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第49课 偷偷摸摸做某事 [Copy link] 中文

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I’m sorry something urgent came up, and I’ve got to leave now. 实在对不起,发生了点紧急事情,我得赶快走了。

Something unexpected came up, I lost my job. 发生了一些不可预料的事,我丢了工作。

We finally come up with a fantastic idea that would beat our competitors. 我们终于想出一个奇妙的点子来击败我们的竞争对手。

She comes up with some solutions.  她想出了一些解决方案。


He sneaked away in the middle of the meeting. 他在会议中间悄悄离开了。

He was caught sneaking an apple from a shop. 他在商店里偷苹果时被抓住了。

She tells us she quits smoking, but I know she still sneaks occasionally. 她告诉我们她戒烟了,但我知道她还在偶尔偷偷抽上一两根。

I sometimes sneak into the class, and observe the teacher. 我有时会偷偷进入教室去听课。


I have a sneaky respect towards my English teacher. 我私下里对我的英语老师怀有敬意。

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Something special comes up, I want to do a part-time job to sell somethings.

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