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Newyorker joe, you said that " Colonial master Anglo-British had benefited immensely in Burma for over a century of colonialism;

while placing her under India, and thus flushing the small homogeneous nation with several millions immigrants

from South Asia continent

Well, first of all, Burma (now Myanmar) being immediately next to India continent definitely made it easier with migration of huge population under colonialism.
But the truth is Burma is hardly alone; in fact all the countries that fell under Anglo British colonialism have significant foreign population from India continent.
That's because, colonial British used Indians as servants and soldiers in those territories to keep things under their tight control.
In Asia countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong has considerable Indian population, and so is a good many former
colonial countries in Africa.
The amazingly suprising thing though is that the two very places that they permanently colonized and call home later on,
such territories as Australia and New Zealand have no Indians that they brought in!

While many of her formerly colonies were left to deal with occassional racial and ethnic tensions due to this left-over issue,
Master Anglo has no need to face such problem in his new home land Downunder !

Well, I guess, that's how smart they are!

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MisterLianghui Post time: 2013-1-8 02:06
I long for -
a ten pattie double cheese and bacon burger with a mountain of french fries

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Life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand like stone. Kindness in anothers trouble, and .courage in your own. Annon.

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chinsyou Post time: 2013-1-21 11:27
Newyorker joe, you said that " Colonial master Anglo-British had benefited immensely in Burma for ...


It's quite enlightening to figure out some tricky mindset and insights on Master Anglo.

The other notorious ploy they use on regular basic globally is,

Divide  -  conquer -  get rid of those in power & in places -  replace them with puppets, ones they can control

   In fact, this 'it-works-for-me' super ploy serves them so well that they employ it in just about every countries and regions they pillage and plunder, time and time again!!

a couple cases in study, past & present -

- In Burma(Myanmar) centuries earlier, after occuption, the king & entourage were sent to exile in India (while last king of India
died in exile in Myanmar). During colonial times, masters played 'divide & rule' strategy so well among ethnic minorities,
that huge animosities remain a major issue among ethnic people in Myanmar even today.

- In Iraq/Afghanistan lately, hundreds of thousands of personnel (including military & police) were replaced with new recruits.

Wolves will be wolves. With wolves roaming around, there's NO way the innocent world will survive, let alone prosper. The world community must be united to empower them.

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satosan Post time: 2013-1-28 19:46

Under colonialism, master Anglo forcefully and cleverly converted ethnic minorities into Christian and set up to go against Burmese majority which is part of their routine "Divide and Rule" strategy to keep their colonial rule as long as they possibly could.
'History is written by the winners and liers'~[Napoleon Bonaparte]

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Yeah, those Burmese majority are Buddhists, while minorities ethnic people became mostly Christians converted under colonial times.

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satosan Post time: 2013-1-28 19:46

Burma yesterday, Zinbabwe today!

  What's happening to nation like Zinbabwe today is quite parallel to what happened to some former colonial
countries, such as Burma, Uganda in the past....., and its nothing new, at all.

Worse Case Scenario, becomes reality -

For example, Burma (now Myanmar) has been through similiar parallel half a century earlier, when she suddenly turned
towards Socialism, among others.

[In Zinbabwe case, its the redistribution of land from minority White land owners to poor landless native Blacks, among others.]

Once your policy doesn't suit theirs, global master Anglo-led West will pull the {:soso_e170:} plug on you; through isolationism from
the rest of their global powerhouse of economy & financial networks ...., so you eventually end up going through 'living hell'.

   As a result, your economy & financial status will suffer and  gradually become significantly weaken, since they still have overwhalming monopoly on world's financial system.

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