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Just a thought

I  am sorry people got so mad at what I said.  Its very funny that someone would say Go to Hell and shut up! Then close their post with God is my peacemaker.  If God is your peacemaker then the batteries must be dead because those are mean words you said.  Anyway I'll "take it like a grain of salt" as the ole book says.  I just want to share a thought I had today.
     I quit smoking a few months ago.  I now have won the battle and no longer want to smoke at all.  I realized something VERY ironic about it though.   Before I smoked my life and temper was normal.  I didn't feel like I needed anything and I really didn't feel like I was missing anything.  Well I start smoking and all the sudden my body tells me I need to smoke to get a high or feel good.  I went from normal to smoking...down...then back to normal after smoking.  What is my point?  I think that my whole body hurt and told me I needed smoking to be normal but actually it was a crazy cycle I was in.  I didn't need cigarrettes before I smoke and all the sudden my body told me I can't be normal without it!  The same is true for religion.
      You walk into a church one day and they tell you your missing something.  The preacher says that your life was lacking Jesus or Abagoola or whatever.  Then they put a seed of guilt into your soul to ensure you return.  They created the idea of "Sin".  Before I walked into the church everything was fine I did nothing wrong.  All the sudden I realized that I have "Sinned".  In case you don't feel bad and have been a good guy they still keep your business by saying that Adam has sinned for me! Yes you good guys are sinners too because some dude got tempted by a women (Which they show as a weaker race-the "Rib of a man") and now I have to pay money to the church so the preacher can get blow jobs from little boys and pay for his expensive car and house.  Don't be stupid guys!  Religion is a business!  Just try it for yourselves!  Go to a church and walk up to the preacher and tell him that you want to join his church, bring all your friends but you believe that God told you that you should NEVER donate any money.  Fill a few seats up and once they realize after a while that your not a paying customer you will be pressured and guilted into thinking your not a good person.  
     Its funny because they tell you that they want you to be like sheep (Stupid and thoughtless) and flow the sheapard.   Do I hate God?  Am I a bad person?  I can tell you that prayer is a relaxing experience.  If you do not believe there is something out there that is greater than yourself you will self-destruct.  That's only my opinion and disagreements are welcomed.  I believe in goodness.  I think that doing the right thing is not something that is a option.  I think that you have to love and love hard.  I believe that sharing and goodness are things that benefit the giver more than the reciever and its a priveledge for me to do nice things and a must in my life to do what is right.  I am just trying to seperate being a good person and religion.  I am really surprised some people have defended me and understand my point.  You can be a great person, do the right thing and not have to believe in religion.
       Take two people as an example.  Here is Joe.  He is a Jerk!  He goes to church on Sundays.  He sins but drinks the grape juice and eats the cracker and loves communion.  He goes and sheepishly sings along with everyone and reads his bible but doesn't really do anything kind for anyone.  Then we have mother teresa.  She said in her autobiography that she doubts her religion (The catholic church admitted to change her autobiography and erase that from it).  She does good things like spending time with people who need her and loves everyone.  A reporter asked her if she thought she was a saint and she said yes.  She then pointed to his chest and said "So are you".  Do you see the message in that? She didn't ask do you drink your grape juice and go to confession and tell the dude you sinned.  She didn't ask how much money he gave for the pastor's bently fund.  She just realized the power of one individual person and the potential goodness inside of him.  We are all going to the same place when we die.  There is no fear inside of me that i'm going the wrong thing.  Love people, treat them nice, when deciding what to do in your life-ALWAYS do the right thing!  The catholic priest Norman Vincent Peale said "You can't go wrong doing what's right." Its that simple.  You can skip the church and religion bit and go straight to DOING good things.  Don't like what i'm saying? Skip my posts :)

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my two cents ....

Thank you, Sammyd for your sharing.  I was sipping coffee @ Starbucks and pondering over your interesting thoughts. I think it was Howard Shultz, the founder of Starbucks who said that the vision of his company is to build trust, build hope and build community. I am amazed at the magnaminity of their vision and fellow friends, Starbucks merely serves coffee! Likewise, we should all do the same here. Let us build trust, build hope and build community in this forum. There is enough tearing down of one another in the world and the least we could do is to minimize the same. Let us offer one another dignity and decorum in such an open forum. Nevertheless, I think the intent of everyone's submission is to help explain, clarify and sometimes in our best attempts to do so, our emotions get the better of us and thus the inadvertent spillage of some not so pleasant expletives. We also need to remember some are beginners in the English language and their choice of words may not be plentiful and thus let us be gracious to one another.

I find your discourse on cigarettes, religion and business quite a revealation. I respect your opinions although I do not subscribe to them. The wonderful thing about such a forum is that it is alright to agree to disagree.

