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Dog owners irate, tearful over Harbin’s crackdown on large dogs   [Copy link] 中文

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by Kalinda on April 18, 2012The city of Harbin in northeastern Heilongjing province has enforced a new regulation that prohibits residents in the city and the townships it administers from raising 49 breeds of large, fierce and ugly dogs including Golden Retriever, Samoyeds, Chow Chow and Labrador Retriever that are known to have mild and lovable temperaments, citing community concerns over their “scary look and nature.” The dogs which are over 50 cm tall and 70 cm long are outlawed as well. The regulation has incurred the ire of dog owners in the city as well as dog lovers nationwide. Many dog owners in Harbin have tied signs reading SOS around their pets’ necks to protest the ban.

“SOS. Rescue dog sisters and brothers in Harbin!”
What will happen to man’s best friends that are, unfortunately, outsize? Will they be beaten to death or made into dishes and served on dinner tables? Harbin police say that current owners of large dogs are responsible for displacement and settlement of their pets before October 31. From November 1, 2012, the city will confiscate dogs which cannot be properly relocated by their owners and either hand them over to parties and individuals that are considered fit to be in charge of them.
Dog lovers, much agitated about the future of outlawed dogs and fearful that the authorities may unleash a slaughter, have been organizing petitions against the ban since day one, both online and on site. Below is a verbatim translation of an emotionally charged and widely circulated web post that seeks to relay the pressure on the government to abolish the ban.
(The 49 breeds outlawed by the Municipal Government of Harbin: Tibetan Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Chinese Chongqing Dog, borzoi, German shepherd, bulldog , English Mastiff, Cane Corso, Great Dane, Caucasion Shepherd dog, Neopolitan Mastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Afghan hound, Pointer, Weimaraner, bloodhound, Basenji, British bulldog, Akita, Newfoundland, Kerry Blue Terrier, Chinese rural dog, Black Russian Terrier, Kunming Wolf-dog, Doberman Pinschers, Belgian Sheepdog, Rottweiler, Dalmatian, St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Old English Sheepdog, Irish Wolfhound, Saluki, Italian Greyhound, Australian shepherd, Bouvier des Flandres, Keeshond, Border Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Samoyed, Labrador Retriever, Setter.)
Harbin doggies’ today will be our pet dogs’ tomorrow!!! Please forward this message! Please put aside what you are working on right now and dial the telephone number at the end of the article and fight for our beloved dogs’ right to live, okay?
All people who love dogs, please click the share button. This seemingly insignificant gesture may be able to save lives of hundreds and thousands of doggies.
Please don’t think it is troublesome. Please don’t think it doesn’t concern you. Don’t think Harbin is too far away.
This time it is Harbin. Next time, it might be Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou…
This time, they take away the lives of dogs that have mild temperaments, like Golden, Samoyed, Chow Chow and Labrador, some of which have even made contributions to the mankind as drug dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Next time, their knives might be directed at innocent lives in our households.

The dark April has finally come amid our tears and fears! It has come in full force!
Recently, Harbin Canine Regulation has been announced and came into effect on April 1, in which an article that allowed domesticated large dogs such as the Golden Retriever to live until a natural death is abolished! This came as the result of the suggestion of a single man named Ma Jiawei.
On April 2’s newspaper, the Regulation was splashed across the page. Three owners of golden retrievers received warnings and were order to dispose of their dogs within two days!
The moment this regulation was promulgated, it has aroused disaffection among dog lovers in Harbin who own goldens. In a desire to express their voice, animal rights activists took to the streets, explained to the Harbin citizens their slogan of “Building A Harmonious Society, Becoming A Civilized Dog Owner,” and asked dog lovers to sign the petition in a bid to fight the right to live for Golden, Labrador, Samoyed, Chow Chow and other dogs!

“We don’t speak, but we love human beings.”

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“Don’t forget that we are the heroic search and rescue dogs in the aftermath of Wenchuan Earthquake!”

There have already been stone-hearted owners who sold to dog traffickers their doggies, which ended up in slaughterhouses.

So the number of signatures on the banner by citizens is not as important as a single Ma Jiawei (who allegedly wrote a letter to the government protesting large dogs) ?

One of those notorious vehicles that transport dogs for dinner, and the authorities just don’t interfere!

On the top level inside the cage are dogs, such as Chow Chow and Golden Retriever. Animal rights activists were indignant and clashed with dog traffickers. And the authorities just didn’t step in!
Dog traffickers blatantly buy and rob dogs and send them to slaughterhouses by the end of the day.

A girl who came into a clash with dog traffickers was heartbroken because she couldn’t save the golden retrievers on the truck…

Citizens felt saddened on viewing the video of dogs being headed into slaughterhouses!

The immediate outcome of the ban is that dogs will be killed and sent to dinner tables!
A resident, looking at his beloved Labrador, said to his neighbor,
‘He is so obedient, and yet he is outlawed! What can I do? Hand him over to a dog trafficker? Then I would rather kill him with my own hands!’
Imagine how desperate he was when he said these words! His grief was visible on his face!

