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find my true love In Jusus. [Copy link] 中文

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oh, I have made such a mistake.

Thank you, sammyd.
Thank you for pointing out my mistakes, It is JESUS.
I will never make such a spell mistake again,
Sometimes I feel I am such a little girl knowing nothing,full of all kinds of questions,making so many mistakes.
But I know God ,my father is loving us all the time,perhaps I couldn't write very well or I couldn't speak fluently, but HE knows his daughter has an honest hear to love him.His daughter put her life,everything into his hand.
Sammyd,I don't want argue with you. there is no meaning to argue, I 'd love to smile to  you,and I know God will love you all the time just like love all the people who  love HIM.

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To Jetschin

Hope to communicate with you.
Help me.

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Well , as prophecy says.....

2 Timothy 3:1 describes these times well. The thread of this forum shows it up perfectly. Those castigating religions do so correctly. ALL religions come from MEN. NOT Jehovah God.  Consider the truth of how Money is spent. The hypocrisy, the lies, the beliefs in 'theology'. The trinity? Invented by the Catholic church in the 11th century. It is nowhere in the Bible. Worship Jesus? HE TOLD US TO WORSHIP HIS FATHER.
Christian means 'FOOTSTEP FOLLOWER OF CHRIST'. Whom did Christ Worship?  Some will tell you, 'Pray for salvation and you will be saved!'. The Bible says 'He that Endures to the end will be saved...'. Who do you believe?

Remember that the Pharisees and Saducees of his day have been transformed to the 'Popes, Bishops and Pastors' of today. Just because men are evil and twist Gods Word you cannot blame Jehovah. In all things carefully study and meditate on his word. If any seek wisdom in this matter let them ask for it (James1:5).

Jehovah does NOT want your money. All things belong to him. Anyone who tries to 'sell'  you salvation is at best mistaken, at worst a very evil person. Pray for guidance, and mean it, and Jehovah will answer your prayers.

Most of all remember, Gods Word, not mans. 'By their fruit you will know them...', is very, very true.  I came to a study of the Bible as a very cynical man, one who knew that 'Religion' had been responsible for much evil. It soon became apparent that 'Religion' has NOTHING to do with Jehovah God. If anyone would like a scriptural debate please email me.

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i am a christian, and proud of.

i emphasize it even in my resume.

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To err is human ......

To make mistakes (even spelling mistakes) is OK for we are all, at best, imperfect creatures. I think it takes great courage and humility to admit one's mistakes, especially in an open forum like this online community. And on humility, may I also add that if you are on bended knees, you will not slide. I thank Angela for taking the lead unashamedly here and this is very encouraging to all. Learning and pratising a foreign language is not easy. The wonderful thing is that many are making great efforts in doing so and an equally many (like sammyd for example) are lending a helping hand!

God is good. He takes us in even with all our blemishes, mistakes, faults and every wrong thing. The reality is that none of us are good and even from the onset at birth, we are more inclined towards doing things not right. But because He is good and He is gracious, He can restores us back to Him.

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I disagree


      I like you very much.  I think your VERY polite and intelligent.  I like your responses and respect you as a admirable person.  I do have to discuss with you my disagreement.
      If you look at my first post about how we're all born bad and we shouldn't feel ashamed.  Your thinking exactly as I said religion operates.  We are not BAD and we do not mostly do bad.  Optimism is the key to appreciating life.   Have you ever read "ower of positive thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale?  Its about the fact that we are all winners.
     All of us alive today are winners and do good not bad.  We are from parents who lived through hard times and met each other fell in love and had us.  We are the sperm that swam the fastest to the egg.  We are the babies that came out to be successful humans.  Negative thinking and nonesence about us being born bad and needing religion is for the birds.  I wish you a positive successful life.  Its easy to be negative.  We control our lives and we choose to do good.  Good luck all.

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... continuing the discussion

Hi sammyd,

Thank you for your kind thoughts, .... oops, I think you have spelled my name incorrectly. It is jetschin, chin being my last name. But it us alright, we will gladly move on and not get bog down by majoring in the minor.

I am happy to note that you are an optimist like Norman Vincent Peale. I have had the chance to read only extracts of his book and I admire his firesight and wisdom that he has shared in his book. I also have respect for the late Ronald Reagan, the eternal optimist. Like what Nancy (his beloved wife of many years) has always said, Reagan is one person who always see a half-filled glass as 'half-full' and not 'half-empty'. Clearly, you also belong to the former group! Congratulations! You got a real head start in life!

I agree with your analogy about the winning sperm. Come to think of it, all of us here are actually born-winners. One sperm out of the many thousands swimming towards the egg and only one can successfully penetrate the egg! Yes, we are all winners and thus we need not wallow ourselves in continual despair over setbacks and the like.

Having said that, however, I must admit that (and I speak for myself) even then, my confidence is in the God who made me, my Maker who has enabled me to be the winning sperm .... My comfort is in the God who is the anchor of my life and one day, the finisher of my life too. He is all-knowing, He is sovereign and yet,  He even cares about seemingly little things like food for the birds in the air! Trials and tribulations will come by in this life. Storms of life will ravage us much akin to the lonely ship berthed in the open sea fighting the strong winds and horrendous waves. But because He is  the anchor of my life, I will find refuge in Him and by His grace, I will be able to plough through. Maybe, much beaten down and obviously, very tired as well. But I, with Him as my anchor again, should then be better prepared to weather the next calamity of life.

I agree with you about our noble intention to always do good (in spite of our in-born inclination to do the opposite).  We all aspire to do just that unto one another. Nevertheless, at best, our good works may only be good based on our own yardstick.

Thank you once again, sammyd. I wish you all the best in your quest to make this community and this world a better place for all. May God bless you, always! Cheers!

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