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Chinese journalist confronted US spokeperson on Diaoyu Islands dispute [Copy link] 中文

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US claims it has no position on Diaoyu islands(cntv)

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland earlier used the Japanese word "Senkakus" in referring to the Diaoyu islands. But she says the US has not taken a position in the dispute. She re-affirmed the stance during a daily briefing after being repeatedly questioned on the subject.

Already heightened tensions between China and Japan over the islands have flared in recent days. On Aug. 15, 14 Chinese nationals were detained by Japan after landing on the Diaoyu Islands to claim China’s sovereignty.

China says this action was illegal. It maintains that the Islands have been inherent Chinese territory since ancient times. It has urged Japan to refrain from actions that might violate China’s territorial sovereignty and use dialogue and negotiation to solve the ongoing dispute.

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Clearly, Nuland has difficulty navigating between Diaoyu and Senkaku, and in fact, the distance between the two is much narrower than between Scylla and Charybdis - it does not exist.  She is not to be faulted for her ambiguity.  There is really no answer apart from war.

Diaoyu is Senkaku and Senkaku is Diaoyu, and both by historical evidence, clearly belonged to China's sovereignty.  The inclusion of Diaoyu/Senkaku under the Joint Defense Treaty was probably intended to discourage Chinese aggression, but it actually encouraged Japanese aggression instead, such as publicly selling Diaoyu to the mayor of Tokyo, arresting Chinese fishermen, and now, legalizing the arrest of any Chinese fishermen by the Japanese Coast Guard, which instantly translates to exercise of full legal jurisdiction without need for any sentencing.  Thus, the remaining space for peaceful resolution of the Diaoyu dispute has all but vanished.

All that remains is who will fire the first shot, when it will be done, where, by whom, on whom, on what pretext, and by what means.   There is no going back for both Japan and China.  If the right-wing Japanese Nazi's have succeeded in provoking a war with China, dragging America with them as their human shield, it does not mean that they have succeeded in taking over Diaoyutai.

As the Chinese saying goes, with every danger comes opportunity, and in this grave danger of triggering WWIII, is hidden the golden opportunity for a grand reunification of the Mainland and Taiwan.

President Ma Yingjeou had realized in the past two days and said that a final resolution of the Diaoyutai dispute cannot be postponed any longer.  This statement was not carried by most Taiwanese, Chinese or western media, because all the media seems interested only in seeing a prolongation of the standoff between China and Japan, dragging in the USA as Japan's human shield.  But the ONLY solution to the Diaoyutai dispute is Taiwan's entry into the military conflict as the front line of the Chinese nation, because by virtue of the terms of surrender of Japan, the Diaoyutai islands should be under Chinese sovereignty, and its administration should have reverted to the Republic of China in 1971, rather than transferred without any historical basis, to Japan.

The solution is crystal clear.  Taiwan will challenge Japan's so-called "administrative control" of Diaoyutai by sending in its fishermen guarded by its Coast Guard first, and then its naval warships next when as expected, the Coast Guard will be repelled by the Japanese so-called "Self-Defense/Offense Force".   Next, China will send in its reinforcements directly to Taiwan, change their flag from the Five-Star Flag to the ROC flag and join the ROC in fighting the Japanese in an all out war to retake Diaoyutai.  With Taiwan as the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the entire Chinese people, there is no chance Japan can grab on to Diaoyutai, with or without its Joint Defense Treaty.  And, there is no chance the US will attack Taiwan, much as there is zero chance it will attack South Korea over Dokdo island.

The solution is clear and easy.  Sun Yatsen said it before about the Xin Hai Revolution of 1910.  Doing is easy, but knowing how to do it is hard.  Time for Ma to show that he is truly the elected president of the Republic of China and lead the fight to its victory and peaceful reunification with full equality and partnership of the two sides of the strait.  Yes, President Ma, the time has come.  And it is time to leave your mark on China's history, now or nevermore.

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It is good to speak english for chinese.


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Two pathetic bunches of pencil dicks fighting over some useless rocks.

You're on your own boys - the rest of the world laughs at your ridiculous posturing, don't you realise?

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Excellent post, Abramicus!

It has reduced the resident China bashers to utter silence and znakie  ...


Taking on Japan militarily is a very grave and serious matter, not just to the nationalist patriots defending China's sovereign territory, but also to the Japanese collaborators left behind from the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, who aspire to obtaining political positions and economic favors under a future Japanese dictatorship.

War is not a picnic.

In order to unite the strength of the people into one effective and undivided fighting force, no war of major importance can be waged, without the interposition of martial law which immediately protects the country from internal sabotage and external invasion, and in a timely, orderly and effective manner.

Just as war is not to be waged lightly, unless there is no peaceful alternative to securing the right of one's people to life and liberty, so too martial law is not to be imposed lightly, unless war is unavoidable and imminent.

Stockpiling of food, medicines, clothing, manufacturing raw materials, ammunition, weapons and transport equipment, streamlining of lines of command and communication to avoid sabotage and interference by enemy forces and saboteurs, and finally, coordination with allies on the diplomatic front with the utmost secrecy, all ensure victory before the first shot is fired.

There is no doubt that Japan is doing all of that right now.

As the lead player in China's defense of its sovereignty, the Republic of China should be doing all of this right now.  The South Koreans, having been at war with the North, are used to such preparations, and thus could challenge the Japanese Nazi's over Dokdo island without any hesitation.  And Mainland China, acting as the strategic rear of Taiwan, should be preparing and contacting Taiwan's authorities to ensure continuity of supplies and reinforcements of men and materiel.  

Remember, this is a war single-handedly wished by the Japanese Nazi's upon themselves, after China and Taiwan have forgiven them of their bloody massacre of some 35 million innocent Chinese men, women and children from 1937 to 1945, by reneging on Japan's terms of surrender in WWII, and insisting on stealing Chinese sovereign territory all over again, using the Mutual Defense Treaty as its shield.  It will be no shield for Japan, but China should not waste its breath trying to convince Japan of this fact.  It should take advantage of Japan's delusions of empire to deliver it the fate it was spared but now wishes on itself by Divine Providence and justice.

Never fear about the economic consequences of war.  America emerged victorious and even richer than before after WWII, having banished the Great Depression by its phenomenal war time productivity.  Employment will jump to 99% of the work force.  The biggest losers were the provocateurs, Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, not their vanquishers.

But as in WWII, China should now prepare the new version of the Potsdam Proclamation or Cairo Declaration, because the cost of this war, in lives and in wealth, must be borne by the Japanese Nazi's, not by the Chinese or Taiwanese people.  Learning from the art of war of Rome can be enlightening.  Rome always demands either unconditional surrender or total destruction of its enemies.  There can be no intermediate outcome, even if the cause of skirmish is something as tiny as Diaoyutai or Sicily.  Modern China is now the new Rome of Asia, and Japan, in persisting in attacking Chinese territories, will be its modern Carthage.

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I think the US should call those islands neither Diaoyu nor Senkaku. Just call it "Sh1trocks".
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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