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Long-Live Indochina   [Copy link] 中文

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   Here's what I learned about the hidden ugly truth about Indochina.  

  For instance, in the case of Burma/Myanmar that in Colonial era, Myanmar was called a 'Rice Bowl' of Asia, [ while Zimbabwe was called 'Bread Basket' of Africa]; but who are the main beneficiaries of all these under Colonialism?

The answer is "Colonial master Anglo clans", period. Like I said, when Burma was a rice bowl of Asia, [ Zimbabwe was a bread basket of Africa]. So who were the main beneficiaries of all these?

Its Colonial master Anglo clans. When some of these former Colonial nations turned away from them, the Anglo clans pulled the plug and blackout against them, since they still control enormous economy and military might on earth.

  Its all about my way or highway Anglo mentality. After these former Colonial nations turned to Socialism for a relief after enduring long and painful Colonialism, bands of Anglo brothers, USA, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and the West in general, that had enjoyed and accumulated enormous amount of wealth during their centuries-long global Colonialism, blackout some of these former colonies as an punishment.

  I'm quite sure same scenairo with other Indochina nations, such as Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam under French Colonialism.  

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- Around 5 million Vietnamese civilians perished as a direct result of the war.

( More Bombs were dropped in Vietnam than all the bombs dropped in World war II.)

- In relatively peaceful Cambodia, the war spilled over through U.S. bombings, eventually end up with the death of

   4 million civilians as an indirect results of the war anext door.

    Either way, the loss and suffering of the people were enormous and insurmountable.

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barbarianmo Post time: 2013-1-2 23:44
Insurmountable loss  (and suffering) of human lives.

- There's law & order, and enforcement for small crooks, no doubt.

- But there's no such thing for mega big crook sitting on top of the world with mighty power.

    Who exactly is enforcing them for all their wrong doings, past and present?

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sugar.free_Pang Post time: 2013-1-3 05:40
Hahaha, most the diaspora are of Chinese descent. They were chased out by the Vietcons.
You haven' ...

Not all boat people are of Chinese origin

you have to ask yourself wht the viet govt. call their Viet Kieu the external organ
because the rely on the big$ coming back to the country.I admit the Chinese dominated the economy pre '75.However now its up to vietnam to take advantage of the Viet Kieu and their haed currency before the oppurtunity vanishes.So far they have not, maybe its too late now.

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                                                             Beauty of Myanmar

The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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   I long for -

  -  a beauty from within,


  -  a simple life.

    I think I can find boths in Myanmar.

    I will be there one day.

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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