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@@Two Rich Chinese Oversea Students gunned down in their BMW in LA@@ [Copy link] 中文

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LOS ANGELES — Gunfire tore through the new 3-series BMW near the University of Southern California campus in the midnight rain, shattering the car's windows and striking the 20-year-old Chinese international student inside, police said.

Her companion, a Chinese student and the driver, was also struck early Wednesday, but was able to run to a nearby house where he pounded on the door pleading for help, they said.

Soon, Ying Wu and Ming Qu were dead, and the search for their killer was on. Police suspect an attempted carjacking.

As word of the shooting spread across the Pacific, it laid bare every parent's nightmare: Sending their child off to school far from home only to have them get hurt or killed.

At USC, the international student presence is enormous — it has the largest number of any university in the U.S. Roughly 19 percent of the school's 38,000 students are from overseas, including 2,500 from China.

And some students said the shooting could be a cautionary tale for others who want to study overseas.

"If parents hear about this in China, it might affect their decision," said Chrissy Yao, a Chinese-American who moved to the U.S. when she was 10 and is a senior engineering student. "Since two lives were lost, I think concerns will remain for quite a while."

Police said the shooting occurred around 1 a.m. and may have been a robbery or a carjacking attempt of the dark-colored, $60,000 BMW. Witnesses said the car was in the roadway, not at the curb, at the time of the shooting.

Gloria Tigolo lives on the tree-lined street of two-story Craftsman homes and apartment buildings and said she heard a gunshot. She said she went downstairs but didn't go outside because it was raining.

Investigators said earlier that several shots were fired at the couple.

Four people have been killed this year in the area, police said, but violent crime is down 20 percent this year. Neighborhood watch signs are posted along the street and police were trying to determine if there are any surveillance cameras in the area.

Tigolo said she would often see Wu in the neighborhood, wearing dark sunglasses but rarely saw her drive.

Qu managed to get out of the car and run to a nearby home, where he pounded on the door, police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said. It wasn't known if anyone answered the door before the man collapsed.

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What a terrible logic !

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antimatter Post time: 2012-4-12 09:52
They deserve to be killed? why, cause those money they got is from their corrupted parents in China. ...

shame on you

it is an 10 year old BMW, and they paid around USD 10K...which is  62000 RMB...
the woman was renting a cheap room, cheap because of the crime invested area...

Beside that, the people killed were Exchange students...
It takes about 40 muscles to smile, but only 4 to pull the trigger of a decent rifle

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But what do you expect from these beasts?
Diane Abbot (British MP): Anglos love playing divide and rule
David Cameron (British PM): Anglos caused most of the world's problems!

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Chinese Woman Shot Dead in Pakistan

A Chinese national and her Pakistani companion were shot and killed while walking on the street in Peshawar. The motive in the attack is not known. Chinese consular officials have traveled to Peshawar to investigate. From China Daily:

Local police said that it is not known yet why the two people were killed, but they believed that it was not a robbery-intended crime as one laptop and two bags of the killed woman were found intact in the car.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, at about 5:00 pm local time, two unknown gunmen coming on a motorbike opened fire at two people sitting in a car at a market place in the downtown area of Peshawar.

The gunmen fled the scene after the shooting, they said.

According to a IANS report on, the Chinese woman was visiting Pakistan on vacation.
h ttp://c hinadig italtimes.n et/2012/02/chinese-woman-shot-dead-in-pakistan/

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3 Chinese workers killed in Pakistan

Three Chinese factory workers were killed and one seriously wounded in Pakistan as Islamic radicals hold a mosque under siege.
The exact motive for the attack is not known but speculation is rife that it is linked to the abduction by Islamic radicals of several alleged Chinese prostitutes which helped trigger an ongoing violent conflict at Islamabad's Red Mosque.
China and Pakistan are neighbours and long-standing allies. Relations between the two countries span close military ties to economic cooperation.
A Pakistani cleric under siege in his mosque agreed to hold crunch talks Monday with ministers and Islamic leaders via loudspeaker in a bid to end the crisis, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said.
"The team will negotiate through a speaker system so that all team members can hear whatever Ghazi says," Aziz said.
"We are not sending any negotiating team inside the mosque as they are unpredictable people and have have also taken six parents as hostage," Aziz added.
Yesterday Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf told Islamists besieged at an Islamabad mosque to surrender or face being killed.
Hardline students holed up inside the Red Mosque for the past five days are holding women and children as human shields. Fighting intensified at the mosque on Saturday with troops blowing up the complex's petrol tank during an assault.
The cleric leading the resistance, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, said Pakistani forces had killed 30 female and 40 male students in the siege.
The women were buried at the site, he said.
The government says the toll is 19, including a soldier and several civilians.
The mullah said he and his followers had enough rations, arms and ammunition inside the compound to "fight for another 25 to 30 days and we will do that, God willing."
There have been several attacks on Chinese nationals in Pakistan blamed on Islamic militants in recent years.

Read more: h ttp://w

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32 Chinese killed in South Africa in 2011
2012/03/12 2012-03-11 16:37:23

JOHANNESBURG, March 11 (Xinhua) -- Thirty-two Chinese nationals were killed in robberies, traffic accidents and other mishaps in South Africa in 2011, officials said Sunday.

Thirteen of the people died in robberies, the South Africa Chinese Community and Police Cooperation Center (SACCPCC) told Xinhua on Sunday.

Robbery is rampant in South Africa. On the evening of July 23, 2011, a Chinese businesswoman was shot dead when her shop was burglarized by five armed robbers in Nigel in the eastern province of Gauteng.

Johannesburg, the largest city and economic center in South Africa, is well-known for its high crime rate. It was reported that the city has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

Among 201 cases involving Chinese nationals last year, 161 occurred in Johannesburg.

On Sept. 6, 2011, several armed robbers broke into a Chinese man's residence in Fourways in Johannesburg, and fatally shot him after failing to steal any cash.

The SACCPCC said the 201 reported cases involving Chinese nationals were only tip of the iceberg. That's because many of the victims did not report the crimes out of concern for causing themselves more trouble.

There are about 300,000 Chinese living in South Africa, about 100,000 in Johannesburg.

In recent years, South African police have carried out intensive operations against crime to improve social security.

However, safety remains dubious in South Africa. One Chinese youth was killed and two others injured at their residence in Johannesburg on the evening of March 8.

h ttp://w ww.focac.o rg/eng/zxxx/t913097.h tm

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