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find my true love In Jusus. [Copy link] 中文

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To: Sammyd - re: God

I believe you are confusing relegion with faith: Faith is the unexplainable belief in something greater than yourself - GOD. Religion is man's organized attempt to praise, honor, and love God and therefore subject to corruption.

Someone on this forum previously asked "what is love?"; this person was asking about romantic love, but my answer also applies to spiritual love:

True love (unconditional love) is achieved when you give up your right to self-preservation for the benefit of the loved one (the object of your desire) just as Jesus did.   


Love is "

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i'n very happy to hear that so many chinese love jesus!!!

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I'm a Christian,and i'm proud of it!!

sorry to hear that some people think might think that he isn't real and can't do anything,but he has done several miracles in my life.
first of all,when i was young i used to be very allergic to eggs,milk and peanuts.if i ate them my throat would close up and i wouldn't be able to breath.when my parents decided to be english teahcers in china they knew they had to do soemthing abotu my allergies,so we all went to the church,and we prayed,then when we went home i ate some peanuts,and nothing this day i eat ALOT of eggs,peanuts and drink alot of milk.
secodn of all,just a few months ago my mom had a baby,but he was born 1 month early,and he was very sick when he was born.we all thougth he was going to die because he had so many illnesses.but,that night after we got all the test results,all my family could do was pray,and the very next day the doctor said that my brother was doing much better,and now he's a healthy,fat,and happy 3 month old.

God loves everyone,it doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or favorite song from my favorite singer is called 'My God'.tthese are the words for the first verse and the chorus

all my life,you have been with me
how could I pretend not to see
i was walking on the line,i was wasting precious time
all i know,is that you love me
if i call,you will set me free,
it's a promise that you made,it's a truth that will not change
please help me to remember

my God has never let me down
my God has turned my world around
He loves me even though I know I don't deserve him
my God has never turned away,he's with me every single day
He's broken all the chains and set this captive free

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So nice to know you, my sisters and brother .
May our Father be with us forever and ever

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Your kidding right?

Come on Guys!!!

      Religion is a business!  I feel good calling my friends and strangers brother and sister but religion is just a business.  Its a way of controlling people and making money!  If you want to be a good person and live a good life do it without stories and donations and acting.  Religion seperates people.  If someone doesn't believe in your Jesus then you either hate them and want to crusify them or you feel sorry for them and try to control them into the same brain washed thinking that you were tricked into.  Its not a secret that dumb people are the most likely to be religious!  Brother this and sister that!  Stupid!  Jesus drank the holly water and Mary did that and we act nice on Sundays when we're in Church and give money away!  People really just follow anything!  Its a big lie that was created by many people over many years.  If this junk was truth there would be one way to follow it and it wouldn't change.  Every Macdonalds church you go to says their the best and to go to heaven they are selling discount tickets with a brother's gonna sleep with a little boy special during communion.   Do you even get a return on your investment?  You get a few crackers and grape juice they call wine!  Think before you follow.  I'm not saying go and be bad people I'm just saying it doesn't matter what you believe, its how you act.  Action is a living form of truth.  Be nice, do something good, sacrafice and lead a good example.  The rest is bullshit!  Even mother Teresa said it in her diary that she didn't believe all this Jesus bullshit!   What did the church do???? They said their going to rewrite her diary!  The church helped hitler's people after they burned jews! The church helped hide priests after they take advantage of little boys!   Don't be stupid people!  Your lucky rabbits foot your calling religion is nothing more than a way of allow people to control you.  A one eyed man can rule a blind kingdom!! Open your eyes people!  Love, be good, do good, share, respect, but don't bullshit!! Most religious people are crackheads anyway!  Their either VERY low educated or their recovering crackheads!   Sorry to be so harsh.  We give people two options in socitey.  Its either be religious and though of as a good person or disagree with religion and get stoned and crusified!  Isn't that ironic!

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Please spell the Lord's name correctly if you must use it. It is Jesus.

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hey sammyd,do me 2 favors..

SHUT UP AND GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to start a fight,but leave us can burn in hell if you want,but let us believe in the truth without being tormented.if you have a problem with religion then don't have a religion and stop telling others to put their's,all my brothers and sisters,let's hear it...BLESSED BE THE PEACEMAKERS!!!!

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