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They say China's subways have lots of pervs.

Just my tuppence worth ~
Can anyone control how a perv should think and behave when a woman caught their eye? Of course not!
Can a sane woman control and decide how flimsy or decent she'll wear her clothes when taking the subway or riding any public transportation? Of course she can!

Public places belong to the public, to everyone - men, women, young, old and children. It's not a private space for any normal individual to behave as she pleases. So, when in public, how she dresses and conducts herself can show how much self-respect she has. At the same time, can send a signal to the people around her on how much or how little  respect she'll expect. One must be virtuous and have common sense, the more maintain a decorum and decency.

Compare this to diving in shark-infested water off the western coast of Australia. What would happen if the diver deliberately smears blood all over her body then dives in?

So, the conclusion is ….
Only sane individuals know how to dress, think and act properly in public.

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LoneAcorn Post time: 2012-7-16 13:49

They say China's subways have lots of pervs.

the subway in Shanghai?
our life is full of sunshine

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468259058 Post time: 2012-7-16 17:39
the subway in Shanghai?

Yes, subways in Shanghai in particular.

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Watch your thoughts, they become words,
watch your words, they become actions,
watch your actions, they become habits,
watch your habits, they become character,
watch your character, it becomes destiny.

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This forum (dominated by mostly non-Chinese speaking foreigners) has an element of both critics and bashers. I suppose there's a difference between the two.

Critics may give constructive criticisms, while bashers seem to spend most of their time yelling only about how idiotic fellow forumites are or how bad this or that nation is, how terrible the citizens are, the government system, the educational system, the officials, the party, you name it. These so-called "bashers" will argue until the sun goes down. Even when you'd presented facts that crows are black, they will still argue that crows are white.

Oftentimes, I've noticed that they are immature seniors (or seems like), have flawed logic and are quite arrogant. They believe they are superior amongst forumites and find pleasure to offensively display them here, to the extent of ordering Chinese not to post in Chinese!!! - as they can't comprehend articles in Chinese (duh!).
But arrogance is the exact opposite of self-esteem! They are those who truly have low or lack self-confidence.
Sometimes, one can't help but think they might have certain degree of comprehension problem or simply a lunatic.

There's one character in particular who claims to be of European descent and boasts to be very well-versed with the English language. From all its comments, this character hates China so much and looks down to Chinese people, but choose to work here for a meager salary, to the extent of  (unrealistically) even be able to buy more than one recesses to nest in! This character fits very much like that of a very low self-esteem 'Filipino immersed with western bourgeois ideology' persona.
A true European with excellent English teaching skills can easily find work here in the capital city and earn twice or thrice its salary.

It is common to hear someone say they're here with an agenda. Probably as puppets of this or that anti-Sino group out to destabilize a government and/or brainwash Chinese people in this forum in exchange for morsels of dog treats. Very pathetic as this may be their only 'talent'. Shame on them!

On the other hand, it's quite entertaining to watch a bunch of bozos make fun of themselves by showing just how ignorant, arrogant and ill-mannered they are.

In stark contrast to cbbs, the forumites there are polite and civilized to each other. No name-calling nor bickering. The reason? So obvious!

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Ogee and Popeye

Ogee telephoned Popeye yesterday to beg for support regarding Sira-sira-land's current situation.
This is what transpired in their conversation:

Ogee: Popeye, the situation (escalating violence) in Sira-sira-land badly needs your support!

Popeye: What? Your plan backfired and you come running to me for support?

Ogee: It's rapidly spinning out of control! Thousands are dead now, and the numbers are still increasing. (as if he truly cares how many will die).

Popeye: This is all your fault! Who in hell told you to support the rebels in the first place?

Ogee: But … but …. we have been doing this already for a long time, it's in our books, it's our SOP and this is what we do best.

Popeye: You #@&%$$$$….!

Ogee: All … all ... I can do is to follow the books, you know.

Popeye: #@&%$$$$!

.... to be continued

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This post was edited by LoneAcorn at 2012-7-20 13:28

…. continuation

Ogee: Please don't say that. I'm really just doin' my job. You gotta help me this time. Please, please, please! You do understand my situation here. If I don't do it, I may end up like Keboobie. I still have Bobo and young children who need me. Please?

Popeye: But your approach is what concerns me and Huey in the first place! You always choose to go the savage lane where there'd be lots of casualties. How can we support you with that?

Ogee: I'm begging you now. Please support me this time. I badly need to look good for the big thing in November.

Popeye: And you damn well know abu-Astro is a friend of mine. What you're asking me to do is just ridiculous!

Ogee: But abu-Astro is a spent force in terms of history! He can't be a part of Sira-sira-land's future anymore.

Popeye: Only you said so!

Ogee: The best possible course of action for me (having a desperate interest in the region) is to support the rebels for an inclusive transition and allows for the establishment of a process and a controllable future (by us) for Sira-sira-land.

Popeye:  {:soso_e114:}!

Ogee: You got to help us or else …. My people will be left with no other choice but to rip apart Sira-sira-land.

Popeye: You're blackmailing me?

Ogee: No, no, no. How could I?  I've been closely monitoring Sira-sira-land's proliferation of sensitive materials and facilities, and I believe that their chemical weapons stockpile remains under abu-Astro's government control. So ….

(abruptly cut by Popeye)

Popeye: Crap! You #@&%$$$$….! Are you taking nose candies again? Who are you fooling this time with those hallucinations of yours?

Ogee: Well, there's so many others who can still be easily deceived by us. My diehard disciples from Asia, for example. Especially those capuchins that my bosses bought from the cachupins back in the 19th century for a measly US$20M. So cheap, so obedient and so easy to train.

Popeye: -----  (exasperated)


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