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Yet More Great Satan False Flags
- the amerikan quackonomy is a COMPLETE s**tshow

The Deepwater Horizon was the latest in BP "accidents" in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. Previous accidents include two leaking pipelines, an exploding oil refinery and a partridge in a pear-tree. Both Russia and Nigeria have also experienced attacks on their pipelines in recent years.

SHINZO ABE hoped this was a moment for diplomacy. His visit to Tehran this week, the first by a Japanese prime minister since the Islamic revolution in 1979, was meant to reduce tensions between America and Iran.
. . .
On June 13th two tankers in the Gulf of Oman sent distress calls after they had been damaged by large explosions.
. . .
On May 12th four ships anchored off Fujairah, a port in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), had holes blown in their hulls.

- Who is blowing up ships in the Gulf?

And right on cue, a japanese flagged oil tanker has been attacked. The Great Satan has posted grainy video (just like the 9/11 video showing an object flying toward the Pentagon at ground level, but which these gangsters claim was a plane) which they claim shows Iranians removing limpet mines from the side of the ship, which is absurd.

But the japanese owners of the Kokuka Courageous deny this and claim the Iranians aboard the Naji search & rescue ship provided assistance as well as saying objects were seen flying toward the tanker.

As with the sinking of the Cheonan at a time when the Great Satan was conducting military drills with Occupied Korea, there is no reason for Iran to lie. The Great Satan recently sent a task force into the region.

When even CNN is acknowledging that the attack "doesn't appear to benefit any of the protagonists in the region," and Bloomberg admits "Iran has little to gain" from blowing up the ship of its esteemed guest, Pompeo must realize another route of influence is required.
- Backing Pompeo's ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident is a massive anti-Iran online propaganda campaign

So, with the end of the petrodollar, the Great Satan wants higher oil prices, which is why it's been attacking Venezuela and Iran as well as starting the war in Syria in order to thieve Russia's share of the gas market. Oil price have dipped, to low $50 handles prior to the above false-flags.

The bankrupt, insolvent and desperate, Great Satan, having started both World Wars to impose their jew-confetti on the World at the Genoa Conference in 1922 then at Bretton Woods in 19444 such that they're now history's worst ever debtor, has started an illegal tariff war and is also trying to thieve it's way out of debt by:-

robbing its own sheeple on the highways,

extorting cash out of multinational corporations, and

peddling the buttcoin fraud.

We already know that flight MH17 was downed by a missile with a serial number showing it was from Ukraine, which was responsible for the safety of all civilian planes over its air space but sent the plane further north and over the conflict zone.

The Great Satan imposes a quota on Asian stewdents and the result is that:

Tesla is a s**tshow,
Boeing (the Great Satan's biggest exporter, after the FED that is) is a s**tshow,
General Electric is a s**tshow,
Shale oil & gas is a s**tshow,
Ford is a s**tshow,
Gangster Motors is a s**tshow,
Wells Fargo is a s**tshow,
the Osprey V22 is a s**tshow,
the F35 is a s**tshow,
Facebook is a s**tshow,
Apple is a s**tshow,
Netflix is a s**tshow,
Uber is a s**tshow, and

there's plenty more s**tshows too.

Now they have a "f**king moron" as POTUS surrounded by a cabal of low IQ corrupt swamp-creatures who commit YET MORE crimes to try and dig themselves out of the holes caused by their previous crimes. This is not a civilised species.

They have reneged on :

the Paris Climate Accords,
the INF Treaty,
the JCPOA, and
WTO rules with the illegal tariffs.

The Great Satan and poodle are both about to implode!!!!
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Undisguised Terrorist Criminality YET AGAIN

As General Smedley Butler and John Perkins wrote, they were both thugs for the Great Satan. When the Great Satan illegally infested Vietnam, the cannon-fodder would frak (friendly fire) their own officers and the Amerikans spat at the cannon-fodder when they returned to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.

I really cannot begin to fathom how stupid you would have to be to believe that Iran would attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very moment that the Japanese Prime Minister was sitting down to friendly, US-disapproved talks in Tehran on economic cooperation that can help Iran survive the effects of US economic sanctions.

The Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous was holed above the water line. That rules out a torpedo attack, which is the explanation being touted by the neo-cons.
. . .
That Iran would target a Japanese ship and a friendly Russian crewed ship is a ludicrous allegation.
. . .
The USA and their UK stooges have both immediately leapt in to blame Iran.
. . .
I cannot think of a single reason why anybody would believe this particular false flag. It is notable that neither Norway nor Japan has joined in with this ridiculous assertion.

- The Gulf of Credibility

That's similar to the false-flag use of chemical weapons in Syria just as the UN delegation of weapons inspectors paid a visit.

The price of oil was in the low $50s at a time when the Great Satan needs to balance it's huge trade deficit by exporting oil & gas because of the end of the petrodollar and even as shale oil & gas is sold at a loss. Poland has been buying Great Satan gas at a price 30% more than they would pay to Russia.

