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The oldest hookers in town: The 69-year-old twin sisters --Daily Mail   [Copy link] 中文

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The oldest hookers in town: The 69-year-old twin sisters who are both prostitutes… and have over a century of experience between them

By Daily Mail Reporter
  25 May 2012

A candid documentary about a pair of 69-year-old prostitute twin sisters is to make its debut at New York's Film Forum festival this summer.

Louise and Martine, who are veterans of Amsterdam's famous Red Light District and have a century of experience between them, star inMeet the Fokkens
In a trailer, released today, they describe how times have changed since they started their career in the early Sixties, and how they feel about the public perception of their trade.

Turning tricks: Amsterdam prostitutes Louise and Martine Fokkens are the subjects of a new documentary that sees then discuss their 50-year careers in the city's Red Light District

Candid: The sisters share their opinions on everything from vibrators to young prostitutes today

It features a voiceover from Louise, who says: 'I can't tell you how many tricks we've had, countless.
'We hardly ever really f****d unless they paid us well.'


Comparing the early days of the prostitution world with the present day, she recalls: 'In the old days, the local copper would tap on the window if a girl was showing too much ankle, now the girls deal coke from their cubicles.'
Louise explains that arthritis forced her to retire two years ago, because she 'couldn’t get one leg over the other' - though her sister continues to work.

Intimate insight: The pair describe how times have changed since they started their career in the early Sixties, and how they feel about the public perception of their trade

Double act: Louise and Martine dance in matching dresses outside their Amsterdam home

'My twin sister is still working in her old age,' she says. 'She needs the money. You can't live off a state pension.'
The trailer then shows a scene in which Martine is preparing herself for a job. She is seen calling out to her unseen client: 'I'm almost there... Did you hear me?'An anonymous voice replies: 'Yes mistress,' to which she responds: 'Good Boy.'
The sisters can also be seen browsing a display of vibrators together in a sex shop, discussing the quality of the products on offer, and how they might use them.

Riveting story: The sisters tell how they freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes

Still working: Martine remains a practising prostitute as she needs the money. Her sister, who stopped due to her arthritis, points out: 'You can't live off a state pension'

One says: 'This one vibrates and it's nice.' The other replies: 'This vibrates even better. You can hold it against the penis.'
The documentary, which will go on general release in the U.S. this autumn, also relates a more serious story: how the Fokkens sisters freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes.

Directors Gabriëlle Provaas and Rob Schröde told ABC News: 'This is the story we wanted to tell.

'Louise and Martine are real old-fashioned Amsterdam hookers: liberated, cheerful and not scared of anybody.'

Defiant: The sisters dismiss any judgement from others over their career choice: 'You did the work, you've been a whore,' one says. 'They'll always call you names, so be one'

But though prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, their career choice has not been without judgement.
In one clip, the twins are seen discussing the subject, with one saying to the other: 'You did the work, you've been a whore. You'll never get rid of that name.
'They'll always call you names, so be one.'

Meet The Fokkens will show at New York’s Film Forum on August 8.

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or take this example of another side of scale, high class well paid happy prostitute.