In a church family, there are ones who have been called into full-time ministry. They have sacrificed what would have been a good career in the secular world to serve God and His people. If the church family is not able to look into their well-being, more of needs rather than wants, what will they subsist on? And also simply because we believe that all that
we have comes from God (and this includes our ability to earn our living) and we are merely giving back a portion of what rightfully belongs to Him. At the end of our sojourn on earth, just like we have come with nothing, we will also leave with nothing. Unilke a U-Haul truck where we can lug all of our possessions to our new home in another place, our funeral hearse has no provision for a U-Haul truck! While not denying the wrong doings of some preachers, they have often become targets of criticisms. He has to speak the truth in love and often, truth hurts. In the community that I come from, the full-time workers live frugally and expensive cars and houses are a misnomer!

There a number of good virtues you have also shared although I would view it somewhat differently. Amongst them,

- prayer is a relaxing experiece. For us, prayers is more than that; it is experiencing God.
- always do the right thing. Because no one is good in the eyes of God (every person is capable of doing wrong thing), we strive to do what God says is right and not what we think is right.
- there is no fear inside of me that I'm doing the wrong thing. We fear God, our Maker, also the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (end) of our life.

I also like your sharing about Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa is a shining example of love of God transformed into love for one's neighbour. In a speech at the United Nations (Sept. 3, 1994), she said, "When we die, we will come face to face with God .... my prayers is that you may have the faith to see and love God ...".

Thank you Sammyd once again and much appreciation for lending me your ears, fellow forum members.



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You had a Intelligent reply


    Thank you for your kind reply.  That was by far the most respectful and intelligent reply i've ever heard.  Although I see most religious people as weak and ignorant, I REALLY believe in my heart your an intelligent person and you were speaking from your heart.  You seem to be a real kind and honest person.  I hope you and everyone else on this post success in their persuit of love, liberty, and happiness.  I won't forget your reply! You have earned 100% of my respect.  I don't mean to anger anyone by my opinions.  I can honestly say I agree with all of your post except one thing.  Giving money to God.  The money goes into someone's pocket.  It does not reach God.  It has potential for abuse.  I have grown up in a Catholic school enviroment with all Catholic friends and have seen the abuse my entire life.  Lets like create a dream that people will use money for what they need.  I 100% believe that SOME people believe they are serving God and do not abuse their power and use money for their needs.  They are rare and few in my opinion.  Another problem is, just because you have a good priest (rare instance that he's honest) doesn't mean you have a good church.  Its like having a good employee but the boss is crooked.  These churches are HUGE in America.  They are worth millions of dollars.  The church uses most of the money for themselves and give a VERY small amount to helping people.  
     I own a furniture store and see this every day.  I furnish a lot of churches and know at least 10 owners of churches.  They act fake in front of people but trust me not one of them is kind hearted.  They all steal! They are all rich as hell!  I have delievered my furniture to homes worth over 1 million dollars and the church owners own these homes.  There are even families on T.V. that act soooooo nice but actually they are rich rich rich with stupid people's money who give the money thinking its going to God but it goes to the pastor.
     Another instance a church memeber came into my store and I told him "Oh! I know the owner of your church" The bastard is rich as hell he really is!  I didn't tell him that but he then told me "Actually God owns the church"  Sure God owns the church but the pastor keeps all the money! Come on! Don't be stupid guys!  These people are getting rich off  your stupidity.  Look at benny hin.  He is a huge pastor on T.V.  He pays 50 million dollars in taxes every year to the government for his personal income and must keep at least 65 million dollars for himself.  
        Last thing. There is no reason to go and be good on Sunday in a church or "THe house of God".  You can be a good person everyday.  Giving money to the church and going to "confesssion" doesn't remove your sins.  We are all responsible for what we have done and are doing.  Think about that.  The only way to prevent that is to not do it.  Again, great reply you have my 100% respect.  Your a rare person who is doing the right thing....I just feel it in my heart.

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Thanks, Sammyd

Thank you for your very kind compliments. It is an honour to be used as an instrument of peace. I'm thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to share the little that I know with you and all others. May He gets all the glory all the time.

I hope that you will not allow the excesses of some (like not living simply so that others may simply live) and the wrong doings of some (like not walking the talk on a daily basis) to cause you to stumble in your establishing a relationship with God. Like Mother Theresa said, all will have to give an account of our deeds and misdeeds .... it is not an option for me, you or the guy with the mansion straddled with a red Ferrari down the road!

One of the forseeable tragedies of the next generation is not so much the lack of opportunities for educational pursuits but the failure to learn, un-learn and re-learn continually.  And I think all of us in this forum truly want to simply do just that.

May God's blessing be upon you and your family and your business ventures too!

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shining sentences, jetschin!

I find I couldn't write any words now.
You are such a wise person,I believe that you are living in the real light of God.And you are enlighting all the persons here.
Peace to you and grace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus!

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Brothers and Sisters

Could you share the words in the Bible that deeply moved you or changed your life ?

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