The Great Satan sent it's terrorist fleet of pirates into the Gulf of Oman a few months ago and have been chomping at the bit to start a new Gulf of Tonkin (or USS Maine) incident.

We also know that the serial number on the BUK missile that downed flight MH-17 was fired by Ukraine. Yet neither Malaysia or Russia has been allowed to take part in the investigation which confirmed the serial number but then blamed Russia.

The reason why they're making it so obvious is because that's how terrorism works.

Here's war criminal, Lindsey Graham calling to kill a chicken in order to scare the monkeys; the other members of the "Axis of Evil" who refuse to accept jew confetti: Sen. Lindsey Graham has suggested President Trump “put military force on the table” by invading Venezuela (and possibly Cuba) in order to scare North Korea and Iran into doing what they're told.
- ‘We need points!’ US must invade Venezuela to scare Iran & N. Korea, Graham claims

They can't attack Iran or Free Korea and Venezueal is now under the protection of the SCO too.

Graham is a criminal who should be hanged.
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The first victim in war is the truth.

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gork Post time: 2013-10-12 11:26
Friendly Fire False Flags

During the illegal war of aggression against Vietnam, the grunts were sho ...

Dude, the term is known as "fragging" and not "fracking."
"Fracking" has to do with oil drilling, "fragging" is all about GI's tossing a grenade into the hooch of a commanding officer out of right for self-preservation.
Mueller was "fragged" by his men, he got a Purple Heart and transfer to a desk job after he lost half his men on his first combat command.
You win wars by winning the hearts and minds of the enemy.
Mueller and his ilk lost the war in Vietnam for being known for rounding up and murdering everyone in a village before putting it to the torch.
Mueller was also wanted for extradition by the Vietnamese government (up till 1977) for the rape and hospitalization of his two 13-year-old housemaids.
Vietnam Veterans for Peace has all sorts of nasty things to say about Robert Mueller.
This is the guy that was taking first-line antibiotics for anthrax BEFORE the anthrax attacks.
This is the guy that 9/11 happened on his watch.
This is the guy on the phone with CIA Buzzy Krongard at Deutsche Bank doing 'portage' (untraceable) trading on 9/11.
FBI Mueller arrests the wrong guy for the anthrax attacks and the guy wins millions of dollars in damages. Then Mueller arrests another guy who dies mysteriously while in custody.
America lost Vietnam because of guys like Mueller.
And yes, you are right, Vietnam was an illegal war, undeclared by Congress, and set up by a false flag known as The Gulf of Tonkin.

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    So read on American Atrocities below,    

There ain't no such thing as IDEOLOGY in the heart & soul of Colonialist-turned Capitalist Imperialism, other than chasing and following the self-interest of greed & extraction of great wealth.

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Kangaroo Kourt

We know that after WW2, which the anglo/jew gangsters started to impose jew-confetti on the World, they accused german U-Boat captains of war crimes for sinking poodle hospital ships and tried them in absentia.

But we now know that those hospital ships were carrying munitions just as they did in WW1 and were, therefore, valid targets. These proven vermin were using their own doctors, nurses and patients as shields.

For the Lusitania, war criminal, Winston Turdhill, wrote: "most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hopes especially of embroiling the United States with Germany."

It has been confirmed it was carrying armaments and so was a valid target. Winston Turdhill admitted he "loved the bans of war" and treated it as nothing more than a game.

The Lockerbie bombing was similarly absurd. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted on the testimony of a shop-keeper who claimed to have served him in his shop years earlier. Never mind that his photo had already appeared in all the propaganda rags:
Army major Charles McKee, who headed a Middle East hostage rescue team, was returning to the U.S. on Pan Am 103 with evidence to expose CIA-sponsored criminal activity. After the plane was destroyed, Mr. Mueller supervised an army of FBI agents on the investigation, and finally, 12 years later, the case went to trial by a panel of Scottish judges.
- Robert Mueller: A Scary and Mendacious Man

Now they're blaming Russia for MH-17, when THEIR OWN investigation has already provided the evidence confirming that it was the Buk missile held by Ukraine which brought down MH-17: The Dutch-led international team named the four suspects as Russians Sergey Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Igor Girkin, and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko. It said international arrest warrants for the four had been issued.
- MH17 disaster: Mahathir Mohamad claims Russia was scapegoated for Malaysia Airlines plane crash that left 298 people dead

These clowns have supplied a photo of a truck which they claim fired the missile.

There is NO WAY they could make that determination, unless there's a tally between the missile and each truck. But we already know the tally indicates the missile was fired by Ukraine.

The absurdity of including Ukraine in the investigation but excluding Russia, confirms the farce.

Regardless of that, Ukraine was LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for all flights in their air space. But they sent MH-17 further north than previous flights and right over the conflict zone.

These gangsters have also kidnapped Victor Bout and Maria Butina. The Skripal story is also absurd with Yulia Skripal even returning to Russia. The Litvinanko poisoning is also absurd.

Also absurd is the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher has already been proven to be a false-flag.
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Some good material here.

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