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chinoamigo Post time: 2018-8-24 03:34
So, millions of Bangladeshi already poured inside Myanmar, NorthEastern India and Nepal.
So, millions of Bangladeshi already poured inside Myanmar, NorthEastern India and Nepal.
Would there be an end to it?

Bangladesh has becoming more and more like a population time bomb.

"Bangladesh: Population Time-Bomb"

   Speaking of which, think about the plight and continual struggle of long forgotten Native indigenous tribal people, such as Chakma, Marma, Tripura, from Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. When British gave away once independence and autonomous North-East region, an ancestral homelands of indigenous Mongoloid Asiatic Native people, to India at India's independence in 1947, and after India gave away parts of those regions to Bangladesh at Bangladesh's Independence in 1971, those homeland regions of north eastern Bangladesh, came under frequent Muslim genocide, ethnic cleansing and land grab.  

    More hidden truths below,

Chittagong Hill Tracts Bangladesh.gif
The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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chinoamigo Post time: 2019-6-5 02:35
Here's quite a few unique things about Myanmar.


   I am so  glad to read and learn some positive things about Myanmar, such as those 'quite a few unique things' that you have posted.

  On the other, there is one negative thing which greatly tarnishes that nation's reputation, that no one like to talk about.

  I'm talking about opium and heroine production there.

  Do you know the hidden fact about opium in Myanmar?

Opium was introduced to Burma by the West in the early 1950, just like it was introduced to China by the West a century earlier.

Kuomintang Chinese Nationalist troops, (who were fighting against mainland China), and (backed and supported by the West) were stationed in North eastern Burma, in Shan State region, near China's border; and these Kuomintang were introduced to 'opium growing' as a way of 'self-support and survival'  after the West pulled out it's assistance and support amid mounting international pressure. The remnant Kuomintang forces, along with Shan State rebel army groups eventually picked up this lucrative opium growing and distribution business, and over time, Burma became one of the top opium and heroine producer in the world.

A sad truth.

A sad truth which causes consequences to this day.

Here is just one more example,

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  Thanks for bringing up this one unpleasant sad truth.

  "Cause and Consequence" is just about right.

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   Speaking of Causes and Consequences . . ,

    Remember the fact the Colonial West has left countless trails of 'WRONGS' that Indochina and other former colonial nations are still trying to untangle and get them right, to right those wrongs . . . .,

  While at the same time, former Colonial powers & the West have been busy blacklisting, boycotting and sanctioning all those nations that try to right the wrongs of all their sins/wrongs of the past . . . ,

  Since the world is still under their mighty military, economic and political control and influence . . . . ;

  Although to some degrees, it seems dwindling lately as China and others are rising steadily and thus slowly but steadily shifting the balance of the power of the world.

  Such an awful, painful past, and the world we live in.   


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chinoamigo Post time: 2020-1-17 16:23
Speaking of Causes and Consequences . . ,

    Speaking of Colonial West, current ethnic genocide case against Myanmar put up by the Anglo West is never about Myanmar.

It's all about the port and gas pipelines, off the coast of Rakhine, Myanmar to China.

Remember, Myanmar is a major natural gas producer. It holds 23 Trillions cubic feet of natural gas reserves.

When Myanmar declined to cooperate with Anglo West, The West sent in its proxy terrorists to murder innocent Rakhine people and policemen, whicheventually triggered the so-called Rohingya conflict.

It's all about Anglo West hegemony.

Same ole lame ole Colonialist-turned Capitalist, Imperialist trick!   

      Who's next on dinner table of Anglo?             

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horatiokim Post time: 2020-1-25 08:34
Speaking of Colonial West, current ethnic genocide case against Myanmar put up by the Anglo ...

You raised a fine point.

This pipeline from Myanmar to China also give easy and short-cut access to flow China's imported oil,

and no longer necessary to ship through Strait of Malacca and South China sea,

since Anglo West has been busy using decade-long South China Sea crisis,

in order to corner China economically and militarily.

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   China's Oil Flow Route
Strait_of_malacca South_Chia_Sea.jpg

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