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See how hard to see a doctor in China   [Copy link] 中文

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Oh my god, I think we dont have such problem here. They really need to solve such problems in China.

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why are these people swarming into this hospital?
only here can help them heal illness?
Heavens bless you & me!

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People in China go to hospital if they have a headache or a cold. They are such babies.

And why all the drips? In Europe you only see people on a drip if they have a serious problem of some type, but here they want to give you a drip for anything. Many of those receiving drips could be treated with a quick injection or a pill and being to told to hydrate themselves properly afterwards.

Also, it would help if there were a well organised GP system, where patients could go for minor illnesses and first consultations, only being referred to hospitals when necessary.

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Chegsyboy Post time: 2012-6-7 13:51
People in China go to hospital if they have a headache or a cold. They are such babies.

And why al ...

NOOOOOO!!!! if you are a student , you first go to the school medical center ,the infirmary will transfer you to hospital if necessary , if you live in rural site ,you first go to local clinic for minor illness .it is really expensive in city hospital , people dont go there unless it is necessary .
Whose @$$ can i blow sunshine up today ?

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YEEEEES - my friends here go for la duzi, headache, slight fever, cold. I saw it with my own eyes.

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While the ideal solution would be a well operated and regulated General Practitioner system where doctors work out in the community and have their own office and consulting room with a nurse, secretary and so in that would only sort out part of the problem.

Having seen several hospitals in China and the way they are operated I believe that part of the problem is that they are not well equipped to deal with high volume use.

The first point of course is to admit there is a problem and then to work on methods to make the system more streamlined.

Queues are always going to be inevitable, however I would suggest the following.

Firstly each Province should be made responsible for producing a centralised patient record keeping facility that can share information with hospitals in each city.  This would greatly streamline the entire process. With patient records available at any hospital in a province the duplication of asking patients about their previous medical history can be eliminated. All a patient needs to do is provide their identity papers and face the barrage of questions only once, when they enter the system for the first time.

The implementation of a proper triage system. Patients have no choice in which doctor they are seen by, junior or senior. A qualified nurse will question them about their health complaint and then simply assign them to the relevant clinic.  Patients would be assessed on the basis of how life threatening their issues are as is done in western hospitals.

In the longer term train and use what's known as nurse practitioners. These are senior nurses who undergo further university training (Post Graduate) in diagnosis and pharmacology. They are able to diagnose and treat a range of simpler illnesses and prescribe the relevant medications without the need for a full blown doctor being present. A nurse practitioner is placed between a paramedic and a doctor in the west. Nurse practitioners can be used both in hospitals and in the community proper. They are ideal for treatment of colds, flu, headaches and injuries such as sprains, minor burns and cuts etc. They are able to stitch up wounds as well.

Hospitals should be encouraged to open "community clinics" in and near the housing estates which can provide not only basic health coverage using nurse practitioners but also infant support services and geriatric services for the elderly. Such establishments need not be large nor expensive.

Food for thought?

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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So we need to try best to take care of ourselves. Be healthy.

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