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‘They’re robbing us’: 12-year-old exposes banking flaws, video goes viral   [Copy link] 中文

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1584austin Post time: 2012-6-3 14:13
You Anglo twerp, rabbitting on to yourself with you copy and paste crud about Canadian banks.

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piggy you have been stupid again , it is not about Canada it is about way banks operate.

don't you get it pig?

did you run out of corn?

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-6-3 14:15
piggy you have been stupid again , it is not about Canada it is about way banks operate.

don't yo ...

Corny your posts

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pig and troll , hmmmmm doesn't get worst thant that.

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The Victoria Grant Video: The Early Phase of a Viral Video Against Banking

Haydn Shaughnessy Contributor


Victoria Grant is the 12 year old Canadian girl who was brave enough to stand in front of the Public Banking Institute conference in Philadelphia April 27-28 and tell the audience, a particular kind of banker, why banks really suck. The nub of her confident analysis is that banks are screwing Governments as well as customers, and since customers also pay taxes to service national debt, banks are screwing them twice over.
The number of views of the Victoria Grant video doubled in the past 24 hours, from just over 75,000 to just under 200,000. As The Financial Post put it, so far it is bacterial rather than viral.
The video was embedded on Reddit on the 10th May and on The Huffington Post, Canada, Tuesday. Currently most views are coming from Canada, and then the USA but the strongest referring site is Facebook.I picked it up on Alex Lightman’s page.
Victoria’s message is strangely powerful coming from a kid who doesn’t look at all fazed by the company she’s keeping. But perhaps most significantly she has caught the attention of middle aged men (most views are in the 45 – 64 category). Not known for their radicalism this demographic is certainly listening to Victoria.
This weekend also sees a novel take on anti-capital banking – a laugh-in at the NATO summit in Chicago, which is serving as a proxy for the G8 meeting. Demonstrators had wanted to demonstrate against the G8 but Obama moved it from Chicago to Camp David. My guess is the Grant video will go viral over the weekend, in part because the fever around protest will send news organizations looking for a novel take, but also because in the half hour I have had it open here, views have gone up by 20,000.
Here’s why it is interesting.
It does not have any of the sophisticated celebrity endorsement of StopKony, the viral video that occupied our minds for a couple of weeks in March. To date no pop star or Hollywood brand has stepped up and said: Way to go, Victoria! But the video is being circulated on Facebook. We’ll know in a few days if networking power can match star power – and yes it will still need a lift from the news media.
And it brings an added dimension to brand vulnerability in a consumer-empowered world – those anti-capitalist protestors seem to be getting younger every year!

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It's rather remarkable that a 12-year-old girl has taken it upon herself to lay a verbal beating on the state of Canadian banking but that's exactly what Victoria Grant has done and in a most convincing fashion.

If you haven't seen it yet, the Cambridge, Ont., youth's address at the Public Banking in America conference in Philadelphia last month has become an online hit, with a YouTube video posted by her father. The video has already generated close to 75,000 hits.

In short, the young lass calls into question the state of the Canadian banking industry, "Have you ever wondered why the bankers from the largest private banks are becoming wealthier and the rest of us are not," she asks.

She doesn't hold back as she champions a greater role for the Bank of Canada while openly criticizing the federal government for being in leagues with Canada's private banks to keep us all in debt. Frankly, she makes a compelling case for significant change.

"The banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada," she charges before encouraging anyone listening to "engage your government to stop this criminal act against the people of Canada."

On one hand, it'll be interesting to see if in about 15 years or more Victoria ends up graduating from a university and moving on to work for one of the financial institutions she takes to task. On the other, you could argue the young lady represents a critical hope for the future. No doubt some would dearly love to see this girl take a run at holding the keys to the Prime Minister's Office one day.

Are the words indeed her own? That's the great unknown. Regardless, she raises important questions that most adults don't stop to consider and now perhaps we will.

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so do we need kid to tell us Jew bankers are robbing us blind?
Is it so bad out there that everybody is confused and lost ability to rationally see obvious?

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There go that idea again debt = slave and bank person run debt to all who want to be a slave person. It only need 12 age person to show establisment is cheat and robber.      

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