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culture diff - chinese girls do not pay anything in a relationship?   [Copy link] 中文

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momowowo Post time: 2012-5-16 19:37
Thanks for the advice Longzhou.

I live in Australia together with my girlfriend.

If you're husband and wife, you both should discuss how to spend the money. Since you're not married, the girlfriend can have her own life. But you still can discuss on the money with your girlfriend.

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sorry, of course I am in China and I understand and adapt to your culture and customs however

as you see, I AM NOT CHINESE. And if you wish to be with me, you will have to change and adapt to my culture just as much as I do to yours.

in fact, i think it is quite stupid for ANYONE to think they should pay for all stuff.
its so silly to think that way. its a new world folks. time to wake up and smell the coffee.

tell her what usually happens in western culture, if she disagrees dump her. we can help you find another love.

i never accept those customs because i am not, will never be, a chinese person. its easy to understand these things but i would not put myself into that position because i can't change who i am.

if she wants a guy to pay for everything, she should have a chinese guy. simply put.

and in another defense of western man in china

if a chinese woman gets a guy to pay for everything whilst she doesn't do a thing(or put in money) then what happens after they marry and then he bails on her later?

what does she have? nothing..

ive seen many of my female friends have this problem. they get married and don't do anything for their own career and when they are dumps, in their 30's or 40's they have no chance to support themselves.

sorry, if China and her people want to integrate western culture, which comes along with all the FDI and export business, any female like this needs to wake up because quite honestly any person who free loads off of others is nothing more than a hire biatcha!

i could never let myself be like that. to let someone else pay for everything.
well then, if that's the case, then i should make all the decisions on everything we do.

where to live, where to work, what to eat, where to play, where is vacations etc etc.

in the western world, and now in some chinese people's minds today, that if you do not wanna support financially then you really can't complain about a thing.

nothing worse for a person's own life and feelings about themselves than sitting around and not contributing to the family you have.

its not a family, its a body part on loan

my opinion is to teach her the value of a dollar/rmb/money.

take off for awhile. go out and travel around and be with your homies more.

dont give her any money for anything. and then once she learns the value of money she could possibly be a substantial partner.

i don't admire lazy people.  not because they are lazy but because they are actually not contributing to their lives and to those around them.

if she is from wenzhou she is money oriented. well i hope she has a great body because that's about all you will get from her

time for people to wake up and cover their own ass

"Everyone is responsible for pulling their own weight"

how old is she? 15???

na ge please

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momowowo Post time: 2012-5-18 06:00
Bandito you are wrong.  

To clarify a few things...

If that is the case she obviously wants to work things out then,here's my personal opion based on my own experience.I was in a mixed relationship that lasted for 19 years, two children during all that time my partner never paid a penny towards any thing,that was my choice.

There really is no magic formula that makes relationships work,like the old saying goes IT TAKES TWO,
now my eldest son is now cohabitating in his relationship with his girl friend,they share every thing 50/50.

It doesn't matter if its a cultural,foreign thing or not the times are different now,before in the 80's a man can support a family ,car,mortgage and bills,now with the whole world in financial meltdown,she should contribute as much as she can.At the end of the day its all about respect ,communication and understanding.

Anyway ,the best of luck to the both of you.

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MisterPanda Post time: 2012-5-20 02:18
I don't know if love can triumph everything but the case of yellow fever is strong in this one.

O ...

Some times love is blind

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仰望天空 Post time: 2012-5-17 09:39
In my campus this seems normal,when a guy go outside with his girlfriend,the former would always pay ...

on the same boat.but what i am trying to do is to find a job hard ~

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Notfear Post time: 2012-5-18 15:24
I gonna make a short statement to solveyour problem

I have read some long posts saying a lotbut wi ...

i think he is so considerate to himself. i am wondering if he really love her 'cause he cares so much about the money.

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For my part,this kind of trivial thing has embody a fact that there existed a clash between the two different country.the setting you were grown was respectively in different backgroup as a result,the values you held is also not the same with each other as well...

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