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*what a joke! Boeing already developed jetliner in 1950s & China..*   [Copy link] 中文

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magnetic1974 Post time: 2012-7-6 11:51
Faaak! atleast I don't talk trash about China lke Fumanchu and his Viet cunntry and you cumm try a ...

That's sweet, but your reply is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
You lose, please kill yourself now.
Cold Rests the Heart of Darkness.

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redob Post time: 2012-7-7 03:33
That's sweet, but your reply is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
You lose, please kill y ...

The positions we Chinese take:

And, what's so wrong with the way Magnet had voiced his opinion here? Nothing!  Nothing at all!

It is perfectly in Magnet's rights, it is his duty even as a Chinese person, to "defend his country's honor against the kinds of a slanders; against the kinds of an insults; and, against the kinds of a resentful, grudging, racially motivated, zealous swipes that you and your cronies throw in our faces", don't you agree?

Or, do you seriously beleive we would be one to just sit there and allow you to throw any kind of a crap you like in our faces without having to pay a price for it?

C'mon, Red! You are smarter than that. You are way way smarter than to beleive that. Or, have I misjudged your intelligence here????

Hey, Magnet, what do you think? Do you think I've misjudged [red, Laughing, and cronies] for beleiving that they actually have more intelligence in them than that of a Baboon's ar*se or that of the behinds of an orangutans? I mean they sure as the hell don't display any such intelligence if they have any.

I mean it's like this: Instead of engaging in intelligent debates as should, they would instead plunge themselves into a mode of insults, face swiping, food fights , racially motivated motive instead. And when even that don't serve them any services, they go the "F" word. I mean isn't that cool for -- "intelligence"???

To me, characters like that just can't be any signs of any intelligence. In fact, the picture of a dummy and the use of bullying as a means of resolving differences is what forms in my mind when I read there works.

I mean I can sense the inability of them in the expressing of themselves hence having to resort to the weapon -- English (I giggle disgretely whenever I see this tactic being used) to try and win over debates instead. I mean it's almost as if [they think they are engaged in a debate with a bunch of Englishman slops] and [in an English/Caucasian board here] or something...  Intelligent, isn't it? Very very intelligent of them, isn't it!

Now, to the fury, rage, part:

Hey, lookee here, red, you and everyone of your cronies here are no less filled full of fury, hatred, and rage, towards us Chinese, and literally without any provocation from us China boys. And, strangest of all, in a Chinese board and stranger still, the managements puts up with the whole lot of you!  

I mean that slander, that insult, Man, I have to say is somthing that only us Chinese (minus this Chinese guy, me, of course, cos I'll never put up with any of you if I call the shots shots.) would put up with such swipes and craps and swallow the bitter medicine in one gulp.

I find this "concept" phenonmenal; I find "the logic" impossible to fathom; and, I find whatever it is that drives this phenonmenon "hard, very hard, to make sense"...

Compared to what had happened to me over the all redneck, all American, Free Republic board, for standing up for our honor, not even as confrontationaly as yours, red, and after a decade (since '99) as a member; they didn't like the defense I put up for my country, labeled me as ChiCon troll, and they "zotted me" as they would put it in that board.  

Now, they get what they had desired: they get to crew around with their own arses over there, or, as we Chinese would correctly put it: play with their own little brothers they have below their belts over there. Now, is that what you wanted in the CD board, red, and gang too of couse?  

Hey, at the very lease, here in CD, you know, I know, we all know, that you get to insults us all you like, throw any kinds of a crap and slander that you like at us, and, we Chinese (Minus this one, me, of cours.) have a cool remedy we call "thick-skinned face cream" to help us resolve the situation.

So, count yourselves lucky, red, and all you reddy cronies out there too of course, that we have such ointments for our faces...
Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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^ what does this rant have to do with the thread topic?
I'm just here for the money

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