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robert237 Post time: 2012-6-1 13:05
Their response will be that they have lived in China for a number of years (something totally
unveri ...

Of course you'd be somewhere down below those two groups. If you had lived here for some time then you would know that the Chinese can be woefully uniformed about stuff going on in China or involving China in the outside world.

I know some who read a couple of newspapers a day and many of the stories we have discussed (through the years) on this forum never made it into those papers. They haven't a clue.

Hong Kong TV news reports are routinely censored here in Guangzhou. You can bet that GZ TV doesn't carry those stories either.
Look at the filter words here on CD and the censoring of "sensitive" news items. Censorship on Chinese social networking sites is well-known. Major international sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress, etc are all blocked. (Even IMBD is inaccessible and Google results in China are a shadow compared to elsewhere)

Tankman is one of the world's most famous photos, not in the PRC. Just because someone was born and raised in China doesn't mean they know what's going on. They don't. How could they when so much information is not available to them? Of course in recent years more stuff is becoming known due to the Net. But the powers that be are working fast and furious to control that...

Countdown till someone claims that the Zionists control the Western media and the people are sheeple. And Robert and his compatriots are the most ill-informed beings in the universe. {:soso_e100:}
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On the contrary, for foreigners who are here legitimately it will make their stay easier and more enjoyable."

Does this include intense feelings of anger coming at me from strangers?

I don't see how this will make my life any easier.

In fact, if anything, it should wake people up a bit.

yea, please do get rid of any trouble, bad apples, etc.

but i can feel alot of anger coming towards me from strangers I see daily.

this isn't helping. it makes matters far more intense.

regardless of the outcome. something like this just shows me something.

that foreigners have been doing bad things in china, to china for far too long.

i read much history lately and i was a bit shocked at the BS that foreign people have inflicted upon CHina and/or her citizens.

to take it even a step further. it confirms/verifies my long time pet peeve.

1. That there are too many foreigners in CHina(i've said this for 5 years)
2. That the human race needs a long time to grow up from its baby stages.

For far too many centuries, mankind has always been too reckless and mishandles 80^ of its dealings with others....

When it comes to a case as a foreign kid raping or harassing a chinese woman/girl in the capital city.

the guy should fry! he is a total SB and will only go to serve and feed my dislike of people like him.

trash? no he isn't trash. he is worse than that.

fake or not it isn't important

the point is..people believe it and that is enough.

if you were living in a country where 500million to 1.3 billion people were possibly angry at CHinese people then perhaps you can understand that when I see anger in the eyes of a stranger on the train, it doesn't mean he is going to kill me but I can tell that he isn't pleased to be standing near by me.

all in all, I suppose that it is sad it requires an event such as this to make the police open their eyes.

as a foreigner living in china for a decade now I have always been legit.  and do not plan otherwise.

decent laowai? the term sounds prejudice in nature. drop the pretenses and just say people or visitors.


long enough I wrote on this topic because everyone is discussing it.

I for one hope one thing happens.

this guy is booted back so far across the ocean that he will be wearing a baozi for his ass.

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ps. I love China

I knew that 10 years ago it was the best place in the world to be.

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wowzers Post time: 2012-6-1 15:56
Of course you'd be somewhere down below those two groups. If you had lived here for some time then  ...

An excellent comment on this topic, and it is a fact that many Chinese are indeed woefully ignorant when it comes to the politics and administration of China, and probably even more so when it comes to the outside world. In addition, it is very true that there are many censored media in China as you correctly mention, and the events of 89 are not common knowledge or even available to those in China and these former points are indisputable. At this juncture I would ask however are the Chinese masses even interested and how different are they to those peoples that inhabit the USA? For example, the description of the Chinese being woefully ignorant of politics and world affairs can also be applied to many places, and especially I feel the USA. Tell them that George Bush lied about WMD or that Pearl Harbour was avoidable and you will not see riots or crowds in the street seeking to dislodge the government, and you can use this same equation for many other purported scenarios in the US, and especially the need for perpetual war. As the US economy shrinks do US citizens blame the cost of policing the world as the basis for their penury, or do they blame Wall Street for stripping the profits from society and shipping their jobs across the world? It seems that they follow the tendentious views majored in their media and take their discontent in that direction. Therefore, there is no real surprise there as we know that media has the ability to formulate public opinion at will.  A good example of this was the Vietnam War where the American public became aware of the terrible acts carried out in their name. Then compare that to Iraq and Afghanistan where the news from these theatres is cosmetically applied to avoid another Vietnam and therefore represent a form of mass media censorship right across the American spectrum to suit the establishment.