‘We’ve been raising it for years as if it were our child. What do you expect us to do with it?’

How much longer can I stay? (Text in the photo: The sky is big and the land is vast, and yet where is my home?)

This is a real scene at the slaughterhouse. The fate of large dogs.

Local TV news caption: “Utterly puzzled about where the beloved dogs will go.”

Local TV news caption: Dog owner: “They make us dispose of (the dog) on our own before October 31,…”

Local TV news caption: Dog owner: “Where on earth can we dispose of it?”

Local TV news caption: Dog owner: “It would be okay even if we are required to pay relevant fees.”

Can you please not kill each and every child of ours, okay?

A citizen called during the call-in news program and was pissed about the inadequateness of the regulation!
Those regulation drafters, please pay attention to the screen: That is a search and rescue dog who risked its life for saving human lives in the aftermath of Wenchuan Earthquake!

Please note the scene: those are two working dogs that have made contributions to the mankind!

Mom, please don’t abandon me!
A citizen called during the call-in show, but choked on his words!

Mama, I love you!

My kid, mama will never abandon you!

Don’t cry. All dog lovers in this country are with you!

The girl, at her wits’ ends, came to sell her dog. But she really hated to part with it…

Local TV news caption: Granny Li: “They can’t let me keep it even if I don’t let it out and keep it home?”

Local TV news caption: Granny Li: “This dog is my only companion at home during the day.”
This granny is not in good health. The Samoyed has been raised by her since it was very little.
Her kids go to work. Only it can keep the granny company. Now the dogs are outlawed, what are the elderly people who treat dogs like their children gonna do?

Local TV news caption: Woman: “All I want is find a good family that can treat it nicely.”

Dog traffickers capitalize on this crisis and have started to buy dogs and kill them! They clamped the dog and beat it at the same time!
I am too scared to put any more bloody photos, because even I myself closed my eyes!

The gorgeous golden retriever, sold by its owner, was viciously dragged onto the caged truck by a dog trafficker!

What awaits them is the fate of being headed for the dinner table.

“Where am I going? Why don’t you have the gut to tell me, my master??” – Another poor child has been sold.

The grandpa has a big dog. He comes here every day to receive the latest updates on the matter.
No sooner had he started talking than he cried. He was so afraid that his baby may not survive!

He shed tears even before he started talking!

How can those bastards at the slaughterhouses have the heart to lay their hands on (the dogs)!

Baby, mama doesn’t want to leave you!

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This post was edited by YoYo66 at 2012-4-19 10:27

The brothers, unaware of the dangers lurking ahead of them, were still hugging each other.

Local TV news caption: “I am thinking about either disposing of it in the dog market or sending it to the countryside.”
This lady was labeled as the “staunch supporter” of the regulation, and yet the dog owner didn’t voice her support with passion.

Local TV news caption: “It came back immediately on seeing me on the ground.”
She left with tears after she choked on her words.

Grandpa Zhang came over from Nangang (a suburb of Harbin). He had written a petition letter and hoped that we can submit it to the relevant party organ. He said he can’t part with his 4-year-old golden retriever, because it is their kid!

The grandpa was order by the local public security office to dispose of his dog within three days. The grandpa was so agitated. This 63-year-old veteran, who received military awards and was on rescue team in the aftermath of Tangshan Earthquake, cried his heart out.
“I have diabetes, cardiac disease and arteriosclerosis. My wife is not in good health either. Ever since I started to keep this golden retriever in 2010, it had been taking me outdoors to exercise, and my health got much better. My golden retriever was never a disturbance to the neighborhood. I always cleaned up its poop when I walked it. I live on the highest floor. A resident on the third floor often pilfer things. My golden is an early bird. It wakes me up at 4 or 5 every morning. I saw him steal things, so he often filed complaints against me. It is the fifth time. When I go upstairs, the golden uses its strength to pull me upstairs, otherwise I can’t go upstairs on my own. If it is killed, how am I going to live?
What is wrong with you, Harbin? You are going to decimate even man’s best friends?
We truly hope that the regulation can follow the previous edition and allow currently existing large dogs to live until its natural death.
Doggies have brought us endless joy and have become our families. We definitely cannot bear the sight of them being killed! We can pay fees, we can register them, we can raise them in a civilized way! Please let our babies go, okay?
Please pay attention to it! Please share it! Please help save doggies in Harbin!
If Harbin successfully move this regulation forward, it will gradually be promoted in all over the country! Please share it for the benefit of our babies!

Ministry of Tofu

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i'm sad about it

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Dog is my favourite animal , and is my best friend . Seeing the separated scene , I am very sad , and hope don't take loved dogs away .

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Although i have no pet, i still feel that abandon their dogs is like relatives apart. from another perspective, more and more dogs are appearing recent years, if no restrict measures are taken, it will be mass. especially for those owners who never clean the dog remanent while strolling.

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All the expensive and glitzy soft-power advertisings that China spends on raising the image of China is useless. These heartless edicts and the dog traffickers make the biggest impressions.

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