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Peaceful Co-Existence in Middle East   [Copy link] 中文

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    Historicallyspeakingly, Middle Easterners, such as Jew, Palestine and Arab are 'Genetic Brothers' ,

meaning they share common genetic background.

Historically, they had lived in Middle East for thousand years through thick and thin.

Historically, Jewish homeland in Middle East was much larger [than today] and so was Jewish population.

  Some 70 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a Jewish man, Roman Empire, in response to Jewish uprising in the region, totally crushed the Jerusalem and entire Jewish homeland as well as a majority of Jewish population.

Ever since, Jew were left scattered through out Middle East and Europe, and never regain their right to establish a nation state in the region up until the founding of the Jewish state of Israel in modern time.

Modern Israel is much smaller than the original Jewish homeland prior to Roman raid nearly two thousand years ago.

It is true that many of today's Jew in Israel are part-Europeans due to mixed race heritage while many

of them were exiled in Europe for several centuries.

So are the Persian Iranians people who, like upper-caste Northern Indians in India, were originally

from Caucasus region, of today's Azerbaijan.

   In conclusion, it is imperative to have a peaceful co-existence among all parties in Middle East.


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it is sad because humans can supposedly think.and they are more similar than not. and an electronic revolution is already sweeping the world . the sand is worth more than the oil under it. so much wasted life when some things can be fought over till they spoil or split and eaten on the spot. every body there must be very hungry.the ground its self looks like it is wore out from getting dug up to hide the bodies. every rock there has a history of getting messed about by humans fighting over it and it shows.and it is windy as all get out . better to fly the flags and banners of war.when if each flag were a wind mill there would be less fighting. if every person that died on their feet there this year was to stand up and work towards peace there would be an army. it is some of the sorriest dirt i ever have seen on my tv.
every body writes on walls but me

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I told the Jews my solution to their problem of wanting their own state ages ago.

They can have Wales.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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Fair & square!

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While her neighbours are blessed with, and prosper on the abundant natural oil from the ground, Israel thrives on hard-work and brain.

That's quite smart, isn't it!

'History is written by the winners and liers'~[Napoleon Bonaparte]

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every society in the world on a global scale or a class of kindergartens is all ways is at its best ostracizing or excluding one or two of its members. it is a pack mentality thing that gets the white wolves and ugly ducks killed.if all of the jewish left isreal tomorrow then during the celebration the remaining muslums would find some one else to exclude or get a hate-on for.probably a minority. not that i think the conflicts are all the fault of the muslums i don't. the jewish are just as insular. in fact if a society is measured by its exclusivity like country clubs then the one with the biggest walls wins.
every body writes on walls but me

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Is it in response to Iranian president's recent speech at U.N , in which he mentioned Iran has been as a

nation for thousands yrs while Israel came to exist just a few ten yrs ago ?

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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MisterLianghui Post time: 2012-10-4 07:09

I guess you're right, my friend.

The Iranian president is absolutely correct in saying that Persians Iranians have been in Middle East

for several thousand years [and thus mix-blooded with native Arabs and others], and so is the Jews.

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