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US 'will not take sides over islands'?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2012-9-18 21:13
"Greedy nations will ..."

Methinks your definition of "greedy nations" has a Marxist bent and is  ...
Mature countries do not threaten war over such trivial territories.

Hear hear! China is a young superpower that emerged after a long period of isolation. It is natural that it is eager to play a leading role in Asia, as well as in the world, but it has a lot to learn about diplomacy and crisis management (containment in particular). With being a superpower comes enormous responsibilities that will take time for China to master.
I have great admiration for China. This is a nation with a glorious history that found itself at the mercy of colonial powers, a horrific occupation, and then years of isolation. It is amazing what China has accomplished in so short a time. But if it were a sleeping dragon, it needs time to wake up. It has a long way to go. I would say at least a couple more decades.
One would hope that the days of rival-nation states heading for war after war are behind us in this global era. It's not just that we don't war- we absolutely cannot risk anything that hints of leading to nuclear war between major powers. Of course China is not going to risk this and I am confident that for all the hawkish talk, restraint will be the defacto action in years to come. If I'm wrong we'll have one hell of a mess on our hands.

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Kbay Post time: 2012-9-18 20:12
If you had bother doing a little bit of reading, you will have notes that it was China who more th ...
The Japs alone went ahead and torn up this 'island dispute resolution agreement'.
They are to be blamed for the consequences in this current flare up!

By the way, do you just reserve 'Japs' for Japanese, or are you equal in your racism? Do you call Italians 'Dagos,' Vietmanese 'Gooks,' French 'Frogs,' Chinese 'can't say that here…' and so on?
You're a class act. It's a shame moderators tolerate hate speech on this forum. You are part of this problem not its solution.

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fourtyfour Post time: 2012-9-18 23:31
Yes. Starting a war is so intelligent.

I bet you will still think it's a great idea when the US a ...

Is that the same US army that got 'nailed' in Korea and then Vietnam ..........  ?

And the same one that got pasted by insurgents in Iraq ..........   ?

Nah ..........  !

Their army do not have such a good record  ..........

The Yanks are now only good at doing their work from 25,000 feet in an airplane where they are mostly safe .........

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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The environment is everyone's highest concern.

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abramicus Post time: 2012-9-18 18:51
When did the Japanese begin to occupy Diaoyu islands?  1900? 1895?  We heard there were goats ther ...

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seneca Post time: 2012-9-18 05:13
"Greedy nations will ..."

Methinks your definition of "greedy nations" has a Marxist bent and is  ...

You're insane.
If any country in the world claimed ever claimed even one of the far flung and tiny Aleutian islands of
the state of Alaska the US would be all over them like stink on chit.
The same goes for the worthless Falkland Islands that England went to war over a few decades back.
You might want to take you head out of your ass before typing from now on.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Kbay Post time: 2012-9-19 16:54
Japs have no say in the direction of their foreign policy!
They are but enslaved monkeys with serv ...

We yanks have no say in anything too I am afraid.  AIPAC's my handler you see.

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