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firstcause Post time: 2012-6-1 20:29
Of course we know there are a huge numer of paedophiles from the UK (and also from the US and Austra ...

Actually, in those counries you  mentioned most paedophiles are local ( depends on local laws, traditions etc) then the chinese are the largest group.

they tend to have agents, local chinese etnics bring them girls to a hotel etc. so maybe its not so "clear", but having lived there for years, I can tell you, it's alot of stereotyping. It's certainly something I've never seen.

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wowzers Post time: 2012-6-2 02:22
I didn't explain myself clearly. I agree that the western media is at times irresponsible. Some mor ...

“It seems to me that Beijing really does not care that much about world opinion.”

I agree in that world opinion to Beijing may well be less important than internal opinion. Beijing does censor anything which is negative to or for Beijing and the western media trumpet anything which is sensitive to Beijing, and seem to act as a judge and jury on this matter. In effect the western media are highlighting Beijing’s seemingly negative position towards its own internal affairs, whilst ignoring the basic inequalities which exist in their own system. In other words, in a way it may well be that in the west they use the censorship in China as news to mask the inequality within their own system.

However, one needs only to look at the hypocritical human rights report by the US on China and what the US is doing in the world to know that the west feels a massive superiority, when it should be ashamed of itself.  The western media praise how free their society is in their world, and ignore its shortcomings towards other parts of the world, and highlight what they see as inequality within other societies such as China. We can see the same game played out on a micro-scale in any forum where one side criticizes the other and grasps at straws to wound with any argument to close down the other. In truth there are problems in all systems, especially if we root back into history.

Nevertheless, I do not see the western perceived Chinese political failure in real terms a failure as it is yet still an evolving situation. There has never been, as far as I know, the concept of ‘the individual’ in China, as all through the Dynasties the people were collectives under an emperor, and since 1912 this dynamic has been changing although at times not a pretty sight, it is still closer to a modern western example than ever before. Furthermore, over the last 30 years not only has the Chinese economy changed, but also the way government has done things. China is still a collectivist culture and one need only to go to a park to see this in effect. People in China still do things collectively and unlike western people need noise and companionship just to live. I am unsure if they will shift to a different ideal where a good book, a quiet room and a cup of beverage will become the norm.

Here I would go back to the idea that an independent judiciary would help to address the seeming imbalance of a one party system, and I reiterate that I am not against a one party system as I see multi-party systems as wasteful and inept. I feel that China should have a modicum of censorship and look to keep its society balanced for their own well-being as it is part of good stewardship, but this should have checks and balances to ensure that those in the Party are also kept in line with the position they hold. The problem as I see it is the continuous interference from the west in the way that they seek to ratchet up any dissent within China instead of letting China deal with its own affairs, and here for balance (and to contradict myself) I would say that China sometimes seems incompetent in dealing with these matters quickly and efficiently and causing themselves even more embarrassment. This is candidly obvious in the way that people who were nobody in China have risen to fame in the west through the western media, and something which is a paradox as citizens of that same place would be marginalized or ignored in those same type of actions. Moreover, I think it is naïve to suggest that the fame these people have has not been built by western media, because as you suggest they would not even make a back-page in China. Therefore, there is definitely an argument for the western media interference as there is also an argument against it, but the western approach of ‘holier than thou’ is also pretty despicable and very ‘two-faced’. One only needs to look at the incarcerated Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner to see the double standards in that there are more than a dozen jailed activists held for more than a decade in Saudi jails who get no publicity at all, and certainly will never attain a Peace Prize or Congressional Medal. It is therefore almost impossible to come to the conclusion that western media is not part of the wider (especially US) agenda for political change in China.

As regards a ‘think-tank’ then this should be people who could just be part of a comment system, even such as a forum like this where ideas are gathered and reviewed by a higher authority, and who knows maybe even this forum is monitored and even in amongst the angst here there are ideas which are noted, and you may well indeed with your own comments already be a contributor. For a ‘spin-doctor’ they would possibly need a polished Blair/Mandelson type character who could be on top of each situation as it arises and able to smooth the media whilst adjusting the situation away from the media to make each new matter a ‘non-event’.

In a nut shell, change is still needed to ensure that the one party is accountable and that government is more open. However, the west should stop dictating via the media how and when this should happen, and certainly and at least until they set their own house in order.

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seneca Post time: 2012-6-2 14:05
Being always on my guard against attacks from "old friends" who have chosen new names, I read Adolph ...
But it is nevertheless true that they reported more accurately about what was happening in China 23 years ago than the Chinese media did.

For that revelation you would need to provide to provide a minimum of at least one cited instance or your comment would have no merit. Of course, in this forum it would not make the post (possibly), and due to that I would invite you to use a PM for that. If I receive this I will return a reply commensurate to same.

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