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第34课 我成功了 [Copy link] 中文

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我们经常会谈到这类话题:如赴约,开会,上课等,那么这类动作可以用一个动词来表示:make, 听听下面的例句:

Hi, Roger, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make our appointment tomorrow morning, may we cancel it. 嘿,罗杰,我恐怕明天早上赴不了我们的约会了,能取消吗?

Susan didn’t make the class today, what’s wrong with her? 苏姗今天没来上课,她怎么了?

All the staff made the meeting on time, which is so unusual. 所有的员工都准时到会,太不寻常了。

Do you think you can make our coffee date tonight? 你觉得你可以赴今晚的咖啡约会吗?

I have to make a blind date this weekend, I really hate blind dates, I do. 这个周末要去相亲,我真的不喜欢相亲,真的。

下面,讲一个很简单的句子:I made it! 意思是“我做到了”,“我成功了”,这个“it”可以是任何你做到了的事情,或都成功了的事情:

It took me five years to accomplish my dream, I made it! 我花了5年时间实现自己的梦想,我成功了!

I took all the troubles to find you, I made it! 我费了好大的劲儿找到你,我成功了!

This is a rather challenging task, but you made it! 这是一项很有挑战性的任务,但你成功了!

I doubt you’re capable of making it. 我怀疑你的能力是否会办得到。

No matter how hard the test is, I’m sure you’ll make it. 不管这个考试多难,我相信你能通过它。

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