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The subway adventure   [Copy link] 中文

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The car sped again, cycle to and fro. Perhaps, 50 years, 100 years later, when people see these photos, they would say: “oh, we used to be this way.

Shooting the subway has six or seven years, it causes completely because a lecture.

In 2006, Canon digital camera is ChengQiHou, Canon photography salon held is also very popular. They will often please some experts to explain Canon camera use method. I at that time the son born soon, happen to have a Canon of introduction to digital SLR 350 d, they often take time to listen to the lecture. One day, they invited the Beijing film academy ZhuJiong teacher, speak documentary photography.

ZhuJiong teacher not only know the theory without practice people. Her lecture completely showed her own project “humanities China” (the first called “northwest hope”, later on, because of go abroad exhibition renamed the humanities China “, this project is using her 10 years of winter and summer vacation completed, the main record northwest ordinary people’s lives. I was completely inside photos tiger lived, it to my influence is spiritual coping style. Because of her in the photo is many distinct scene is my hometown shaanxi rural and small town unique scene.

Now, I still clearly remember, project TiTu photo is a western farmers in alone hobbled horse play adobe. Play adobe, this now in the countryside has been difficult to meet the farm work, in my past life is really too commonplace. I suddenly understand, originally real photography is like this, it is not what beautiful flowers and plants, also not is what beautiful scenery. It and I early love of literature is so similar. It focus on people, pay attention to the existence of the ordinary people.

The lecture hall to my influence is decisive, it’s my photography real origin. From that moment, I really fell in love with photography. I know it is difficult to have things after me and it separated. And from then on, I began to think of yourself what should be taken.

In my opinion, photography of long-term projects are not temporary be seized by a whim. As a child’s father, I can only around in their life to search, and think I still take the subway! Because my home is in near a subway station. And every day I have to go to take the subway.

I like the novel, France and Russia’s many writers are very like. These are decided my lens can only aimed at people, living people. But it is hard to shoot people, especially have never striven for strangers.

My photography road initial stage has been alone in the dark, walked many tortuous paths. These curve road and my life twists and turns. Before college, I in a factory production terramycin; University, I have been a primary school teacher, sold gas burner, pull over advertising, in the dining room played miscellaneous, do a lot of strange work, and novel no relationship, with photography is not even remotely qualified. Although later in Beijing, when the reporter, also own one camera, but only and most people, teasing them. When I put it when a career to pursue, everything have to start from scratch.

At first, I use my 350 d to pat, pat back things into black and white after how to see and it is not so. Is also a chance, in the bookstore saw ZhaoJia book worth twelve volume “. This book taught many photography and the equipment. (ZhaoJia later published many books about equipment, but I think that this is always his best.

In 2007, I save himself for a long time money Canon 16-35 lens for sale, in order to buy a suit film when peace G2. Have the G2, my subway project starts.

And most people, photography beginners can’t positive to shoot a stranger. I saw many people had to take back. But to me, it must face. I began to only dare to take some beggar, gnome, children and seller, slowly, the courage began to rise.

I remember one day, I stood on the platform saw a black guy is and a Chinese girl romance, girl is closed eyes waiting for each other’s kiss. I go straight ahead for up, picked up the camera, aimed at the they two people face, when I press the shutter moment, the girl’s eyes opened. She found me, a plucked at my camera belt, said to call the police. For this kind of conflict, I still met for the first time. Have no preparation, but also calculate calm, after all, I am a reporter. For a while, the police come over. He knew what had happened, let our own settled through friendly negotiation. One is me the contact information for them, then the negative send them. The second is to delete pictures. I was afraid of trouble, directly open the camera back cover, the whole roll of film exposure the.

After this, I have been in the consideration, the photographer and the photographed exactly is a kind of what relation?

Once, I met with in the subway a young foreign couples, woman holding the streets with sugar blow into the pony, a see will know that come to Beijing tourism; And once met a foreigner, he shoulders carry a big bag of fruit. When I raised the camera that with their intention, the young couple and carry the fruit foreigners happily agreed. They are all very fit, a full face of with a happy smile looked at you, but these photos is not what I need.

Another time, in batong line, I saw a migrant workers, he carry a big bag, her face is sweat. He perspiring face attracted me, but he and I stand too close, so I asked him: “can I take your picture?” He woodenly shook his head, it have to forget about it.

I begin to realize that in the subway, want to take the natural state of the pictures, ask for each other’s agreed to be a mistake. Blind shoot and casual the catch afraid finally became my inevitable choice. Slowly, my courage also become big up.

One day, on the way home, I saw two students shape guy in the boxcars singing. A playing guitar, another was carrying a bag of passengers waiting for alms. I will take up the camera took up, flank of a passenger saw I photograph, and take out the camera gather together to come up. See this appearance, guitar man suddenly beside to the said, “run!” Two men took the guitar, a twist to the back of the car swiftly ran away.

Beijing subway is a very interesting place, except in an endless stream, an office worker, you will see all kinds of people. Scrounger, stray singer, dwarf and rural migrant workers are a regular there, the thief and punk appearance also occasionally debut. Once, I was unexpectedly took the thief.

