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Observational Report(11.11.2012) [Copy link] 中文

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Greetings fellow star lovers. Finally last night we got a clear sky out in the northern part of Beijing. Actually, I live just on the outskirts of Beijing where we get a slight better sky condition than in the city. which doesn't say much however, last night because of heavy winds all day long, we had a fairly nice view.  This is what I was watching:

1.  m31- The andromeda Galaxy - Although limiited with my small binoculars, this has always been something I enjoy seeing. It makes me wonder, the light from this has traveled 2.4 mllion years to reach us, is it still there? Are we?

2. m45 - The pleadies open cluster - Easily the best open cluster around.  Filled with bright blue stars with magnitude ranging down to low 8s to 10s. I could spot about 40-42 stars in this cluster last night.  Steady viewing kept me on this for a long time as I sat in my little garden, protected from the winds.

m45 is brilliant even with naked eye observations. Worth seeing.

3.  Due to the unusually clear night I was able to view the following
         a) m38 - open cluster in Auriga
         b) M37 - open cluster in Auriga
         c) M36 - Open cluster in Auriga
        d) m35 - Open Cluster in Gemini

these clusters are usually not viewed due to light pollution and other forms of air born troublemakers.  however last night was a rare treat and therefore was given time to see some things we usually do not.

4. M42 and m43 -  The nebulae in Orion.  By far one of the greatest things to see in the winter sky(northern).  The stars of the trapezium were there and could get a whisky view of the clouds which are illuminated by the surrounding stars. A great view for anyone.

5. Jupiter -  All found Gal. Moons were in position for a view. I managed to see IO just as it was about to pass in front of jupiter.
This planet is always great to watch from fall to winter because it is bright and I happen to take it as my personal favorite view because one can actually see the moons change position in a matter of only a couple of hours. Document lunar position change from night to night is also kind of interesting

6. Asteroids  - Ceres and Vesta - plotted them on my chart but will have to see if i actually had their positions ceorrect by check in another day or so.   :)

disappointly, I could not view m33. the triangulum galaxy. Seems to be very elusive to me. I have panned the entire area many times with no avail. perhaps ive seen its center but the arms never have shown their face to me. I think I need bigger optics

(see ratfinks threads on telescopes)

Canis Major

my building blocks half of the northern part of the sky so i couldn't see casseopia or cepheus or the other polar constellations. however that isn't so bad because I can watch a lot from my garden.

Keep looking up!!

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