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Chinese students: (Australian) 'Robbers called us Asian dogs'   [Copy link] 中文

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firstcause Post time: 2012-4-25 23:28
Once again we see more atrocities carried out by Anglo degenerates on Chinese students.

Why are par ...

what do you make of the fact that four other commuters were also robbed? They were not Chinese. Are they blogging?

If they were Indian, then the whole world would know about it.

But the likely fact is that they are white and that makes 2 chinese and four whites robbed.

I suspect the other four victims just handed the money over to the gang.

This would lead to two consequences. Firstly, maybe that meant they were not bashed up. This is what you do in real life. You hand over the wallet or purse. It is not worth it unless you can take care of six punks.

The second consequence is that it emboldened the gang. They felt powerful. Nobody could stop them, in their minds.

My hunch is the Chinese refused to hand over their money.

I know that comment will generate controversy, but so be it.
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Unfortunately, in Australia, it is illegal to carry a weapon. A knife in this fight would have quickly downed one or two attackers and as this gang is chickenxit, then the rest would back off, especially if two males were taken down.

But we can't carry knives - it is illegal.
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firstcause Post time: 2012-4-25 23:28
Once again we see more atrocities carried out by Anglo degenerates on Chinese students.

Why are par ...
They should know by now that the Anglo is mentally retarded in the head the the ones in the theived land of Australia are worse as they are the offspring of the really nasty ones that was thrown out of London.

These Uncivilized freaks have already wiped out the indigenous people So are extremely hateful, spiteful and vile.

It might surprise you to discover that there is some skin pigmentation in the male attackers

Maybe the same colour as yours, coxucker
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I will now try and put this attack in perspective

Sydney has a population of 4.6 million as of June 2010

At about the same time, there are 165,000 Chinese enrolled as students in Australian educational courses

And in 2006, 7.9% of Sydney's population was reported as Chinese in the 2006 census from what I read. At the same time the population of Sydney was 4,119,190

Since that time, the proportion of Chinese rose dramatically, but we will have to wait for the results of the 2011 census for exact figures.

If we now look at the NSW crime statistics, we see that the long term trend of violent crime is actually decreasing. We can also see that the incidence is about 90 crimes per 100,000

violent crime.jpg

violent 2.jpg


source NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research$file/RCS2011.pdf

now look at the 2006 figures of chinese population in sydney

chinese stats.jpg

we see that there are nearly 300 000 chinese in Sydney. Statistically, if there is a 90/100000 incidence of violent crime (approximately), then we should expect about 260 violent crimes against chinese in Sydney every year, on average.

There are a lot of people in Sydney. An attack on a train is a rare event and if we look at the facts, then firstly:

four other people were robbed (possibly also assaulted, we don't know) in this attack and not one of them is saying it was due to their race. Why?

additionally, this attack is generating a lot of media hysteria, when the facts are that about 260 attacks on Chinese should occur every year, on average, if Chinese are average.

My guess is this:

Statistically, the likelihood of an attack on Chinese is LOWER than average and that is why this attack generated so much publicity.
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such cace may happen in everywhere to every nations,not just chinese;seems not a racial attack.

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This post was edited by lebeast at 2012-4-26 02:31

I posted some statistics, but I am not sure they will get through the filter

It was a detailed post

I will say this for now. In 2006 there were 4.111 million people in Sydney according to the national census. 7.9% identified themselves as Chinese.

I also posted NSW statistics for violent crime, showing an incidence of about 90 violent crimes per 100000 people in NSW.

If there are 90/100000 violent crimes and the Chinese population of Sydney is .079 of 4.11 million then we can expect 292 violent crimes against Chinese on average, every year

There are actually many more Chinese in Sydney since 2006, so the true figure should be much higher

My view is that the true rate is actually much lower than the expected average, and this is why this attack generated so much media publicity, in addition to the rarity of a train attack.

The Chinese blogosphere is easily whipped into hysteria, it seems.
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It's obviously a money crime. The motive for attacking them is because they are supposedly rich, not because they are asian.

We had the same case in France were a gang tortured and killed a jew because, since he was jew, he must have been rich.
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