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[Lianghui] Should Chinese kindergartens stop teaching English?   [Copy link] 中文

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i think kindergarden if a little early to start, as it is important for children to devlop the mother language first, the chinese language is so different  from Engllish, it requires tones and the hand writing must be practaced to a high standard, middle school children can learn English just as fast,      

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tigerfish Post time: 2012-3-10 19:02
i think kindergarden if a little early to start, as it is important for children to devlop the mothe ...

You are right. But middle school and high school must have Native Speaker as English teachers. Otherwise, the student will have accent.

The fat guy loved by the Sinophobic West.

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The End of World War I or II. If Germany had won, laying aside their horrendous Deeds, what would the World look like JUST in Terms of Intellect and Industry? Compare that to what the intellectually- and industrially inferior English-speaking World affected. Why on Earth then do the Nations draw to this Language?

I’m more than just Pro. I would like to urge China (and others) to not only cease teaching English at Nursery, but to go further. (They should definitely at least stop teaching U. S.-american English, and at most teach standard British English.) I’m not pushing German — the above was just a motivating Thought. Rather, I’m pushing not-English.

English is one of the intrinsically weakest and most unsophisticated and grammatically poor Languages in the World, especially from among the Indo-European Family. The Evolutionary attraction of the entire World toward this Language, is alarming and, I would have hoped, be undesirable. The Attitude of most people is: "Yeah, yeah, who cares, we just want to get down to Business.", which only reinforces the evolutionary drive toward the domination of this undesirable Language.

English as a market Language — sure, go for it: Markets are unsophisticated and thus this Language is apt for such a context. English as a Language for the interchange of Knowledge? No. It was once the case that the European World used a powerful Language apt for such an endeavour: Latin. Now it is English. Why?

In general I can see several Reasons we need to eliminate or curb the wild proliferation of E. S. L.:
* It's killing of Learning of other (more sophisticated) Languages, thus destroying Diversity of Languages in the World.
* English is inferior, even in it’s local Group of the Language-Tree, namely the germanic Family. Teaching it an not something more powerful like German, Latin, Russian, a Semitic Language, etc., is to  teach a watered-down Subject, providing Children difficulties learning anything more sophisticated later.
* That ALMOST EVERY CHILD now learns English as second Language in many major Parts of the World, only makes it more difficult for Foreigners moving to a non-English speaking Country to learn the Local Language and integrate (Why? Because most People will speak English to them.), thus destroying or corroding/corrupting a Key Component of what it should involve to live in that Country, to speak its Language.

There are others, and perhaps I haven’t articulated these Points well or completely, but I hope you agree with me that these are undesirable Effects.

The World has the Power to change each of these Effects and others: each of the great Powers should cease or at least diminish the AUTOMATIC teaching of English as second Language. If China, Russia, Japan, etc. were to cease teaching English as second Language, and instead teach more powerful Languages, this could dramatically improve the quality of Intelligence in the World. Think about it: if English is a dumbed-down germanic Language with romantic and nordic Vocabulary, why not learn the more complicated German or Swedish or French or Latin; then when necessary easily pick up English in a very short Time?  (Instead of the other way around, where ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD learns English, and then finds the richer languages "too hard" to learn.)

Stop this Domination of English, and start fostering the rise of more sophisticated Languages. Instead of English-speakers sitting back and letting all other People learn their Language; they can make the effort to learn the Language of others. (Which, thankfully, a significant amount do do!)

Also think about it: why should people force X-people to speak English in Land X, when X-people don't force English-speakers to speak X in English-speaking Territories?!

Suggestions for the World: Ensure in each Country, a large Portion of Children learn Language L1 as second Language, another large Portion learn Language L2 as second Language, etc. Where L1, L2, L3,  …, etc. are chosen carefully (this won't completely satisfy one of the Goals of preserving Diversity, but it will go some Way to reversing the Corrosion caused by dominant-English-Learning; and it will go some way to ensuring each Country be much more Intelligent).

As a final Note, as mother-Speaker of this Language, although I find English inferior, I do enjoy speaking it at times. I would enjoy it more if it weren’t so common. I would find it more special if fewer People knew it. As such, it is become and is evermore becoming a Market Language, an Object of commonplace, and thereby is losing and has lost its Lustre. For those of you who are English-speakers, keep this in Mind, as you go into the rest of the World, and especially as you make Decisions regarding the Domination of this Language.

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Oh and regarding the Comments about Schweizerdeutsch (bzw. „Schwizerdütsch“):

In the deutschsprachiger Welt, there are a Number of Dialekts: Platt, Hoch, Schwäbisch, usw.. In this Matter, just as I would urge ONLY British English be taught abroad (outside the englishspeaking World), I would think the sensible decision be that PRIMARILY Hochdeutsch be taught outside the deutschsprachiger Welt. (And I’m talking now of course about the Context of learning a second/tertiary Lanugage, not of studying an arbitrary Language at a University.) If one knows just British English, one can get around the English-speaking World. If one knows Hochdeutsch, one can in Principle get around the deutschsprachige Welt — e. g. in the deutschem Part of der Schweiz can one interact perfectly well with just Hochdeutsch — in Fact even major Telly Programmes are shot in Hochdeutsch there.

I say this only tentatively, but one can see, when it comes to "Dialekts" there can in principle be relatively straightforward Decisions made to select out a "Standard" one.

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I just realised the presented Alternatives are false:

1. English is a tool that those children will eventually have to acquire. Besides, children can easily master two different languages.
2. Children should master their mother tongue and learn more about Chinese culture before they are taught any foreign language.

(2) is NOT the most general Alternative to (1). The most general Alternative to (1) is:

2*. Children should either learn only Chinese, or Chinese plus another non-English Language (e. g. if they want to them to learn English later on, they should learn a more superior European Language --- which will provide them greater prowess to learn Languages, and to even simply pick up the English Language later in Life. Or why not push Russian or Japanese, etc. as first foreign Language, instead of English as first foreign Language?)

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