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PLA units hone their battle skills [Copy link] 中文

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The People's Liberation Army conducted a series of military drills over the past few weeks to fine-tune its capabilities of amphibious operations, Chinese media have reported.

The Nanjing Military Command Area held a live-ammunition drill landing combat troops. Three landing ships carrying armored forces landed near the shore, releasing dozens of amphibian tanks, China Central Television reported.

The troops underwent a simulated attack using live gunfire starting about 3 kilometers from the shore. They used a smokescreen device to conceal their movements, and their assault was supported by remote artillery fire.

More than 10,000 soldiers and 1,000 armored vehicles took part in the drill, which lasted for more than 20 days in August. Landing craft and combat vessels from the navy, and the air force's ground attack aircraft, bombers and fighter jets, as well as attack helicopters from the ground force's aviation wing also played big roles in the drill. The troops faced unexpected difficulties, such as a typhoon, and examined and improved their joint operations, Nanfang Daily reported.

The Nanjing Military Command Area conducted a night drill involving artillery and anti-aircraft crews on Thursday and gained experience in exchanging information between the units, gathering intelligence and evaluating the enemy's damage and firepower coordination, according to, a website affiliated with People's Daily.

The Jinan Military Command Area conducted an amphibious landing drill involving a group of commandos. They trained in a variety of scenarios including infiltrating an uninhabited island, fighting in various settings on the island, clearing land mines and occupying an enemy command site.

The missile force of the Jinan Military Command Area launched 16 short-range missiles during the drill and destroyed all targets, according to Nanfang Daily.

The Guangzhou Military Command Area also conducted a string of drills.

A large-scale exercise was carried out along the costal areas to test the command area's capabilities in amphibious operations. Another drill was performed in a mountainous region involving self-propelled artillery vehicles, main battle tanks and attack helicopters, Nanfang Daily reported.

Drills in the Chengdu Military Command Area focused on improving anti-aircraft forces, the report said.

The PLA East China Sea Fleet staged a large-scale military exercise using live ammunition in the East China Sea, CCTV reported on Sunday.

All the main combat forces of the fleet participated in the drill, designed to strengthen the joint-operations capability. More than 40 missiles were launched during the drill, CCTV said.

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The best way to hone combat skills is to actually go into combat, something the PLA hasn't done for so many years! Experience is a great force multiplier.

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The troops faced unexpected difficulties, such as a typhoon, and examined and improved their joint operations, Nanfang Daily reported.

This made me chuckle. Calling a typhoon an "unexpected difficulty" feels like a bit of an understatement.

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Disband all militaries in every country and band all weapons.

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exportedkiwi Post time: 2012-9-18 10:31
The best way to hone combat skills is to actually go into combat, something the PLA hasn't done for  ...

A difficult proposition... "learning to fight without the real experience of fighting, etc."  It would be akin to a boxer preparing for a major to fight without fighting a real opponents, etc.  A tennis player taking lessons all day, every day, but no chance to play in the tournaments, etc.  This is the proviledge that US has built up; I mean really built up, etc.  

Thus, if I was a boxer's coach, I would be careful to choose my boxer's first fight carefully; and if I was tennis player's coach, I would choose the first tournament carefully as well.

Every time when I think about Chinese military, two things come to my mind.
1. What would the femous Chinese military general and strategist, Sun Tzu, would have done.
2. Although Chinese military come a long  way, there is no doubt that they were very, very late to the party.  I would imagine that patience must be measured in 10, 20 years or perhaps by generations, etc.

However, events in life do not follow a stragithtline, etc., so prepared or not, military's purpose is to fight and win.  In my opinion, China is in a very challenging chapter in historial and military terms and must think carefully and not get drawn into a fight, battle, a war, etc., unless it wants it and until it is absolutely ready unless defending homeland, etc.

First, China do not have the blue water navy it needs to operate in open waters, etc.  A serious problem...  China perhaps has 70-80 ships and Japan has about ~50 modern ships that can operate it any condition, etc.  Yes, China has 2-3m army, etc. but you don't want to bring war home, etc.

Thus, where can China get some battle experience?  I would have to say, it has to be with Japan.  It has to be an percise, well thoghtout, quick, and overwhelming victory.  It has to happen before US has a chance to get involved, etc.  

But what do I know, I am sure there are many competent Chinese people who can think this through, etc.   Whatever you do, you got a good thing going right now.  You don't want to miscalculate like Japan and get  balls get cut-off, etc.


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dusty1 Post time: 2012-12-13 13:35
Disband all militaries in every country and band all weapons.

still will have people take up clubs and stones to go plunder and rape~

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