Heather Mills was fighting to salvage her reputation yesterday after an onslaught of revelations, including sensational claims that she worked as a high-class prostitute.
The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney was in frantic talks with her lawyers after two former vice-girls said she was paid thousands of pounds a night for having sex with wealthy Arab businessmen.
An ex-aide to a Saudi-born arms dealer also claimed to have handed over around £6,400 in cash to Miss Mills after she took part in sex sessions with his boss.
The claims are a devastating blow to Miss Mills who separated from the former Beatle last month after four years of marriage.
They come just days after pictures of her posing naked for a pornographic German book called Die Freuden Der Liebe (The Joys of Love) were unearthed. And yesterday her co-star in the lurid pictures, taken in the late 1980s, added to her difficulties by dismissing claims that the book was an educational 'lovers' guide.
Peter Wilson, a former male model and aspiring actor, said Miss Mills's attempts to gloss over the embarrassing pictures were 'laughable'. Yesterday Miss Mills, 38, was pictured looking gaunt and lonely on the beach near her £2million East Sussex home with her two-year-old daughter Beatrice.
Summoned to the Prince's bedroom former escort girl Petrina Montrose claimed Miss Mills was one of three women hired to take part in an orgy with an Arab prince. Miss Montrose said she and Miss Mills had been told to go to the five-star Dorchester hotel, in Central London.
Miss Montrose, who is now 37 and lives in Essex, said: "It was a really lavish affair. There was a buffet of Lebanese food and Ashley [the madam] was already there with a group of about six working girls, including Heather.
"The prince was tall and greasy and I wanted to leave but I knew that to get my money I'd have to have sex with anyone in the room who picked me. Still, Heather was bubbling over with enthusiasm."
Miss Montrose said she was eventually summoned to the prince's bedroom to find two other women were already there naked - including Miss Mills.
When the orgy finished "Heather made no attempt to put her clothes on" she told the News of the World.
"Instead she started parading naked around the room, trying to impress the prince even more." Miss Montrose said she was paid £1,000 for her night's work.
A pleasing performance
Abdul Khoury, who claims to have been arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's private secretary from 1977 until last year, said one of his responsibilities was to look after prostitutes for Mr Khashoggi, once listed as the world's richest man.
He told the News of the World: "One [of the prostitutes] was Heather Mills who I know had sex with him on a number of occasions in return for money," he was quoted as saying.
He described one occasion in 1988 when Miss Mills was flown out to meet Mr Khashoggi at his villa in Marbella, Spain.
"She was booked to attend a party with another lady. I arranged their flight tickets from London and met them personally," he said.
"The day after the party I took Heather and her companion? to see Mr Khashoggi. Before they left, Mr Khashoggi called me in and asked me to count out two amounts of £2,000 to put the money into envelopes and to give them to each of the girls.
"Sometimes Mr Khashoggi would make comments to me about the girls he paid to have sex with him.
"In Heather's case I remember his remark that she had soft skin. And was very athletic in bed. Mr Khashoggi was always very pleased with Heather's performance."
According to Mr Khoury, Miss Mills had at least four other meetings with Mr Khashoggi.
These took place in luxury hotels in London during the early 1990s. After each occasion, she was paid $2000 in cash.
£5,000 for a night's work
Denise Hewitt met Miss Mills while working as a high-class call girl in 1991.
According to Miss Hewitt, Miss Mills heard that she had a wealthy Arab client and 'suggested? we could both see him and do a "girlie scene".
"By this I knew she meant lesbian sex. I thought at the time that Heather may have been bisexual because whenever we got together ? to talk about recent jobs it was always Heather who'd mention if she'd done a job with another girl," she told the News of the World.
Miss Hewitt said the next time she was with her client, a Saudi prince, she put the idea to him. He readily agreed and Miss Mills was summoned by taxi.
"I introduced her and suggested she take her clothes off and join us in bed. It turned out that underneath her casual stuff she was wearing really sexy underwear - black and lacy with stockings and suspenders and high heels? The prince was really excited."
Hewitt claims that Miss Mills left at around 5am and was handed £5,000 by the prince in two packets of £50 notes.
A few years later, she saw Miss Mills on television wearing a gem-encrusted Bulgari watch - just like one the prince gave to many of his favourite call-girls.
She said that Miss Mills often boasted that her rich and powerful client list also included members of the Maktoum racing dynasty, and that she had earned up to £10,000 in a single night.
A guide to cheap slap and tickle
The catalyst for the explosive allegations about Miss Mills's past was the publication last week of pictures of her in a sordid photo-shoot for Die Freuden Der Liebe.
Miss Mills has tried to play down the erotic shots, saying the book was educational. But yesterday the male model who starred alongside her scotched her denials, describing the book as "cheap slap and tickle".
Peter Wilson described the pho-toshoot - which included simulating sex, rubbing baby oil and whipped cream on each other, and acting out scenes with sex toys - as "cheap, titillating and sleazy".
When Mr Wilson said he felt uncomfortable with the explicit scenes? she told him to "get with the programme" saying she "needed the money" - about £150 for the day's work.
Although Miss Mills was only 20 at the time, Mr Wilson said he was taken aback by her sexual confidence.
"As the day wore on? it just became sleazy. I didn't like it," he told the Mail on Sunday.
"As [the shoot] became more explicit she wasn't shying away from it. It was just like, "Next shot'."
Mr Wilson, who is now 48 and living in Mallorca, said even at that young age Miss Mills seemed impressed by wealth.
When she saw he drove a Mercedes, she stepped up her flirtation - even "accidentally" dropping her towel in front of him.
She also expressed a preference for older men. "She said young men only had what was between their legs and nothing between their ears."
However, she was disparaging about her future husband's musical talents.
When Mr Wilson said he was from Liverpool - home of the Beatles, Heather allegedly responded: "Everyone knows John's the one with all the talent and Paul's the window dressing."
Timed 'to cause maximum hurt'
Miss Mills has been dogged by rumours of a murky past but has dismissed them as 'vile' smears.
Yesterday, her lawyers insisted the allegations were groundless.
"These are not new stories and were refuted by her lawyers four years ago when first raised," it said.
"The sources clearly are a variety of unreliable persons who have been paid for these stories.
"The timing of the article is clearly designed to cause maximum hurt to Heather, her husband and family at this sensitive time."
Nonetheless, the allegations could be hugely damaging for a woman who has tried to reinvent herself as a charity campaigner.
Nor could they have come at a worse time for her as she tries to thrash out a divorce settlement with Sir Paul. He is said to be horrified by the deluge of revelations about her.
A friend of the couple said: "He is appalled by what is being done to her. It's a witchhunt. He's being very supportive. He's very aware that people are out to destroy her."
However, others have questioned the timing of the revelations. It is understood the News of the World paid Denise Hewitt £50,000 for her story two years ago - but had been sitting on it ever since.

