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[Recipes]: expat cuisine in China - recipes by White Bear   [Copy link] 中文

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I decided to share with You some simple recipes, that bases on chinese cuisine, but are capable for (I believe) average expat, who have at list very basic cooking skills.

Taste also is "fited" for non-chinese, by small variations in procesing, use of condiments and spices.

I hope,that it is also "eadible" for Chinese, so can be served for anybody.
Some dishes I already tested on my Chinese friends, and They are stil alive...
So, this is some kind of "fusion" cuisine :)

Every dish will be posted in separate post, with as many pictures ("step by step") as possible.

I will also try to put some comments, explaining "what is going on".


So - first one.

Dish, that is also common in the "west", but here - in Chinese style :)

Fried eggs

preparation time: 1 -3 minutes

cooking time: 3-5 minutes

skill: basic


- chopper or knife with wide blade

- chopping board

- pan or wok

- spatula


- eggs (forfull breakfast I usually use 3). You can buy it in many "cornershops" or on "wet markets", 0,5-2 RMB/pc, depending on weight and "quality of shop"

- chinese garlic. Smaller then european, almost the same taste (little stronger maybe), easy to handle. Available in department stores, wet markets etc. Price per one piece much less then 1 RMB (buying by weight).

- green onions. Available in every "green market". Very, very cheap... Well below 0,5 RMB for quantity that we want to use for one person (as on picture).

- oil (for frying). I use peanut oil, because I like it's delicate taste, but any is suitable for this dish.

- light soysauce. Replaces the salt, and gives special taste, that differs this dish (along with garlic) from western cuisine. Buy best quality available - this matters. Price - few RMB per bottle, that lasts for about month when using as as pice and condiment.


- crush the garlic with chopper, or wide-blade knife, as seen on pictures

after that,peel is easy to be removed

- chopp thegarlic. Using chopper or wide-blade knife, when tip of the blade rests on theboard. After each "chop" blade moves almost itself for few mm, and byrepeating that operation soon we have nice chopper garlic ready.

- chopp the green onions. The same way like garlic, in equal pieces.

- wash the eggs (important!) under the warm water just before procesing. If You do it earlier - egg will loose natural protection aginst infections and becomes "bactery processor in Your fridge".

- break-int he eggs into a  small bowl. Helps to add alll egs on the pan in the same time, and we can check if eggs are "healthy looking".

- heat the pan (low heat), add some oil, and garlic, let it fry for 0,5-1 minute, to transfer taste into the oil, but avoid completelly browning. Golden color is the signal to remove it on the plate.

- fry the eggs, by simply putting it into the pan, and fry any way You like. For liquid yolks - no more then 2 minutes, for harder - up to 3 or 4 minutes

- when frying eggs - add previously removed garlic. Now it can transfer its taste to the eggs

- when eggs are ready - put it on the serving plate (I usually use the same that for garlic), and decorate with green onions

- add some good quality light soy sauce

- and enjoy Your breakfast

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(hot) Fish on theBed.

Our fishwill just get hot, waiting for us on the warm bed...
Seems good? Yes, tastes too. And is very easy.

preparation time:
- fish about 5 minutes plus overnight rest in fridge
- cooking day – 10-15 minutes
- cooking time: 15-20 minutes
- level: easy

- fish. In Chinese recipes we usually see all fish, but gutted. In this recipeI used chunk of quite big fish, about 200-250 g. I like using big fish, becausebones are easy to remove – there is very small risk of choking by fishbone.Cost – about 5 RMB for good quality piece of fish. Available in “wet markets”,and department stores (I prefer wet-markets, but it is always up to You).
- green peppers. Little spicy, middle size, but You can use as well red ones,and not spicy at all – as You wish. Available on green-markets and wet-markets,very cheap. Shown quantity costs no more that 2 RMB.
- red peppers. Small red peppers are usually spicy, so are “mine” J. Use as many You like, if You likevery spicy - then 5+, if more delicate – try begin from one. Not as cheap asbigger cousins, but still used quantity matches level of about 1 RMB.
- ginger. Use always fresh, juicy one. Available in every green-market. For all“root” (this is not a root) about 5 RMB, chunk shown on picture is maybe 1/10of “root”.
- garlic. Chinese one. Described before.
- green onion. Described before.
- “five tastes spice” (Wu Xiang Fen). Common spice, available in manycorner-stores, and markets off course. Cost – few RMB. You can use any other upto Your taste.


fish should be simply washed, and then spiced by minced ginger and WuXiagFen
one night in fridge will allow tastes to mix and immerse into the fish

- prepare “bed of ginger”

scrape-out ginger peel

cut ginger in 2-3 mm thick slices

cut slices into “matches”

crush and chop garlic, add to ginger and put aside

- prepare green peppers

cut-out ends

remove seeds

chop diagonally

-  chop red peppers into small pieces,with seeds, remove only green ends

- chop green onions, diagonally, in small and equal pieces

- heat wok (very hot), add some oil, and fry the fish 10-15 seconds on bothsides

- remove fish

- set medium heat
- add chopped ginger and garlic

- put fish on “bed” of ginger and garlic

- on both sides add green pepper, and red one – on the very top

- add ¼ glass of water

- cover and let it steam for about 10 – 15 minutes, allowing to evaporate allthe water, and adding a bit if necessary if evaporate too soon.

- serve with green onions, and a bit of oyster sauce or light soy sauce

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Look so yummy, we do expect more recipes and perfect from you.

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Even simple ingredients can make nice dish.  Well done, master chef. {:soso_e142:}

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{:soso_e124:} wow, you cook almost as well as me
Life is what you make of it

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Wow, amazing, I want to have a try. When you are cooking, how could still have time to take shots, very nice photos.

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DSseeing Post time: 2012-9-3 08:57
wow, you cook almost as well as me

I'm learning Chinese way... but when I haven't got Chinese tutor in that field - it is still more like "inspired by Chinese cuisine" :) "

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