Furthermore, it is normal in the West to keep some things locked and secret for 25 years. When some of these famous exposés are made available the western citizen may just express slight exclamation and discuss a little, but it causes very little reaction in real life and this time period is maybe a way to direct it out from the involved generation to the next who are not personalized with the original actors. Finally that leads me to close this up with the idea that if Tankman were placed on the front page of a Chinese paper would that actually lead to unrest some 23 years on?  I think that the answer to that if we go back to the original thought is that most Chinese would shrug their shoulders and move along, however there are active elements of the American establishment which continually try and undermine the Chinese Government and it would be those such as NED that would foist a banner for change based on something which happened a generation ago. These factions would not give the actual events as they happened and were recorded by reliable sources, they would use the ‘made-for-Hollywood’ version and therefore in their own very act of media vandalism would seek to ratchet up spurious tales to suit. In other words the same media that cover up and suppress the bad news in the US, as with the war action reality, would take it on themselves to cause wider actions in China. This probable situation would do little for Chinese society other than make them aware of a long past incident and it would not necessarily be a positive move for the Chinese as a whole. As a summation I would say that if the western media and its actions were more professional and independent from US foreign policy, then the need to censor so much in China would maybe less and more in line with the amount of censorship already in the west.

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adolphus Post time: 2012-6-1 17:57
An excellent comment on this topic, and it is a fact that many Chinese are indeed woefully ignoran ...

Thank you for the compliment. I don't generally delve into USA stuff on this Forum. I'm here for the China stuff. But of course, I agree that public opinion is controlled and manipulated by the mass media. And every administration in Washington & State and Local levels employ experts to spin for them. And there are,  obviously, other dynamics in play from big business and other special interest groups...

Beijing is censoring for the same reasons as Washington, to keep the people in check, you can't blame an irresponsible Western media for that. They really don't care what gweilos have to say but they censor it anyway. The real censorship is focused on what PRC citizens have to say. This is what really concerns them.

As a result the information vacuum here is stifling. China is still very much closed off from the outside world. If I didn't have a VPN and satellite TV, I think I would go nuts. This discussion reminds me of Jackie Chan's opinion that the Chinese people are not ready for democracy. And that could be very well be true. While I am not a fan of democracy nor any system that I am familiar. Human nature is such that we get the system (By any name) we deserve. A few 'fat cats' at the top and a whole lot of mice at the bottom. Most people are apathetic and that breeds the kind of inequality we see in China & the USA.

I dread bringing family members into discussions on this Forum, so let me just say that someone quite close to me (50, born and raised in China, Party member, professional and well-traveled) has put it this way on a couple of issues:

Re: 89. Beijing had no choice and they blame them for not going in sooner. When the workers stop working and the farmers stop farming you've got big problems. People were dissatisfied with Beijing and it had nothing to do with democratic ambitions.

Re: Censorship. Everyone knows that stuff is censored here. Most people don't care because they are too busy getting on with life, making money and a better future for their children and the country. As long as the opportunities to do so continue then most people will be satisfied. "It's about the economy stupid"

And this is related to 89 as well. From that point forward the PRC has been on an economic trajectory that can only be described as awesome. This is the contract that Beijing has made with the people of China. So far, so good.

As long as I get to keep my VPN and Sat TV
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A micro blog by a TV anchor in Beijing calling for the expulsion of the few foreigners disregarding laws and decencies.
A 100-day campaign in the city of Beijing aimed at ferreting out foreign nationals who have entered the country without a valid visa or are working illegally.
Of course we know there are a huge numer of paedophiles from the UK (and also from the US and Australia) who infest places like Thailand, Phillipines, Cambodia and poorer countries.

They openly carry out their perverted and sick acts and think that they can do whatever they want and behave as badly as they want and nothing will happen to them.

So, of, course, these perverts think that they can molest and harrass any local woman just like they have done for the past 500 years.

This is wrong!

China should apply the death penalty -- that would soon stop these sickos from infesting China and infecting her population.

Diane Abbot (British MP): Anglos love playing divide and rule
David Cameron (British PM): Anglos caused most of the world's problems!

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adolphus and wowzers, excellent posts! I think that this is what the BBS should be!

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