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US 'will not take sides over islands'?   [Copy link] 中文

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WhiteBear Post time: 2012-9-18 13:06
war is a business

and both sides have no business in that war

indeed! war is a bussiness.
restraining China is the biggest bussiness to US.  so, do you think US will do real efforts to ease the escalating tension between China and Japan?

Russia is wholly different!!
years ago, Russian stealth fighters can blatantly flew over Japanses cruises without being detected. Japan could only protest over that incident.
even today, Chinese jets don't have the bravery to fly over the exclusive sea zone rather than a moving Japanses cruises.

issues between Russia and Japan are totally different from the one between China and Japan.

so, a war between China and Japan can not be judged from Russia and Japan's previous experiences.

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US says one thing and mean another.  Ishihara announced his intention of buying Diaoyu while at the neo-conservative Heritage Foundation in the US.  He was likely given support and encouragement by this right wing organization.

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None of US business, nothing to do with u!

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To the Japanese, the Chinese and Koreans are the whales and dolphins out of which they will make their sashimi for dinner.

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There is always a chance for war. However, deterrence is great and makes it unlikely. A seizure by military means of disputed land by China has a high probability of success but with a very high price tag for all parties, strategically and economically (little geographical gain for tremendous political expenditure and risk).
Any attempt by Japan to occupy the islands in my mind guarantees a military response by China that would result in the repulsion of Japanese forces, and firm establishment of a Chinese base. And it would in my view be recognized by the world as justified. Either way, both scenarios would be alarming precedents, as those who know history are well aware.
An attack on Japan proper by China? The chances for that are extremely remote, at least in this epoch. The US would have to step aside; that too is extremely remote. A war against Japan and the U.S.? Again, extremely remote. China has potentially everything to lose and little to gain from such a war.
Nuclear war? MAD still stands. It's a moot speculation in terms of the world as we know it.

With all this talk about I'd just like to say that the last time I checked, war is something that nearly everyone will only concede to if they see it as inevitable. The trick of diplomacy is bring with you a box of options that shows it is not. World players like the U.S. in their invasion of Iraq have damaged nations' willingness to view war as only a last resort and there is shift toward regarding preemptive actions as strategically sound. Such actions have greatly diminished the Superpower's clout as a skillful negotiator.
China's defense position has been made very clear and open. Now it's time to get back to the difficult but honorable work of diplomacy.

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baofeng Post time: 2012-9-18 13:25
When did the US say that?

The Diaoyus are included in the Japan-US military alliance, is what t ...
Panetta repeated that the US, as a matter of policy, does not take a position on the islands

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WhiteBear Post time: 2012-9-18 11:40
Is the "american name" official for all over the World?  
that is something quite new...

good one   

Yes it seem so , unless Amerikkkkkkkkka officaly name islands nobody can have them

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