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The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney was in frantic talks with her lawyers after two former vice-girls said she was paid thousands of pounds a night for having sex with wealthy Arab businessmen.
An ex-aide to a Saudi-born arms dealer also claimed to have handed over around £6,400 in cash to Miss Mills after she took part in sex sessions with his boss.

now jfenix will blame Arabs for it

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Statue to honor the sex workers of the world. Installed March 2007 in Amsterdam, Oudekerksplein, in front of the Oude Kerk, in Amsterdam's red-light district De Wallen.

Title is Belle, inscription says "Respect sex workers all over the world."

Hookers have unions and rights like any other proffession.

why would bobmay plumber be any different{:soso_e113:}{:soso_e128:}

he work in very hazardous and risky enviroment but he doesn't claim to be victim{:soso_e144:}

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-11-12 16:29
now jfenix will blame Arabs for it

SMITHI you scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one, when jfenix sees this she is going have a cow.
Beware those who are quick to CENSOR. They are afraid of what they do not know…

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July 9, 2012
The Pitfalls of Legalizing Prostitution in Amsterdam

by Caroline Achieng Otieno

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. A typical Dutch postcard displays Friesian cows grazing in lush green fields with huge windmills looming in the background. Others are adorned with colourful tulips of the Keukenhof gardens, or Dutch folk richly dressed in their traditional garb complete with clogs, posing with large blocks of yellow cheese. The country, however, is known for another attraction: The Red Light District.

While prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession, in most nations it is shunned and not permitted. Though prostitution in Holland was legalized in 2000, in Amsterdam it is double-faced; and with the pursuit of freedom and liberalism comes bondage, crime, and the issue of human trafficking.
On one hand you have the prostitutes of the Red-Light District, licensed to do what they do, visible under red neon lights, in skimpy lingerie like live mannequins on display. On the other hand you have invisible undocumented women, young Africans trafficked into the Netherlands and tucked away in rooms and houses in the Bijlmer, South East of Amsterdam.

Jaap van der Wijk, a probation officer with the Ministry of Justice, lived and worked in the Red Light District for many years. He blogs that, “It is safe to say that most of these women became prostitutes because they needed the money, either to survive or to maintain or pursue a certain lifestyle.” He continues, “I have never met a prostitute who had a happy childhood,” and “At least 30 percent of the prostitutes I talked with were sexually abused in their childhood, usually by a relative, or men they thought they could trust, like a neighbour, or a friend of the family.”

Nonetheless, this is not necessarily the profile that fits all the prostitutes found in the Red-Light District or Amsterdam in general. For the most part, their stories are about seeking greener pastures, being trafficked, and finding themselves sold into sex slavery.

Beulah (not her real name), from Ghana, was once happily married. Her fiancé brought her to Holland, married her, and ensured she had a resident permit. A few years into their marriage, her husband became her pimp and began arranging for her to go to the streets every night. “He used me,” she laments. “We made roughly 1000 Euros a month, but he kept all the money.” When she was arrested, her husband became busy in a new relationship. She was released after ten months and to her astonishment her husband had vanished with their child. Though she was due to get her Dutch passport in a few months, because her husband had left the country, her permission to stay was invalid and she became illegal. She felt the only way she could live on was through prostitution.

Aurelia (not her real name) is from Sierra Leone. She remembers good times and the large family she left behind. “My dad was polygamous and had three wives,” she says. Her huge family is scattered all over Holland and in other parts of Europe. Her big sister paid a lot of money for a smuggler to bring her to the Netherlands so that she could earn money by going out with men. Aurelia never had plans to do so and decided to part ways with her sister on arrival in the Netherlands.

