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第190课 不要生我的气 [Copy link] 中文

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有Spring同学提问,“便饭”用英语如何说:frugal lunch/frugal dinner.
We had a frugal lunch. 我们中午吃了一顿便饭。

frugal adj.节省的, 节俭的, 量少而且便宜的
She lived a careful and frugal life. 她过着谨慎、节俭的生活。
We call for frugal lives. 我们提倡俭朴的生活。
She is a frugal housewife. 她勤俭持家。
We’re planning a frugal Christmas. 我们正计划过一个花钱少的圣诞节。

下面,来到我们今天的正课,Jenny的男朋友最近惹怒了Jenny, 于是天天打电话说着同一句话:Oh, sweetie, please, don’t be mad at me. 啊,甜心,不要生我的气嘛。现在我们就主要讲讲be/become mad at somebody/something/doing something: 对某人/或者某事生气。
Her boyfriend is very mad at her because she’s always late for their dates. 她的男友很生她的气,因为约会她总是迟到。
Jeff became so mad at Mike that he threw a punch at him. 杰夫对迈克大为发怒,向他一拳揍去。
He was mad at missing his train. 他为没赶上火车而恼火。
He was mad at being waked up so early. 他因为那样早被叫醒而生气。

Be mad about something: 对某事很狂热, 狂热迷恋
They are mad about football. 他们对足球很狂热。

I’m mad at my husband insisting on a frugal life even after we become rich. (我很生我丈夫的气,我们富有之后,他还是坚持过着节俭的日子。)


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