cigarettes.....
People even die from eating peanut butter and taking aspirin.
NO ONE has died from smoking pot.
How dangerous can this plant be?
It has been in use for thousands of years making rope,clothes,paper and oil.

I can't think of any other plant that is so useful.

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Don't argue with idiots! They will always win. First they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience!
When the power of love, overtakes the love of power,  the world will have peace.

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Never tried it, even in those Flower Power 1960's/1970's

But doesn't it make the brain unbalanced, and some do life threatening things after too much weed?

I'm sure you will find people have died from it.

Not necessarily the smoker but those killed by the smoker driving in to them

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1584austin Post time: 2012-11-14 15:54
Never tried it, even in those Flower Power 1960's/1970's

But doesn't it make the brain unbalanced,  ...

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yes, as dangerous as alcohol ;)

and both of this substances should be treated the same (IMHO)


btw. I never used it, I'm not "pro" and I'm not "cons"... just an opinion based on characteristics of THC and C2H5OH ;)

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it clearly causes a lot of mental health problems (eg amotivational syndrome, psychosis and anxiety) as well as cancer in the long term (non-seminomatous testicular carcinoma as well as lung cancer)

in imaging studies, brains of long term heavy smokers have smaller cerebrocortical gyri and sulcal widening - basically not too much grey matter

no drug is safe, but basically this is a plant and the war on drugs is a resolute failure (and very expensive to the taxpayer)

Portugal has gone a lot further and decriminalised all drugs I think

It's a health and social issue and criminalising it just creates criminals (removing any chance of contribution to society) and drives all the profits into dealers and manufacturers, not to mention being a key determinant of the sex trade

I'm glad this has happened, but smoking pot is a big risk. Most people will get away with occasional use but regular use is a sure pathway to health and social problems, as well as an altered life trajectory

(beast ex machina)

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Yep ...........  !

I did a thread on this a couple of years ago ..........

Hemp became the victim of Dupont's new nylon and Hearst's paper empire  .........

Nylon replaced hemp and hemp would have been cheaper than paper  .........

It was the victim of the corporates and they used hash as the scapegoat to stop hemp as a raw material .........

A class one drug  ............      

Right  ! .............      

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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