Aurelia recounts terrible memories of the civil war in Sierra Leone, “The soldiers would rip open the bellies of pregnant women and pull the foetuses out … They would ask people whether they wanted a long sleeve or short sleeve,” in reference to the severing of limbs either at the elbows or at the wrist. She recalls the forcible circumcision she experienced as a child and despite revealing all to the immigration department, her application for asylum was rejected. Out on the streets, alone and estranged from her sister, the harsh reality set in and paradoxically she chose sex with men just to survive.

Amsterdam Councilor Karina Schaapman Content, herself a former prostitute, is quoted by Radio Netherlands as saying, “There are people who are really proud of the Red Light District as a tourist attraction. It’s supposed to be such a wonderful, cheery place that shows just what a free city we are. But I think it’s a cesspit. There’s a lot of serious criminality. There is a lot of exploitation of women and a lot of social distress. That’s nothing to be proud of.”

A former trafficking victim from the Czech Republic (name withheld) testifies that, “These people put me in the window and told me what I had to say, how much money I have to ask, how much money I have to pay every day. If I don’t do it they will just kill me or my daughter. I wouldn’t talk to anybody about the situation and these people tell me that they were watching me every day. And it’s true because I was working in a window upstairs and downstairs are walking men every day and every night so he [pimp] could tell how many men go upstairs so I can’t get some money for me, ever. He knows everything and I was working like this for almost a year. The clients - men, police, lawyers, everything and you don’t get help from these people. You don’t have to tell these people because they know and some of these people have been in touch with my boss, my pimp…”

The legalization of prostitution has had a counter effect, as officials at Amsterdam’s City Council now discover. Since prostitution was legalized, the European Union (EU) enlargement has taken place and there has been free movement across borders. With the high unemployment figures in Eastern Europe, many women looking for greener pastures fall into the hands of traffickers. In countries such as Moldova, Hungary, and Russia, job advertisements for dancers and waitresses turn out to be traffickers manipulating them into prostitution. When these women cross over, they find themselves sold into sex slavery to pimps or lover boys who enslave and house them, forcing them to pay “debts” by working overtime as prostitutes.

Toos Hemskerk from Not For Sale Amsterdam feels that investing in business in Eastern Europe is the key to creating new futures. She shares, “Here any woman from Romania and Bulgaria can work as a self-employed prostitute, but due to visa restrictions, cannot work in other industries. Their options are limited. Stay in prostitution, or go home and face unemployment. The creation of new jobs will give hope to those who otherwise feel hopeless.” Toos gives the example of a Hungarian woman, Verni, who “looked like she got it together. She had this little boy in Hungary whom she was providing for and we kind of thought she’s not working for a pimp, she’s working for herself, but how different the story was.”
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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She continues, “She told us she went back to Hungary and was allowed by her so-called boyfriend to stay home for a week with her little boy, and when she was there, after two days her boyfriend said, ‘We need to go back to Amsterdam.’ She resisted and said, ‘You promised me I would stay, I’m not going back’ and she refused. However, later that evening he molested her father, her brother-in-law and beat her up in front of her little son.” Verni decided to go to the police. Yet, in eastern European countries, prostitution is illegal, so the police are reluctant to handle such cases. The police discouraged her from testifying or pushing on with the case, but Verni was adamant. The man was eventually put behind bars and she could go back. However, she didn’t have an alternative once she came out of prostitution. Toos ends her statement by saying, “It is so important we move on and build alternatives in Eastern Europe.”

In a rare interview, Metje Blaak, herself a former prostitute and heading the information centre, The Red Thread (in dutch De Rode Draad), bemoans the lot of prostitution in these current times. She complains that there are indeed big problems with the government. “There are too many rules, I feel that there is coming a time when it will be illegal to solicit a prostitute, we are heading in that direction,” she says when I ask her about the challenges with the Amsterdam City Council. “Legislation was a great idea for the girls, they are free to work, but there are challenges with the rules, there are too many rules; rules about registration, about taxes. There is a lot of regulation and the girls are going out of business.”

While The Red Thread is very prominent in Amsterdam’s Red Light District – acting as an information centre with a mission that includes “empowering sex workers by helping them to inform, identify, investigate, advise and connect,” – there are organizations at the opposite end of the spectrum that act as enabling mechanisms for those who want to escape the clutches of prostitution. Organizations like The Scarlet Cord, Not for Sale, and CoMensha work closely with prostitutes revealing human trafficking cases and enabling the women to flee from that lifestyle; in essence giving them other options and room to recover and rehabilitate to normalcy.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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