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Translation Contest Series No 9   [Copy link] 中文

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Thanks to our members' enthusiasm and thanks to the hardwork of our judge -- jl2315, the eighth issue of the translation contest is now successfully closed.

Now we present you with the ninth issue of this contest and hope more members could join it!

According to the judges' picks,  winner of the eighth issue of the contest is lindasun0102, congratulations!
Winner: lindasun0102
Award: 200 credits

Entry for this issue will be closed on 10 am next Wednesday (March 21, 2012).

For general instructions of the contest, click here:

Note: Please try to write carefully, correct any spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes and check and double check your translations before submitting them. Thank you.










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     When you were young, they spent lots of time teaching you how to use spoon and chopsticks to eat, to put on cloth, to tie your shoes, to button, to wash your face, to comb your hair and to be a good man. Do you remember you used to question them where did you come from? So, when someday they grow old, don’t blame them for their forgetfulness and dumbness. When they start to forget to button and to tie their shoes, when they begin to stain their cloth while eating, when theirs hands start to shake uncontrollablely while combing, don’ t push them, because you are becoming strong while they are getting older and weaker. They will feel warm and happy as long as you stay with them. If one day they become even unable to stand or walk, hey you, their beloved, remember to hold their hands tight, walk with them slowly and slowly, just as they did for you.

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When you were still very little … …
they spent a lot of time teaching you how to use the spoon and chopsticks to eat … …
taught you how to dress up, tie shoelaces, fasten buttons … …
taught you to wash your face, taught you to comb your hair … …
taught you the principles to be a decent person.
Do you remember you'd often question them closely about where you came from?
Therefore… …
hence someday when they become old… …
when they cannot remember or becomes slow … …
please do not blame them… …
when they start forgetting to button up their shirts, to tie their shoelaces … …
when they start to soil their clothes during mealtimes … …
when their hands can't stop shaking while combing their hair … …
please do not hurry them … …
because while you are slowly growing up, they, however, are growing old … …
as long as you're with them … …
there will be warmth in their hearts… …
If someday, when they won't even be able to stand steadily and walk… …
please securely hold their hands, and accompany them while they walk slowly … …
just like … …
same as how they used to hold your hand.

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“你是否记得经常逼问他们你是从哪里来的?” 之后好像跟下面连接不起来。

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Remember when you were little,

They spent a lot of time teaching you use spoons and chopsticks

Teaching you to wear clothes, tie up shoelaces and fasten buttons,  

Teaching you to wash your face and comb your hair,

Teaching you how to be a decent person,

Do you still remember how often you ask them where you came from?


When they grow old some day,

When they cannot remember or fail to reply

Please don’t blame them

When they start forgetting how to fasten buttons, tie up shoelaces,

When they start messing up their clothes at mealtimes,

When they start trembling when they comb their hair,

Please don’t push them,

as you are growing up while they are slowing getting old.

But as long as you are in front of them,

They will feel warm deep inside.

If they can barely stand or even walk,

Please hold tight their hands and accompany with them

As if

they once held yours.

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When you were very little
They take a lot of time to tell you how to use a spoon, eat with chopsticks
to dress, to tie up shoelaces, to button
to wash your face, to comb your hairs
to tell you the truth of life
Do you still remember you ofen questions them where you come from?
One day, when they grow old
When they can't remember, or hesitate to what to say next
Please don't blame them
When they start to forget how to button, to tie up shoelaces
When they stain the clothes while eating
When their hands are trembling while combing their hairs,
Please don't press them
As you are growing up, they are growing older
As long as they can see you ,they feel warm deep inside
One day, when they can't stand straightly, or even can't move any more
Please hold their hands firmly, move slowly with them,
Just like, they hold your hands when you were little.

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