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Was Industrial Sabotage at Play with Super Jet crash in Indonesia?   [Copy link] 中文

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pantarhei Post time: 2012-5-17 14:33
easy there fella, you may be out of arguments but that is no reason to act in uncivilized manners. ...

dude we are just laughing at you , nobody take seriously village idiot.


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Deciphering equipment for the voice recorder of a crashed Russian passenger jet will be delivered to Jakarta from Moscow on Thursday morning, the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry reported.

The Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) passenger jet slammed into a steep side of Indonesia’s Mount Salak near Jakarta shortly after takeoff on a demonstration flight on May 9. All 45 people on board were killed.

According to Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Yury Slyusar, the recorder taped the last two hours of conversation in the cockpit.

The Indonesian military said the black box was severely damaged by the crash and only contained the cockpit voice recorder. It did not contain the vital flight data recorder, which is still missing.

Investigators are now looking for the flight data recorder, which will give them vital clues about the workings of the aircraft’s engines, controls and systems and its speed, height and attitude when it crashed.

The Sukhoi Superjet is the first commercial plane to be designed and built in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union two decades ago.

The aircraft is considered by many in the industry to be Russia's last hope for maintaining a commercial aircraft manufacturing capability. Built in partnership with Italy's Alenia Aeronautica, the aircraft has a high percentage of foreign-built components and subsystems.

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piss off jew

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-17 15:52
All this "Sabotage" chitchat and gossiping:

Why didn't XINHUA and the CD mention this accident any  ...

The loss of Columbia was a result of damage sustained during launch when a piece of foam insulation the size of a small briefcase broke off from the Space Shuttle external tank (the 'ET' main propellant tank) under the aerodynamic forces of launch. The debris struck the leading edge of the left wing, damaging the Shuttle's thermal protection system (TPS), which shields it from the intense heat generated from atmospheric compression during re-entry. While Columbia was still in orbit, some engineers suspected damage, but NASA managers limited the investigation, on the grounds that little could be done even if problems were found

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Thirty-one years ago, the nuclear submarine USS Thresher failed to surface from a test dive and was lost at sea.

On the morning of April 10, the Thresher proceeded to conduct sea trials about 200 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. At 9:13 a.m., the USS Skylark received a signal indicating that the submarine was experiencing "minor difficulties." Shortly afterward, the Skylark received a series of garbled, undecipherable message fragments from the Thresher. At 9:18 a.m., the Skylark's sonar picked up the sounds of the submarine breaking apart. All hands were lost--129 lives.

The Investigation

The subsequent investigation of the disaster by the Navy identified a leak in an engine room seawater system as the most probable cause of the tragedy. Further, both the Navy's investigation and a Congressional inquiry identified several additional probable causes linked to management, communication, and the practices and procedures employed by the Navy and the shipyards. These findings suggest a number of lessons applicable to the Department of Energy..............

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-17 15:44
I certainly look down on certain Russians and certain Chinese, that much your filter-protected bra ...

Are you unable to write a post without making a personal comment about the poster? How old are you? 12-years-old?

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29042012 Post time: 2012-5-17 14:53
The french president Hollande's plane was hit by lightning on his way to Berlin.

I am sure we can m ...

Planes are hit by lightning every day dufus.

Ha! Ha!  It's wonderful the way an unfortunate event like this tears the mask off the hidden agent provocateurs lurking on the forum.

It leaves them standing in the spotlight, naked and uncovered, for all the world to see.

They are forced to announce their presence.  LOL! Now an exam of their speech patterns will reveal who they normally masquerade as on here .

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