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China Bashing in American media [Copy link] 中文

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It's endless. 80% of my fellow Americans are brainwashed by our propaganda machine, and the other 20% have lost hope that we might ever hear the truth again. When it comes to politics, our news is always horribly slanted. I wouldn't mind so much, except that our self-righteous leaders have always claimed that we have a free-press, and they tell us that an informed society is a requirement of democracy. Our so-called democracy is obviously worthless when our leaders engineer endless streams of fake news.

Actually, the reason I opened this thread is to post what CNN deletes on their own forums. Yeah, that's right, half of everything I post on CNN forums gets deleted. When I get deleted, I know I'm right on target. So why throw away the truth, I'd rather repost it where American censors can't reach.

----Deleted from CNN----

The author is a drone from Project 2049, a facility owned by our ministry of propaganda. She'd be fired if she told the truth, that's no exaggeration. This anti-China slant extends to CNN as well. If our media was not controlled by our propaganda apparatus, we wouldn’t have to listen to this constant rhetoric, and our fellow American’s wouldn’t be so brainwashed.

You can trust American news to tell stories which lead to hate and conflict; that feeds the power of our regime and makes wars easy to start whenever our leaders find it convenient. The kings in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia can censor and oppress their people in ways that make China look like a model society, our press isn’t authorized to report on that because those are our puppet kings. Our fake democracies can rig elections all they want too, you can’t cheat an election in Afghanistan, Latvia, Honduras, etc. without approval from the CIA, but our press isn’t allowed to talk about that.

I’m so sick of the constant China bashing our propagandists use to brainwash our own people. When will we hear about the caste-system or child prostitution in India? Oh, I forgot, we prop up India to harass China, got it. But what about the belligerence of communist Vietnam and corrupt Philippines? Oh yeah, they can send warships into disputed waters as long as hyper-aggressive America gets another chance to point the finger at peaceful China.

I forgive the ignorant citizens who learn about China by reading pro-American news. The truth can be had by finding out for yourself. China is an amazing place, a visit will open your eyes, help you grow, and help you realize that our American press is nothing but a propaganda weapon aimed at our own people.

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This post was edited by Morgezuma at 2012-8-4 11:18

So, back on the CNN forum, I found that someone posted something I'd like to reply to. Unfortunately, I can't. His post is anti-China, so it can stay, my post replies to his, but my post is censored.

His post:
El Filipino

Someone in the secret chamber of the Chinese capital is dreaming of world dominion. Its the lust for power and pride that closed his heart to the ideals of democracy, freedom, human rights, and justice. He now has the means to grab the world and like Hitler, he may no longer has the patience to wait for more time. A closed mind can only mean that armed conflict may be inevitable, its only a question of when.

We the Filipinos are at the front line of this conflict. We are the first line of defense of the free world. In the past wars and even today, we have demonstrated our courage to answer the call. We need weapons, please support us. It is wrong to brand the United States as the one behind the conflict to assert their hegemony in the area. We and Vietnam are the ones who called for the U.S., not the other way around. And to the U.S., I would like to say that no matter how bad your reputation is in some of your past foreign policies or interventions, you are still the champion of democracy. No other country comes close to what you have done in defense of freedom in history. Yes you have been bad. But other countries have also been bad. But you are the remaining beacon of hope in this terrible time. I urge you to wake up, look to God and help save the day. We Fillipinos will fight to the end, BECAUSE THEY MAY TAKE AWAY OUR LIVES, BUT THEY CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY OUR ISLANDS...I mean OUR FREEDOM!

My Post(Censored on CNN):
El Filipino, you have been misled. Sorry about that. It's my govt's fault, we have turned your country into one of our puppet states. We couldn't care less about you and we will support your claim on islands only as long as suits our own purposes. You didn't realize that?

Furthermore, your failed state is an embarrassment to the concept of democracy.

Finally, before the CCP came into power China, like the Philippines, was exploited by foreign powers. You praise our fake democracy (did you really think the people rule the USA?), but half the world lives in fear because of us. In contrast, a large slice of the world enjoys peace because China is non-aggressive.

China asks for a diplomatic solution while Vietnam and Philippines suck up to a foreign expansionist empire and keep sending military assets into the epicenter of dispute, so then, who is moderate and who is looking for trouble?

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