It was a morning early peak period of time, in the four we stood on the platform, and suddenly it’s noisy up. I to the stairs down a look, see a person with steel rod put another press the to the ground, steel rod just card below the man’s neck. Take steel rod said: “I am a policeman, who help me to take the handcuffs, in the small of the back.” A young man to help him out of handcuffs, he let it took possession of the thief’s a hands on kao. Young man from the thief under the pulling the thief’s hands, successfully to the kao. Soon, the police rushed to the station, two uniformed police set up the thief, take him away.

Shooting the subway is actually a very boring, meet the thief that sort of thing very, very little, six or seven years I just met once. Most of the time, what also not happen, everything is normal to as a quartz clock. Most of the time, I took a photo also less than. Sometimes, I even ask today something will happen to us, even if meet a interesting point people. But often is what also did not happen, meet are like me on a hurry the ordinary people, or deliberately dressed very sick beggars.

I to afterwards just know a lot of people are taking the subway, in the picture library also see some take good pictures, but to really cause the attention of people is too difficult. Abroad, there are many photographers for take the subway and very famous, but at home, take out I’m afraid only photographer wang fuchun.

Wang fuchun is my very respect of a photographer, his Chinese on the train “a job, I also on the magazine to see he filmed a subway photos. But did not expect, soon, I met him in the subway. He still with long hair, holding the panasonic LX2 camera. Age although more than 60 years old, but the spirit is very good. He saw me is when peace G2, said: “the machine is good. The subway writes too close, big machines couldn’t use.” We simply exchanged a few words, I kept his telephone number, then separated. Then I in the southern weekend saw him a sheet of the metro pictures, these photos are generally photographer does not come out, but he and Chinese on the train “, compared to still want to inferior many.

In addition to wang fuchun, actually, I am in the subway also met LuGuang photographer. It is on the eve of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. When I saw him, he is international trade platform for pendulum clap, but the pendulum pat understandable. He is a taichung picture film cameras, body and back a big digital SLR. He let the Olympic volunteers in the picture poster pose before, first in take a picture, and then with a digital camera retook, he took is the Olympic volunteers. This kind of environment like pendulum pat is very normal. At that time, not many people watching from the sidelines, it is expected that all don’t know him. In China, people only for entertainment stars and sports stars interested, who will go to pay attention to a photographer? Even if he got a few times lotus plug award.

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In 2009, I took the subway has been three years, although the film has saved up some, but feel real can take pictures of shots is not much. I often consolation, photographers LvNan shooting the mental hospital “and” four seasons “has been used for seven years time, I took the subway at least in years head must achieve this number. But 2009 this year, shooting the film becomes more and more luxury. Because of the popularity of digital, photo service in the film on the film began to large price increases. The cost of film shooting is more and more big, I have some difficult to parry. Finally, I and my G2 and CaiSi lens said bye bye, put the camera and from the film into the digital.

I have always wanted to shoot down, until one day I said to myself: “enough is enough, I don’t want to take.” But so far, I think is far from there. As the shooting unceasingly thorough, your observation is not section in ascension. I found, I shot a lot of things are you turn a blind eye to things. I saw a lonely old man column with a stick sat down on the steps, an upper body naked drunks lay on four hui station of the aisle untouched, a little girl to the people in there alone with tears, a canteen coolie in work suit but spew lies in a packed compartment, until the terminal was steward wake up, I also see people for font-row crowded, arrived at.

The city subway has not only is a kind of traffic tool so simple, metro become a kind of culture, it is a soul of the city. This also is it attracted many photographers reasons, these photographers including me.

About the subway project, I have seen maag south photographer Bruce Davidson filming of the New York subway, also saw someone filming Tokyo subway, but I still think, Beijing subway should be the planet’s most crowded subway. Beijing subway is to be able to put your shoes edge out of the subway. Once, I saw a staff to be on the platform in the jian arrive a be edge out shoes, it’s a big yards of men’s shoes.

Every day, millions of Beijing and foreign workers in the city of the few subways line through the road. In the morning of seven to eight rush hour, some platform want to master cheng yen become almost impossible. And several design is not reasonable transfer station, peaks of stream of people will make newcomers foreigners worry, this will not happen immediately stampede.

In addition to crowded, Beijing subway is a very interesting place, a Chinese lower classes the active stage. Here filled with all kinds of scrounger, stray singer, foreign tourists and migrant workers, the thief, security, police, students, drunkard, a barber, construction workers, cooks, advertising, punk, company staff, diseased, brokenhearted of women, who JianPoLan flirting, the old woman, the old man, homeless lovers, selling newspapers, gnome, advertisers, do false testimony person, occasionally will see the rich lady and tall model. They were in a hurry to leave, in this stage constantly flash across, and soon disappeared in the crowd.

In this unusual stage, each class people are duty, clever actor, they dutifully play their should play the role. Or excited, or sadness, or sad, or anger, or smile, or argument.

As a photographer, can do is just to get their emotions recorded, provides a real contemporary image file. Perhaps, 50 years, 100 years later, when people see these photos, they would say: “oh, we used to be this way.”

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