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What can China learn from the US?   [Copy link] 中文

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Its successful record of exporting to America suggests that China already knows a lot about us here.  

What China can learn about itself is valuable to know too.  China can make it and ship it for less than anyone else can make it themselves, regardless of whatever "it" happens to be, household items, clothing, computers, cars, etc.  Also, with more than 600 million people living on less than $1 a day and 90% of everyone speaking Mandarin, China can expand its factory labor pool for generations ahead without anyone having to learn a new language, like Spanish (or Chinese ).

China has lived successfully as a civilization and country for about 5,000 years.

The most important lesson for China to learn from America is how to exert soft power.


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It is of no use trying to learn anything useful from the americanised over extended ego. What all china need to be careful is the divide and conquer tactic, exploited by anglo-american warmongers, trying to undermine china leadership. An example is CIA and MI6 very active inteligence business in china, hiding under some innocent business card like economist, IT consultant, financial advisor, university lecturers(many from georgetown U are ex-CIA), technical consultant, NGO, environmental specialist etc.

Western intelligence, are trying to get intimate with certain stupid princelings and other local leaders, and encouraging these stupid leaders, to go against pro-Mao groups, using dirty tricks.

What softpower are you talking about ?

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china needs to learn to be an imperialistic power in the future like the rest of the western democracies. even if u commit the worst of crimes, no one will remember it after a hundred years.

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What specifically do you think China can learn from the US?

Never to be a bully!
FIRST NATIONS ( LAKOTA PEOPLE ) Heartbreaking - (Google Search for video) "to stay true to who you are. Never allow anyone make you different or think different about what it is you are created to be ...

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China could learn from USA mistakes lot , for start unregulated liberal capitalist market doesn't work.
Market is good but regulated and controlled market with strong state oversight.

Next China could learn that killing around the world for corporate interests is counterproductive and work against interests of people  , but China already know that hence peaceful rise and non-interfering in others business became official Peoples Republic strategy for 21st century..........

China already know what to take from USA system and what to put in rubbish bin , step by step China seem to have build new concept new system that is taking best from both worlds.

Good thing is to see China is ready to learn and improve all the time , this kind of humble attitude is rarely seen in western world...............I’m impressed with readiness to learn from enemy.

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